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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

UPS Employees targeted by California dentist

Calif. dentist indicted for $1M in fraudulent billings

drbicuspidBy DrBicuspid Staff

February 25, 2014 -- A California dentist has been indicted on federal healthcare and mail fraud charges of billing more than $1 million for work never performed, sometimes for teeth patients didn't even have.

According to the U.S. attorney's office, Sacramento dentist David M. Lewis, DDS, 60, began targeting United Parcel Service (UPS) employees in 2008 for dental treatment. The UPS healthcare plan provided 100% coverage with no annual limits. Dr. Lewis offered cash and other incentives to UPS patients for getting dental care from him or for recruiting other UPS employees to receive treatment.

The grand jury's 18-count indictment alleges that Dr. Lewis submitted claims to Delta Health Systems, which administered the UPS healthcare plan, and falsely billed the plan for work that was never performed. In many instances,


Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Why is no one putting executive officers and other key personnel from the corporate dental chains in jail? Thousands of dentists pushed by corporate executives do this hundreds of thousands times a day, and not a damn soul seems to care. So why this guy?

Dentist performed thousands of dollars worth of unneeded procedures, state alleges

By Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer

A Loomis State Enforcement Chief was part of a recent investigation into a Sacramento dentist whose license was suspend recently for allegedly performing procedures people didn't need on healthy teeth.

Local officials in the dental field say there are steps consumers can take to protect themselves from being victims of dental fraud.

Loomis resident Kim Trefry, enforcement chief for the Dental Board of California, said the agency received reports that Dr. David Lewis was performing thousands of dollars of complex work on patients that didn't need it.

In October he was served with a search warrant and evidence was collected from his office. Files revealed that many of his targeted patients were UPS employees because their plan covers 100 percent of dental work, with no co-pay and no cap, she said.

"We received information that he basically was doing work on sound and healthy teeth to create what would appear to be cavities in the mouth and then billing an insurance company to make repairs he had just created," Trefry said.

An insurance company and former employee alerted the board she said.
In 2006, he billed an insurance company $150,000, only to bill them $829,000 in 2010 for many procedures people did not need, she said.

Trefry said while this type of fraud is not common and Lewis has closed his practice and been placed on suspension until his hearing, there are things local patients can do to prevent this from happening to them.

Aside from ensuring a dentist has a current license and no record discipline against them, patients should ask questions she said.
"If something doesn't sound right, you ask questions; get a second opinion," Trefry said.

She said depending on the dental school someone went to they may have different opinions about how to treat something, but patients should always know what they are seeking out of any treatment they undergo.

She also advises consumers to be aware of what their insurance plan covers and what they may have to pay for out of pocket. For Auburn-area residents who may have been patients of Lewis, Trefry said they could take action in a civil case or file a complaint with the board. So many complaints have already been filed she said it may not change the outcome of the case at this point.

Cathy Murchison, dental administrator for Chapa-De Indian Health Program in Auburn, Woodland and Grass Valley, said she would start by talking to friends and family for reputable dentist recommendations and discuss each procedure before it is completed.

"That they involve you in the decision, explain it to you so you understand and also offer you options," Murchison said. "Not only just options, but the pros and the cons to either doing it or not doing it, so you are prepared."
Murchison said their may be some cases where patients would do well to get a second opinion.

"If they are going to diagnose anything that is very expensive, it is always good to get a second opinion," Murchison said. "At least that would put your mind at ease if two doctors recommend the same treatment."