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Saturday, September 06, 2014

Small Smiles in Colorado Springs, Colorado is now Front Range Smiles, PLLC–Dr. Nathaniel Conrad Cejka

The can move down the street, they can change their name to Front Range Smiles, but as long as the same employees and same lead dentist work there it’s a Small Smiles; “by any other name as they say.”

The CSHM statement in March 2014 after it was announced Small Smiles Dental Centers were Excluded from Medicaid was correct; it has no effect on the clinics whatsoever. Business as usual and now, NO oversight!

I see little difference now than when Jodi Kuhn “purchased” the clinic for $100 from previous fake owner dentist, Randall Ellis in 2013. Only difference I see is they took the time to create a new business entity and slap another dentist’s name on the documents and moved down the road. BTW, this move to the new address was in the works BEFORE the Exclusion letter was announced.  Someone should get a look see at the lease.

(Hasn’t Kuhn purchased two or three of the clinics again? Wonder what new and improved name she is using these days and how much she paid for them when she bought them from herself?)

Frankly I smell a bunch of hoodlums from Pueblo involved. Am I alone?  It’s no secret I’ve believed for a very long time the Pueblo bunch very much still has their hand in the operations of the dental clinics in Colorado. There is more evidence supporting that hypothesis than disproving it, that’s for certain.


Front Range Smiles, PLLC f/n/a Small Smiles


Don’t believe Dr. Nathaniel Conrad Cejka is a Small Smiles Dentist? He is listed as a provider at each of their Colorado clinics in Delta Dental provider book dated April 2014. (You will find other “owner dentist” Jodi Kuhn listed right along with him).

Small Smiles - Dr. Nathaniel Cejka    Small Smiles – Dr. Jodi Kuhn
1404 Cejka-delta dental-aurora 1404 delta dental-jodi kuhn-aurora
1404 Cejka-delta dental-smile high 1404 delta dental-jodi kuhn-smile high
1404 Cejka-delta dental-springs 1404 delta dental-jodi kuhn-colorado springs
1404 Cejka-delta dental-thornton 1404 delta dental-jodi kuhn-thornton

Monday, June 09, 2014

Settlement reached between “owner dentist” Jodi Kuhn and CSHM/Small Smiles Dental Centers

What that settlement is remains unknown. Here is the latest entry on the court docket, dated June 3, 2014.

ORDER: The court has been notified that this case has settled. It is hereby ORDERED that a stipulation of dismissal or other settlement document shall be filed within thirty (30) days of the entry of this Order.

The preliminary injunction hearing set for June 5, 2014, and the initial case management conference set for June 6, 2011, are CANCELLED.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

CSHM-Small Smiles Dental v. Jodi Kuhn: Kuhn Responds to Complaint

The Hearing scheduled for May 14, 2014 to hear arguments on the Temporary Restraining Order and Injunction was rescheduled until after June 5, 2014 apparently to allow time for discovery such as a deposition of Jodi Kuhn. (see Joint Motion to Reschedule)

(Waist high boots will not be nearly high enough; so I’m thinking a full diving getup will be needed.)

May 6, 2014 Kuhn filed her Response to CSHM’s Complaint, which I thought odd. Usually at least 2 extensions are asked for before those are ever filed.

Reading the Response will make your head spin, but don’t be alarmed. It’s suppose to make the judge’s head spin, and frankly after reading the Complaint and the Response my sympathy is with any judge who finds this mess on his docket.

I find the Complaint and Response something conjured up in a witch’s cauldron. Hardly a sentence in either has the actual truth of the matter at hand. I wonder how she squares up everything in her Response with the clinics she has her name slapped all over in Ohio and Kentucky. (you will see what I mean when you read it) .

If Kuhn’s lies hold, then every clinic is up for grabs in more than just Small Smiles!

She goes into great depth about how CSHM was the one Excluded from Medicaid and not her Colorado clinics. She even attaches the Joint Report by Senators Baucus and Grassley, talking about what terrible treatment children receive at Small Smiles clinics.

Since she contends HHS-OIG has serious problems with CSHM, and not Small Smiles clinics, I wonder why the clinics, staff and treatment received at the clinics were under such scrutiny; CSHM wasn’t treating these sweet children.

Anyone think HHS-OIG had problems with the way Kuhn’s paycheck was being printed or something? Further she didn’t mind one bit to hand over every dime “her” clinics made to CSHM until the Exclusion was announced.

Frankly, I would have been pissed long before now they were taking all the money I was making straight out of my bank account. Plus, I’d be pissed they were still taking it out of my Ohio and Kentucky clinics. She doesn’t mention those clinics. Hmmm…. 

Doc 24 CSHM v Kuhn Response

Related Documents:

CSHM v Jodi Kuhn Complaint, April 21, 2014
CSHM v Jodi Kuhn Response, May 6, 2014
Thornton Small Smiles Purchase Agreement, May 6, 2014
Thornton Small Smiles Stock Pledge Agreement, May 6, 2014
Joint Motion To Reschedule TRO Hearing, May 12, 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014

Pop the corn, it’s show time! Let the battle of true ownership begin: CSHM sues one of their “owner dentists”

CSHM, LLC/Small Smiles Dental Centers/”fill in the blank” Youth Dental Center” was granted a Temporary Restraining Order against one of its fake “owner dentists” in US District Court last week.(April 25, 2014) The Order was granted after a Complaint was filed against Dr. Jodi Kuhn for allegedly breaching her various Management Service Agreements (MSA’s) with CSHM, LLC.

The Complaint states in January 2013 Dr. Jodi Kuhn Kuhn purchased 4 clinics in Colorado for $100 each from Randall W. Ellis, DDS—the prior fake owner dentist. Ellis purchased from Robert Andrus, DDS, the prior prior fake owner.

(That’s a damn good deal! But I don’t believe it to be true; not much of of anything in these documents is actually true. Kuhn’s name doesn’t’ appear until December 2013. If she purchased the clinics in January 2013, why is CSHM’s Linda Zoeller name still plaster all over the 2013 annual reports. After all Jodi did it herself in December of 2013.)

Saturday, July 06, 2013

CSHM’s Small Smiles Dental Centers Up to Same Old Crap

No, this is not big surprise; it’s been around 18 years. This business has been hanging on since 1995 when Eddie DeRose, Michael DeRose, Adolph Padula and John Parrish open its second dental clinic in Colorado.  Then came the first phase expansion with the creation of DeRose Management in 1998, operation Children’s Medicaid Dental Centers in Colorado and New Mexico.  Becoming so highly lucrative in the business of abusing children and defrauding Medicaid under the guise of providing dental care to the “underserved”, FORBA was formed by the “family” and expansion across the country began.  In 2006 the “family” found a group of idiots, including a Bahraini banker, to buy it for $435 million dollars.  In 2012, this group filed bankruptcy after 10 years of reports of child abuse and fraud finally caught the attention of Health and Human Services and they were investigated and fined $10 million.  The first reports were around 2003.

Lately, I’ve received two emails from people who CSHM have tried to recruit. As you can see emails dentists have shared nothing has changed.

From: Scott Shue []
Subject: Lead Dentist Opening

Employment with guaranteed base salary and monthly bonus.  Benefits include medical, dental, vision, disability, etc.  Malpractice is covered.  We offer 2 days of CME and 401k with 5% match and a 4-year vesting schedule.  General dentistry with an emphasis on pediatrics.  Salary range of $150,000 to $180,000 for the Lead position.  Efficiency-based model utilizing DA’s with expanded functions, office manager and clinical coordinator.  The requirements for the Lead Dentist position is to establish conformity, a congenial work environment, development of other Associates, etc.

…Salary is determined by experience, clinical expertise and interview/leadership skill which would be part of a discovery effort throughout the interview process.  Monthly bonuses are a % of the location’s net profit.  Basically, the pool is 35% of the total profit would be split between the dentists.  The Lead would then get an additional 10% and the Owners get an additional 5% for each location.  We do not have production “quotas”, just daily/monthly expectations

Scott M. Shue | Recruiter | CSHM LLC |
618 Church Street, Suite 520
Nashville, TN 37219
C: 770.855.1877 | O: 615.750.0342 | F: 615.986.1705




FYI – Dr. Jodi Kuhn, DDS the scam owner dentist for Small Smiles Dental Centers has now worked her way up to being called “owner of at least 11 clinics.  Five in Colorado, Five in Ohio and 1 in Kentucky. 

There are two types of management companies and below is a comprehensive comparison of the two.

Corporate DMSO

Dental Consultants and Managers

View Dentistry As A Business

View Dentistry As A Medical Profession

Employ The Dentist and Staff

Are Employed by The Dentist Who Owns The Practice

Own The Dental Offices

Manage Dental Offices As Needed by The Dentist

Are Backed By Wall Street Investors

Recommend Funding Solutions

Award Themselves with Dentist’s Earnings By Sweeping The Practice’s Bank Account

Invoice Dentist Practice and Take Payment Only For Services Rendered

Focus On Production Per Patient Agenda

Focus on Assisting Dentist With Quality Non-Medical Service.

Exploit Dentists’ Lack of Business Training

Teach, Mentor, and Assist Dentists With Business Needs

Have Fiduciary Duty To Financiers And Shareholders

Have Fiduciary Duty to the Dentist Who Hired Them

Convince Dentists They Don’t Need To Get Involved With Back-Office Operations

Encourage Dentists To Be Involved In All Management Decisions Of The Practice

Retreat and Hang Dentists Out To Dry In Times Of Trouble

Support Dentists And Offer Guidance Through Any Problem

Deploy Corporate Employed Office Managers To Reinforce Who’s In Control

Respect They Are Employed By The Dentists.

Understand High Profit Business Models

Understand Business Solutions For Dentists

Have an Master of Business Administration Degree

Have a Doctor of Dentistry Degree

Violate State Laws i.e. Dental Practice Acts To Hide True Ownership

Do Not Violate Laws When They Own A Dental Practice

Best Financial Gain Strategy With The Patient-Doctor Relationship

Do Not Come Between The Patient and The Doctor When Determining Treatment Options

View Dentists As Assembly Line Workers

Understand Dentists Are Medical Professionals Delivering Medical Care

Follow An Assembly Line Cookie-Cutter Business Models In Each Clinic

Provide Á la Carte Custom Services Per Owner Dentist Request

Set Quotas, Reward Top Producers With Bonuses and Dispose Of Non-Producers

Recommend Office Policies for Long Term Sustainability

Choose Suppliers And Vendors Offering Sub-Standard Materials

Recommend Trusted Suppliers and Vendors

Goal To Increase Profits Simply For Future Sale of Company

Goal To Promote Mom and Pop Practices

Control Every Aspect Of The Profession From Appointment To Patient Treatment Options

Provide Non-Medical Business Support Never Interfering With The Doctor Patient Relationship

Here is an example of a legitimate contract with a management service company looks like.

North Caroline DSO Management Services Agreement

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

“We’re finding that these dental practices, under pressure from owners who are not licensed dentists”–Sen.Chuck Grassley.

Senator Grassley says the problem is rooted in the structure of these chains, “I’m finding in this investigation that there are people that know nothing about dentistry are saying you got to see so many people, you got to do so much work for each one, and in a sense, gaming the system,” There are legitimate concerns that children are receiving unnecessary care, sometimes in a traumatic way, and taxpayers are paying for it.”3– Sen. Charles Grassley (R) Iowasaying that it claims that dentists own the practices but in reality they do not have control.1

The Senator also states, “These “owner dentists” are effectively ghost owners who maintain none of the traditional aspects of ownership of their operations, allowing the corporate investors to have control over clinical operations,” 2

Ghost owners, fake owners, throw away owners, call them what you like.

They are, in truth, are criminals, assisting, aiding and abetting the commission of serious crimes. Crimes against children and crimes against American citizens. Not for free, but for a piece of the pie. They willing lend their name, their professional license and their signature to assist in child abuse, insurance fraud and Medicaid fraud.

lockwoodOn June 21, Robin Lockwood, DDS of the Ocean Dental chain was arrested for Medicaid fraud. She could face up to 10 years in Federal prison.  Robin looks to be about the same age as the Small Smiles dentist below.

As Robin Lockwood, of the Ocean Dental Chain, can attest, when the law comes knocking, they are not going to be knocking on the door at 618 Church Street, Nashville, Tennessee or at NCDR, LLC’s headquarters in Atlanta…

Here is one of Small Smiles Dental Centers “ghost dentist”, that Senator Grassley was referring to – Dr. Jodi B. Kuhn


Doesn’t look much like a criminal does she? She looks like she could be a very loving and protective mom.


She seems to not be loving enough to make sure she is not the next Robin Lockwood facing 10 years of prison time. 

Dr. Jodi B. Kuhn claims to own 7 dental clinics, quite a feat to be so young. She claims to own:

Small Smiles of Louisville PSC 6-13-2012

  (I see they are still using her rubber stamp signature…and even with all eyes upon you swearing you don’t own the Louisville dental center…this was just filed 2 weeks ago!!)

Dr. Kuhn worked at the Roselawn clinic until October of 2011 when she transferred to the Denver clinic. The Denver clinic was having production issues after a little x-ray scam went belly up and Kuhn is a top producer. Being a top producer, Dr. Kuhn got VIP  tour of the Colorado clinic by Mike Lindley in the flesh. She agreed to the deal and moved to Colorado.

Dr. Elizabeth Kay Geier, another “ghost owner” is the newest co-owner with Dr. Kuhn-there have been others. Dr. Geier comes from the Albuquerque –1 clinic. Geier has been with Small Smiles since August 2007 and was granted a dental license in Ohio in July 2010.

Hey owner dentists, like Jodi Kuhn, Gloria King, Monica Switzer, Randy Ellis, Karen Chu, and others you need to see this. YES, they will throw your butts under the bus in heart beat!!


Small Smiles Letter to Senator Grassley 11 29 2011

Small Smiles letter to Senator Grassley's investigators -12 16 2011




1,2,3 Heath, David. (2012, June 30). “Evidence of overtreatment at dental clinics serving poor children”. Center for Public Integrity -

Monday, October 18, 2010

Clinic’s Ownership: Tax Questions

No doubt I have asked this question before.  But I am going to ask it again. 
Since FORBA’s Small Smiles clinics are registered with the Secretary of State’s office as being owned by random dentists I have a few questions:

1.  Does the individual dentist file a tax return on those clinics?  If not, YIKES!
2. Does the individual dentist file a tangible property tax return and pay property tax on all that equipment?  If not, YIKES!
3.  When the dentist in question quits , gets fired or leaves FORBA’s employment, and FORBA is forced to register someone else as owner, how is this “sale” explained?   I’m thinking some major tax revenue is being missed here. 
4.  Why am I the only person asking these questions?
If Dr. Katie (Helen Petersen) does NOT own all those clinics in Indiana, what does Dr. Katie own?  What about Dr. Jodi Kuhn in Kentucky?  What about Dr. Ken Knott in Alabama?  (yes, Dr. Knott is still listed as owner in Alabama, or at least he was on December 31, 2009, because he signed (or someone signed) the annual report. What about Dr. William Nash? 
5.  I wonder if Dr. Ken Knott knows they still have him owning those clinics? 
If any of these dentist have not filed tax returns on the income from these clinics, I’d say there might be a problem.
How would this all be explained in an IRS audit?

Who knows, maybe all those tax forms are sent to Corporate Headquarters in downtown Nashville and someone down there files the tax returns and signs the name of the poor innocent dentists. 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

From Hartford, CT to Sante Fe, NM-FORBA looking for dentists to work in their Small Smiles clinics

Appears Jenna Kochenberger is on the prowl for dentists as well. Here is an ad from
Jenna and Jacob Kochenberger from Pueblo, CO are hubby and wife. Wonder if they get paid by the 'head'? Wonder what kind of Dentist's their looking for, 'lead' dentists, 'associate' dentists, or dentists who will lend them their licenses and so FORBA can call them 'owner' dentists. Like Dr. Jodi Kuhn. I think her name is on the individual clinic LLC state filings in Ohio and Kentucky. Problem is Kentucky statues say a dentist can only 'own' three clinics and I do believe they have to actually practice in those clinics. Wonder how Jodi does that?

Here's the current ad:

SEEKING DENTISTS in our rewarding work environment nationwide.

Positions currently available in:

Hartford, CT
Syracuse, NY
Worcester, MA
Manchester, NH
Cincinnati, OH
Youngstown, OH
Florence, SC
Dothan, AL
Montgomery, AL
Beaumont, TX
Oklahoma City, OK
Omaha, NE
Greeley, CO
Santa Fe, NM

Offering an excellent guaranteed base salary, promotion opportunities and benefits (including monthly bonus potential, 401(k) retirement with company match, paid vacation & holidays and 100% coverage for health insurance, malpractice insurance, disability insurance, continuing education, dues and fees). Relocation reimbursement offered and licensing assistance provided.

Join our team of professionals providing quality dental care. General Dentists, Pediatric Dentists and new grads are encouraged to apply.

Please call Jenna direct at 719-562-4462 or fax 719-584-7696
or email
or visit



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kentucky- Small Smiles and FORBA Holding


FORBA Holding, LLC
Small Smiles of Lexington, PSC
Small Smiles of Louisville, PSC

3-17-09 report

FORBA Holding, LLC

Organization Number-0674614
Organization Name- FORBA Holding, LLC
Type-Foreign Limited Liability Company
State Originated-Deleware
Origination Date-4-17-2006
File Date-9-28-2007
Principal Office-618 Church Street, Suite 520 Nashville, TN
Signed by Manager-Rodney Cawood, Manager, EVP, CFO

KY 2008 Annual Report
KY 2009 Annual Report

Small Smiles Dental Center of Lexington, PSC
Organization Number-0673476
Name- Small Smiles Dental Center of Lexington, PSC

Type-Kentucky Professional Corporation
Status- Good
Standing- Active
File Date - 9/12/2007
Last Annual Report- 7/29/2008
Principal Office - 618 Church Street, Suite 520, Nashville, TN 37219

Registered Agent- National Registered Agent, 400 West Market Street, Suite 1800, Louisville, Kentucky.
Authorized Shares- 1000
Current Officers:
President- Kenneth E. Knott
Secretary-William Nash
Director-Robert F. Andrus
Director-Robert F. Andrus
Shareholder-Robert F. Andrus
Shareholder-Robert F. Andrus
Incorporator- Kenneth E. Knott
Assumed Names:
Small Smiles Dental Center
Small Smiles Dental Centers of Lexington

Small Smiles Of Louisville, PSC
Organization Number- 0662918
Name- Small Smiles of Louisville, PSC
Type-Kentucky Professional Corporation
File Date-4/24/2007
Last Annual Report-7/29/2008
Principal Office: - 415 N. Grand Ave, Pueblo, Colorado 81003 (isn't that FORBA's address in Colorado...hmmm)
Registered Agent- CT Corporation System, 4169 Westport Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40207
Corporate Officers:
President- Jodi Kuhn
Secretary-William Nash
Director-Jodi Kuhn
Shareholder- Kenneth E. Knott
Shareholder- Robert Andrus

Shareholder-Jodi Kuhn
Incorporator-Jodi Kuhn
Assumed Names: Small Smiles Dental Centers of Louisville, Small Smiles Dental Clinic, Small Smiles Dental Clinic of Louisville.
Now it's my understanding that Kenneth Knott and Robert Andrus were fired by FORBA over some 'credentialing fraud', but I don't know that as fact.
They used to be listed as the following until FORBA updated their Corporate Contact sheet in August or September last year.
Ken Knott- SVP Central Region
Robert Andrus-SVP West Region
So doesn't this mean these two either worked solely for FORBA and lent their name and dental licenses for business filings OR they owns the clinics in Kentucky as well as work for the company that so called 'manages" those clinics.
That being the case, should it not be these three, (Ken Knott, Bob Andrus, and Jodi Kuhn suing me in Federal Court instead of the company that just 'manages' the clinics for them?
But wait, according to the trademark office, FORBA Holding owns the rights to the Small Smiles logo. Boy this sure is confusing isn't it.

update: 2-1-2010

Small Smiles of Louisville, PSC
Kentucky Organization Number: 0662918
Formed 4-24-2007 By Jodi Kuhn
Name and address of Original Shareholder:
Jodi Kuhn
5615 Sarah's Oak Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45248

Name and address of Incorporator:
Jodi Kuhn
5615 Sarah's Oak Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45248

Mailing Address of Principal Office:
415 N. Grand Ave
Pueblo, CO 81003
File Date-4/24/2007
Last Annual Report-6/17/2009
Principal Office: - 415 N. Grand Ave, Pueblo, Colorado 81003 (isn't that FORBA's address in Colorado...hmmm)
Registered Agent- CT Corporation System, 4169 Westport Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40207
Corporate Officers:
President- Jodi Kuhn
Secretary-William Nash
Director-Jodi Kuhn
Shareholder-Jodi Kuhn
Incorporator-Jodi Kuhn
Assumed Names: Small Smiles Dental Centers of Louisville, Small Smiles Dental Clinic, Small Smiles Dental Clinic of Louisville.
(Note in 2009 report Dr. Robert F. Andrus and Dr. Kenneth E. Knott are no longer 'shareholders')
KY 2008 Annual Report
KY 2009 Annual Report
On June 25,2009 they finally changed the Principal Office address to FORBA Holding, LLC's address at 618 Church Street, Suite 520, Nashville, TN.

Ky Change of Principal Office 2009

Small Smiles Of Lexington, PCS
Kentucky Organization Number: 0673476

Formed 9-12-2007 By Dr. Kenneth E. Knott

Name and address of Original Shareholder:
Robert Andrus

1499 Blake Street

Denver, CO 80202

Kenneth Knott
7530 S. Biloxi Ct.
Aurora, CO 80016

Name and address of Incorporator:
Kenneth Knott
7530 S. Biloxi Ct.
Aurora, CO 80016
Mailing Address of Principal Office:
618 Church Street, Suite 520

Nashville, TN 37219
Organization Number-0673476
Status- Good
Standing- Active
File Date - 9/12/2007
Last Annual Report- 6/17/2009
Principal Office - 618 Church Street, Suite 520, Nashville, TN 37219

Registered Agent- National Registered Agent, 400 West Market Street, Suite 1800, Louisville, Kentucky.
Authorized Shares- 1000
Current Officers:
President- Jodi Kuhn

Secretary-William Nash
Director-Jodi Kuhn

Director-William Nash

Shareholder-Jodi Kuhn

Assumed Names:
Small Smiles Dental Center
Small Smiles Dental Centers of Lexington
(Note in the 2009 report Dr. Robert F. Andrus and Dr. Kenneth E. Knott are no longer 'shareholders' or 'directors')
KY 2008 Annual Report
KY 2009 Annual Report

Looks like Dr. Jodi Kuhn has laid a hell of a lot on the line for FORBA Small Smiles House of Horrors.