If you don't want to read this, fine, but at least click here and check your states laws.

Since there seems to be confusion in the world of prosecution and regulation as to whether these corporate dental companies, such as Kool Smiles, Aspen, Heartland and now Wal-Mart, are legal or illegal there is a comprehensive review of all 50 states ready, just for the clicking. Go ahead, try it. CLICK HERE

Dental boards say they don’t regulate the corporate mills in any way, however, North Carolina is proving that not to be true. So far, it’s the only state taking the initiative but it’s unclear as to whether they are only targeting Heartland Dental or all, and I mean, ALL corporate dental practices. [I say this since I know there are some regional clinics operating at full speed down there with dollars headed directly to Colorado’s Michael DeRose’s pockets. By the way, he’s on the List of Excluded Individuals and Entities, where he’s not to profit from Medicaid in any way. But, heck, I know that’s small potatoes, right?]

Prosecutors, on every level, from the local city or county prosecutors all the way to “The” Attorney General of the United States, seem to ignore the fact that the corporate dental mills are just flat out illegal operations. Every bill they send the US taxpayer is a fraudulent bill! Every one of them!! Every treatment they deliver within their walls is illegal to do! Every x-ray taken, is being done so, illegally. What is not to understand and what are they failing to “get”? Anything?
The corporations should not be ripping the taxpayer from stem to stern, using taxpayer dollars as toilet paper on their $10 million jets and authorities should be lined up outside these place with warrants and handcuffs.
This dragon has been slayed and quartered on this website, time after time, after time, after time, for well over 4 years now and Medicaid fraud is still a run away train when it comes to dentistry.
Since December there has been a noticed increase in individual dentists getting nailed for Medicaid fraud, with most of them getting some jail time along with their fine and repayment. Remember, the Medicaid fraud in dentistry is mostly treatment on children in case anyone has forgotten that!
So for any prosecutor with a set of balls out there, even if you have a teeny weeny set, that just might want actually bring criminals to justice-criminals who are not only stealing from the taxpayer, but physically hurting children-click here and check your state laws. It’s all laid out for you, it just cant’ get any easier, truly. Then get a warrant and shut these places down. If you need assistance, call me. Hell, I work for free!