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Monday, March 08, 2010

Toledo Blade April 2006-Small Smiles Comes To Town

The Blade ~ Toledo Ohio
Dental Clinic Opens On Broadway
Luke Shockman
Staff Writer

Here's a raving article in the Toledo Blade when Small Smiles opened there. 

Here's a great quote from the article:

“There must be a huge pent-up need here,” said Todd Cruse, a top executive overseeing the office’s opening. “I’ve opened 26 clinics like this, and this one looks to be on track to have the most appointments taken.”

(This was written in April before the so called buy out took place in Sept. 2006.  Mr. Cruse was employed with FORBA then, and Mr. Cruse is said to be Senior VP of Development now.  There are just too many people who were with Old FORBA for New FORBA to really be "New", other than having some office space in Nashville, -where Cruse now lives- and bringing in investors-under the name of FORBA Holding- for the cash needed to expand.)

More Snipits: 

The new office, 1520 Broadway, which opened yesterday, is the 42nd dental clinic opened since 2000 by the Colorado-based FORBA Management Co.

“There’s plenty of business. I don’t regard them as competition at all really,” said Dr. Paul Heinrichs, a dentist and board chairman of the nonprofit Dental Center of Northwest Ohio. “There are 60,000 Medicaid-eligible people in our area, and we’re seeing maybe about 20,000 of them, so there’s really a huge pool.”

In addition, this month the dental center added a state-of-the-art mobile dental clinic in a 40-foot bus that will be used to provide dental care throughout the region.  

The primary reason the dental center has been able to expand — and why the Small Smiles clinic decided to set up shop in Toledo — is few private dentists are willing to accept Medicaid patients, said Dr. Mark Siegal, chief of the bureau of oral health services for the Ohio Department of Health.

So why would Small Smiles want to tackle such a challenge? After all, unlike the Dental Center of Northwest Ohio, Small Smiles is a for-profit operation, meaning its owner expects to make money. To borrow a phrase, treating Medicaid children is all they do, and they do it well, said Mr. Cruse, chief development officer for FORBA.

For example, the six-chair setup for cleanings means they can get by on volume, he said. In addition, by having many exam rooms, a parent can bring all their children in at once for treatment, reducing the need for repeat trips, he said.

Dr. Supreeth Veeranna, lead dentist for Small Smiles, said he hopes the five-dentist clinic will be able to handle 100 patients daily.

Dr. Heinrichs said the fact that Small Smiles is for-profit doesn’t bother him. After all, his own private dental office is for-profit.

I wish to HELL it had bothered Dr. Heinrichs!!  Wonder if the abuse and torture Small Smiles delivered to the children in Toledo bothers him yet!! (Dr. Heinrichs, you didn't care to have your name in print when you were welcoming them into your city, so don't get bent out of shape since it's mentioned now) 

Mr. Cruse declined to provide revenue or profit figures for FORBA. Small Smiles was built in a vacant CVS pharmacy building. The building is being leased by Dr. Rudy Padula, a Colorado dentist on the FORBA board. FORBA manages the clinic.
Duh!  Of course he didn't.  But he sure made it clear they would make money by volume and in any kind of medical practice, volume for profit is never a good thing!
The lease is in Dr. Edward (Dr. Eddie) DeRose's brother in law, Adolph (Rudy) Padula's name.  Dr. Rudy is Michael DeRose's uncle.

Why am I posting this today.  Well, I'm researching each and every dentist I can find who does or has worked for FORBA and it's Small Smiles clinics.  Today was Dr. Supreeth Veeranna's turn.  Dr. Veerann's been around in the company, Ohio being just one state.  Veeranna turns up in Massachusetts as well, along with Dr. Santhosh Veeranna.  BTW, Dr. Supreeth Veeranna started probation in Massachusetts in April 2009 (cause number 20080530DN168)  and there is no dated entered to show the probation has ended.  There's more info on Dr. Veeranna, but that will come later.  

It's taking forever to do this research.  Since one dentist's name can take me off track and the next thing you know an hour as passed and I've collected enough stuff they have to have their own folder.  ...  clearing throat, Dr. Sean Barnwell, Dr. Nearing... yep, got a file on you guys.