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Thursday, February 26, 2009

I was doing my weekly searches of various 'terms', one was 'medicaid fraud'.  One the second page or two of the results I ran across something at a very unusual website called

Here are a couple of snippets from a comment I found there:


"Their attitude toward governments is strictly adversarial. Every man is expected to get away with as much as he can and trust extends to one's family and clan alone. When they come to the U.S. Muslim doctors start medicaid fraud mills and even those who run small groceries frequently launder money, deal in fake cigarette tax paper, etc etc. Parasites on an 'infidel' state. These aren't the 'bad apples'. These are the 'good Muslims'."



As for the behavior of Muslims in the West, why should they not fiddle the system of the Infidels? After all, it is only just, only right, that they take whatever they can from the Infidels, and cheating the government of an Infidel nation-state is not cheating, from a Muslim point of view, at all - nor is cheating Christians, Jews, Hindus and others who, in effect, are living on borrowed time -- until that moment when Muslims become stronger, and more numerous, and can impose their will, as they have, in the Muslim view, not merely a right, but a divine right, to do so.

Not every single Muslim, obviously, feels this way. But opinion polls and information of all kinds that goes far beyond the merely anecdotal evidence (though that anecdotal evidence is not to be dismissed), and simple common sense about what Islam teaches its Believers to believe, and which a great many of them clearly do believe, tells us that many of them -- a great many -- do indeed think this way, and act, when they can get away with it, upon it.