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Monday, July 26, 2010

Parent Wishes She Had Googled Dr. Robert Andrus Before Going To Giggles Dental In Colorado

A parent posted this comment on the Giggles Dental post, I thought it was worth posting here so everyone realizes Dr. Robert Adrus is using his skills, learned by the DeRose bunch and Forba training sessions, to good work.   I am amazed he was fired for credentialing fraud, when their whole business plan is based around fraudulent behavior and abusing children.
Dr. Robert (Bob) Andrus

I hope this mom first heads to Giggles and obtains her children's records, asap or quicker.  Second, files a complaint with the dental board so they will investigate, they know Dr. Adrus.  Third takes the records and the x-rays from Giggles Dental back to her dentist at "A Wild Smile" for comparison.  Forth, files a complaint with her dental underwriter, whether it is a private insurance carrier or Colorado's Medicaid program.  Don't forget each state has a Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
The quicker this mom makes the complaint, the quicker the next child isn't overtreated.   Everyday, all day long,this is happening to children visiting Giggles Dental.  This crap has got to stop! 
I used to drive 25 minutes to A Wild Smile, and I was always very pleased with their work. I switched to Giggles because it is only 5 minutes from my house, but it has been nothing but trouble. None of my kids (ages almost 7, 8, and 9) had ever had a cavity before. On our first visit Dr. Andrus said my youngest had 1 small cavity - not unbelievable considering her age. We came back and got it filled, no problem. On our second cleaning visit, I was told my oldest daughter, who'd had her molars sealed at Wild Smile, needed to have her teeth resealed. I didn't realize sealant didn't last, so he resealed them. He also told me my youngest had 1 very small cavity and two naturally occurring pits in her back teeth that he felt should be filled even though they weren't cavities. Fine. I took her back and had the pits filled, she didn't need anesthetic. My husband took her in for her the actual filling a month later. She came home with three fillings! Or so the bill said. In addition to that, within minutes of leaving his office, my daughter's lip developed an enormous and disgusting canker sore. He said she bit her lip, but that is what the cotton roll is supposed to prevent, right? I think he clipped her with some dental tools, but I can't prove anything, so I just treated it with peroxide. I didn't bother to fill the prescription he gave me for Children's Tylenol with Codeine - it seemed like a ridiculous prescription for a canker sore. Anyway, I reminded him that he told me my daughter had one cavity and two pits - he said she had 3 cavities and 2 pits. If I had been told that my daughter who'd had the only cavity out of all my kids now had three cavities six months after her last cleaning, I would have remembered that and had a fit on my kid!
I wish I had Googled this guy before I left a perfectly good dentist merely for a convenient drive from my house. I'm just lucky it wasn't worse.
It worked out perfect for the dentist in this case since the same parent who came the first time, was not the one who brought the child back for treatment. 
This is just a small example why it's so important to track these dentists who have been employed by FORBA Small Smiles, Kool Smiles, Dental Dreams and all the other mills.