Saturday, September 06, 2014

Small Smiles in Colorado Springs, Colorado is now Front Range Smiles, PLLC–Dr. Nathaniel Conrad Cejka

The can move down the street, they can change their name to Front Range Smiles, but as long as the same employees and same lead dentist work there it’s a Small Smiles; “by any other name as they say.”

The CSHM statement in March 2014 after it was announced Small Smiles Dental Centers were Excluded from Medicaid was correct; it has no effect on the clinics whatsoever. Business as usual and now, NO oversight!

I see little difference now than when Jodi Kuhn “purchased” the clinic for $100 from previous fake owner dentist, Randall Ellis in 2013. Only difference I see is they took the time to create a new business entity and slap another dentist’s name on the documents and moved down the road. BTW, this move to the new address was in the works BEFORE the Exclusion letter was announced.  Someone should get a look see at the lease.

(Hasn’t Kuhn purchased two or three of the clinics again? Wonder what new and improved name she is using these days and how much she paid for them when she bought them from herself?)

Frankly I smell a bunch of hoodlums from Pueblo involved. Am I alone?  It’s no secret I’ve believed for a very long time the Pueblo bunch very much still has their hand in the operations of the dental clinics in Colorado. There is more evidence supporting that hypothesis than disproving it, that’s for certain.


Front Range Smiles, PLLC f/n/a Small Smiles


Don’t believe Dr. Nathaniel Conrad Cejka is a Small Smiles Dentist? He is listed as a provider at each of their Colorado clinics in Delta Dental provider book dated April 2014. (You will find other “owner dentist” Jodi Kuhn listed right along with him).

Small Smiles - Dr. Nathaniel Cejka    Small Smiles – Dr. Jodi Kuhn
1404 Cejka-delta dental-aurora 1404 delta dental-jodi kuhn-aurora
1404 Cejka-delta dental-smile high 1404 delta dental-jodi kuhn-smile high
1404 Cejka-delta dental-springs 1404 delta dental-jodi kuhn-colorado springs
1404 Cejka-delta dental-thornton 1404 delta dental-jodi kuhn-thornton

Apparently Dr. Cejak has been operation with his NPI record using the mysterious (sarcasm) Pueblo address for a couple of years.

201 W. 8th St. Suite 810, Pueblo, Colorado
Phone: 7195624447
Fax: 7195831801

Nathaniel Cejka DDS National Provider Number Record


Front Range Smiles phone number is the same as Small Smiles as well.
140906 front range smiles business listing-angies list 140906 small smiles business listing

Front Range Smiles is not trying all that hard to distance themselves from the old Small Smiles brand; other than not mentioning who they were before. (always a red flag).

Below is from their website; how many times have these places been “under new management”! LOL LOL (rhetorical question)

Front Range Smiles – Who We Are:

Front Range Smiles is a dental clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our services cover general and childrens dentistry, as well as orthodontics. We provide the highest quality of care at prices within your budget. We are open late hours for the convenience of our patients and their schedules.

Front Range Smiles has been serving the Colorado Springs area for more than 30 years. Under a new management, let our professional team handle your dental concerns. Mark your calendars and see you at our grand opening in September 2nd!

140905 Front Range Smiles-who we are

It appears they are seeing adults and offering, what I assume, is their fine orthodontic services!

Front Range Smiles Website Registration:














With all these shell games and shell corporations, isn’t someone running out of nuts yet?