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Friday, August 24, 2012

Breaking news on Small Smiles Dental Center's NY Litigation - DeRose's don't get too comfy out there in Colorado

I'm sure many readers have been wondering what is happening with the many lawsuits going on against Small Smiles Dental Center's in New York. Well, there is news, and it sucks. Not for the plaintiff's - the abused children, but for all those "lawyered up" assholes who invented, perfected and continued with the abuse of these babies.

The poor 9sarcasm) defendants - the DeRose bunch, the Nashville bunch, the culprit dentists, and the new and improved 2012 Nashville bunch had Motioned the court for a hundred different things. Some were crying, wanting parts of the allegations against them dismissed - in part or completely. Some whined about discovery issues and trial dates and issues, and some just wanted to cause delays, delays and more delays.

Well, Judge John Cherundolo delivered his decision later Thursday afternoon in a whopping 38 39 page Decision.

What was the Judge's decision, you ask? DENIED DENIED DENIED DENIED DENIED and by the way DENIED.  AND, while I'm at it, we are having a trial in February, another in March and hold on, boys, another headed your way in April, so put that in your pipes and "smoke it". If you want to get out of this mess, get the check book out and put lots and lots of zeros...order bigger checks if you need them. Well, he didn't say that exactly... but you get the idea.

New York Small Smiles Dental Litigation Ruling Dentists that want to continue in this scamming scheme better hold on and get ready to pay the time is OVER.  Oh, and don't think the attorney's for your insurance company are up there worried about your butt, cause they are NOT! They are worried about their own!

To the insurance companies, you all are idiots for continuing to cover these creeps and deserve to payout $1,000,000 times for every dollar you took you are part of the scam too!