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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

“Dirty Dentist” sparks in-depth report on infection control in dentists offices that could (and should) spread nationwide

After news broke that patients of Dr. Wayne Scott Harrington's dental practice may have been exposed to HIV and two types of hepatitis, thousands of patients across the state were urged to get tested. It's a medical scare that's left many wondering how this could have happened, and how to keep it from happening again.

This story aired on the ONR on OETA-The Oklahoma Network. The reporter is Cathy Tatom; the photographer is Tony D'Astoli. For more information, go to the ONR web site and ONR blog For more about OETA-The Oklahoma Network, visit
Published on Apr 8, 2013

Dr. Scott Harrington – November 2013 UPDATE: 100 Patients now test positive for Hepatitis, 4 test positive for HIV

A class-action lawsuit was filed against Oklahoma oral surgeon, Dr. W. Scott Harrington - license number 3666 (creepy) - on September 3, 2013; included were two assistants, Terri (Waugh) Velega and Lisa Young.  Now, more patients have tested positive for infections.

In the class-action Terri (Waugh) Velega and Lisa Young are accused of administering IV sedation illegally.The lawsuit also accuses Hospira, Pharmaceutical Systems, and Southern Anesthesia & Surgical -- the makers, distributors, and marketers of the propofol used in Dr. Harrington's practice -- of selling multiuse vials that are "unreasonably dangerous and unfit for use as anesthesia in an oral surgery center because of the foreseeable misuse of treating multiple patients from the multiuse propofol vials."Class Action Complaint - Dr. W. Scott Harrington, filed September 2013

Below are two of the latest reports:

By DrBicuspid Staff
Dr. BicuspidNovember 15, 2013 -- Oklahoma health officials have confirmed that 100 patients of oral surgeon W. Scott Harrington, DMD, have now tested positive for hepatitis and HIV.
The state health department said 90 patients have tested positive for hepatitis C, six for hepatitis B, and four for HIV, according to a press release.
More than 4,200 people have been tested since the dental board launched in investigation in March. Health officials have notified 7,000 of Dr. Harrington's patients that they may have been exposed to blood-borne viruses at his Tulsa and Owasso offices and should be tested for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV.
The Oklahoma Board of Dentistry launched the investigation after being notified that health officials were looking into complaints about potential hepatitis C contamination at Dr. Harrington's practice. Investigators found numerous violations of health and safety laws, including the use of rusty instruments on patients known to have infectious diseases.
Two new lawsuits were filed against Dr. Harrington in November, according to a story. The most recent case was filed on behalf of a man who had 14 teeth extracted last December.
A class-action lawsuit was filed in September by seven former patients, including five who claim they contracted infectious diseases during treatment at Dr. Harrington's dental clinics.
Dr. Harrington is scheduled to appear before the dental board on January 17, 2014, in Oklahoma City.

Lawsuits Piling Up Against Tulsa Dentist Accused Of Spreading Diseases

TULSA, Oklahoma -
November 13, 2013 - The lawsuits are mounting against a Green Country dentist accused of exposing thousands of patients to diseases. Two new suits were filed against Dr. Scott Harrington this month.
The health department has confirmed 90 of Harrington's patients tested positive for hepatitis C, six for hepatitis B and for HIV.
Harrington's practices in Tulsa and Owasso have been locked up tight since March. The State Dentistry board said Harrington was using unsafe and unsanitary practices. He's now facing a number lawsuits by patients, who say the dirty practice left them with a potentially deadly disease.
"To think that it's happening in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it just boggles my mind," said Attorney Paul Boudreaux.
Boudreaux is representing five former patients of Dr. Scott Harrington.
9/18/2013 Related Story: Attorney Says Client Contracted Hepatitis C At Dentist Harrington's Office
The most recent case was filed on behalf of a Mannford man who went to Harrington to have 14 teeth extracted last December.
"Now his life is probably shortened, now he can look forward to significant health problems and treatment as a result of contracting hepatitis C, because he went to the dentist," Boudreaux said.
The attorney said the Tulsa Health Department told his client in April that he'd tested positive for the disease. He said the man is so ashamed by the diagnosis, he didn't want to go on camera.
"He's obviously devastated, as is his wife," Boudreaux said.
In September, the health department confirmed genetic tests by the CDC proved one of Harrington's patients transmitted hepatitis C to another patient. But a spokesperson with the state's health department told us Wednesday that only a select few of the positive results were sent to the CDC--those who met specific criteria, like having no other risk factors and matching the right time frame.
Boudreaux said his client lives a clean lifestyle.
6/18/2013 Related Story: More Lawsuits Filed Against Tulsa Dentist Scott Harrington
"He's a very healthy individual. He practices martial arts, he's a married man," he said.
Boudreaux said his client's DNA was not sent to the CDC, but he said the only place the man could have contracted the disease was in the dentist's chair.
"I certainly don't know of any indication, other than going to this dentist and having 14 teeth extracted by no telling what equipment," the attorney said.
The health department said it's unlikely any more results will be sent to the CDC.
Boudreaux said he has a team of experts examining his cases and said it's possible his clients will look into private genetic testing.

Wayne Scott Harrington 2001 mugshotAccording to court records, W. Scott Harrington was arrested following a DQI arrest in Dallas, Texas November 2, 2001
Other Videos News Reports on Dr. W. Scott Harrington:
March 29, 2013 – Local dentist reacts to allegations against Dr. Scott Harrington
March 29, 2013 – Dr. Gary Burnidge personally knows and defends Dr. Scott Harrington
March 29, 2013 - Tulsa dentist investigation gets national attention
March 29, 2013 – Dentist tracked down
March 30, 2013 – Dentist under investigation in Tulsa, OK has second Carefree, AZ home (neighbors shocked)
April 12, 2013- KOTV interviews attorney Pat Carr regarding Dr. Scott Harrington
patients not testing positive have “still suffered at Harrington’s hand”)
May (6, 2013 – Do you have a dirty dentist?
Reporters have interviewed attorneys representing patients of Dr. W. Scott Harrington. Below is the contact information for each.  

logoAttorney Paul Boudreaux representing patients of Oklahoma dentist Scott Harrington
7447 South Lewis Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136-6808
Phone – 877-777-4539 or 918-492-7674

pat carr logoAttorney Pat Carr representing patients of Oklahoma dentist Scott Harrington
4416 S. Harvard Ave
Tulsa, OK  74135
Phone – 918-747-1000 or 800-777-4878

Sill Law Group
Sill Law Group has filed the class-action against Dr. W. Scott Harrington
15005 N. Eastern Ave.
Edmond, OK  73013
Phone – 405-509-6300 or 855-329-8276

Saturday, June 29, 2013

77 patients of W. Scott Harrington, DDS test positive for Hep C, 5 for Hep B and 4 for HIV

Public Health Investigation of Tulsa Dental Practice OKgovof W. Scott Harrington

Patient Information Hotline 918-595-4500

Speak directly to a public health representative weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Contact information for all county health departments:

TULSA, OK – [June 27, 2013] – 

Tomorrow is the final day for former patients of W. Scott Harrington’s dental surgical practice to receive free testing for hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV infection, the Tulsa Health Department and Oklahoma State Department of Health announced today. Although free screening clinics will conclude tomorrow, the epidemiological investigation continues.

On March 28, public health officials advised they were notifying current and former patients of W. Scott Harrington, DDS. that they may have been exposed to blood-borne viruses at Harrington’s Tulsa and Owasso offices. Health officials recommended these patients have their blood drawn for testing for hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV infection at free screening clinics established at the Tulsa Health Department, Oklahoma City-County Health Department and other county health departments in the state.

To date, 3,991 people have visited county health departments throughout the state to have their blood drawn for testing. An unknown number of persons have sought testing through their private health care provider. The Oklahoma State Department of Health’s Public Health Laboratory has completed testing for 4,087 persons as of 5:00 p.m. Wednesday. The discrepancy is due to the lab also testing people from other states, private physicians and local county health departments.

Today the Oklahoma State Department of Health and Tulsa Health Department report one additional HIV positive result and three additional hepatitis C positive results since the last situation update. Therefore, 77 patients have tested positive for hepatitis C, five for hepatitis B and four for HIV.

Those persons whose tests are positive are being personally contacted and counseled about information specific to the disease for which the test was positive, and they will be directed to resources for appropriate care and follow up. If warranted, testing will be recommended for a spouse or partner. Patients with negative test results who had dental procedures in the Harrington clinic between Sept. 20, 2012, and March 20, 2013, have been advised to return for follow-up testing at least six months past the last dental clinic date at the Harrington practice. Those patients will still receive follow-up testing at no cost. Screenings will be provided Monday-Thursdays by appointment only.

This is the last weekly situation update issued by the Tulsa Health Department and Oklahoma State Department of Health regarding this investigation. Subsequent media releases related to the public health response to the infection control practices of the Dr. W. Scott Harrington dental surgical practice will be issued as needed and at the conclusion of the epidemiological investigation.

Friday, April 05, 2013

News recaps on Wayne Scott Harrington, DDS

Dentist in HIV probe is taking allegations seriously, his attorney says
Tulsa World
"His previous record with the dental board is impeccable. He is taking the recent allegations very seriously and is fully cooperating with the Oklahoma Dental Board. At this time, out of respect for his patients and the sensitivity of the issues, Dr ...

Former Patient Wants Apology From Tulsa Dentist Under Investigation
News On 6
The Tulsa dentist accused of potentially exposing thousands of patients to HIV and hepatitis spoke out through his attorney Thursday. In a statement, Dr. W. Scott Harrington's attorney said, "his previous record with the dental board is impeccable. He ...

Witnesses needed to build case against Tulsa dentist in HIV, hepatitis scare
Tulsa World
Dentist's attorney puts out brief statement. "His previous record with the dental board is impeccable. He is taking the recent allegations very seriously and is fully cooperating with the Oklahoma Dental Board." ...

Saturday, March 30, 2013

More coverage of Oklahoma dentist–Dr Wayne Scott Harrington and ADA Statement after Oklahoma dentist declared a menace to public health

7000 dental patients may be at risk for Hepatitis and HIV
The Tulsa, Oklahoma oral surgeon is now under investigation by the state dental board, the state bureau of narcotics and the federal Drug Enforcement Agency because one of his patients recently tested positive for hepatitis C and HIV without known risk ...

Dentist's office a 'perfect storm' for HIV, hepatitis exposure, health ...
An official complaint filed before the state dental board described the violations, including "multiple sterilization issues, multiple cross-contamination issues, (and) the drug cabinet was unlocked and unattended." There were no logs of inventory for ...

AP Top Stories March 29 p
Here's the latest news for Friday, March 29: Oklahoma dental board may institute routine inspection; UPS pays $40M to end online pharmacies probe; Conn. officials seek info from Newtown charities; Man jumps onto subway tracks to rescue stranger.

Oklahoma Dentist Could Face Criminal Charges
East Idaho News
Rogers said investigations by the state dental board, the state health department, the state bureau of narcotics and the federal Drug Enforcement Agency are just getting underway. Although she has not yet submitted documents to the Tulsa District ...

Dentist Offices Not Routinely Inspected, Oklahoma Official Says
News On 6
That's why the idea of an assistant administering IV drugs to patients is so outrageous to the Dental Board. "Allowing an assistant who's never been to school or training is unheard of and is completely unacceptable," executive director of the Oklahoma ...

OSDH: Testing Important, but HIV, Hep B & C Spreading in Offices Rare
Oklahoma's dental board says it may start promoting routine inspections of dental and oral surgeon clinics. Health officials in Tulsa are setting up free testing clinics for 7,000 dental patients who may have been exposed to the virus that causes AIDS ...

State Board Says Tulsa Dentist's Practice Was Unsafe Unsanitary ...
Until now, state health officials say the dentist has never had a complaint, and say the allegations against him now are unheard of.



Friday, March 29, 2013

As many as 7,000 Oklahoma patients could be in danger of infection

Tulsa-area patients potentially exposed to hepatitis, HIV at Dr. Scott Harrington's dental practices

Posted: 03/28/2013

    TULSA - Officials with the Tulsa Health Department and the Oklahoma State Department of Health are in the process of notifying around 7,000 patients of a local dental practice they may have been exposed to blood-borne viruses.

    During a press conference Thursday, local and state health officials as well as the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry released details surrounding the investigation, which revealed inappropriate infection control practices at the dental offices of W. Scott Harrington, D.M.D. and officials say Harrington put patients at risk for hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV.

    Investigators were first tipped off to Harrington's office after one of his patients contracted HIV and hepatitis C  It was ultimately traced back to the dentist.

    Further inspection revealed a lack of sterilization, illegal administering of IVs by dental assistants, even a vial believed to have expired 20 years ago in an unlocked drug cabinet. 

    Despite health officials' discovery, Susan Rogers, executive director of the Oklahoma State Board of Dentistry, emphasized the importance of remaining calm while maintaining the gravity of the accusations.

    "I don't believe he had any idea there was anything bad happening," she said. " ... (It's) absolutely one of the most serious cases we've ever had."

    Tulsa City-County Health Department Director Bruce Smart echoed Rogers following the announcement.

    "We know it's very, very rare. It doesn't happen easily, but the fact that there has been unsafe practices, we never know if transmission could occur," he said.

    Patients who were treated at either of Harrington's dental practices -- located at 2111 S. Atlanta Pl. in Tulsa and 12806 E. 86th Pl. N. in Owasso -- since 2007 will receive letters from health officials and are encouraged to undergo testing for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV.

    The Tulsa Health Department's North Regional Health and Wellness Center at 5635 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard is performing free tests on a walk-in basis Saturday, March 30 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Monday, April 1 from 8 a.m. to 6 pm. The health department has also set up a hotline at (918) 595-4500 for people with questions.

    Officials say patient information was only available for the past seven years: therefore, patients seen by Harrington before 2007 may not receive letters. Anyone with additional questions may call the hotline.

    Harrington, who the state says has been practicing dentistry since 1977, has voluntarily closed his doors while officials conduct the investigation. A hearing is scheduled for April to determine his dental future.

    The Tulsa Health Department will continue to provide updated information on their website at  (


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