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Monday, October 27, 2014

Torture Chambers-with free sweatshirt!

It’s 10 years later.

Excerpt from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader-The World's Gone Crazy (May 2010)

In 2004 twenty dentists in California Central Valley area were accused of defrauding the state Medi-Cal health system of $4.5 million by performing unnecessary—and cruel—dental work. To lure low-income patients, these dentists went to homeless shelters, shopping malls, and schools and offered gift certificates, sweat-shirts and electric toothbrushes.  The patients were then given unnecessary dental work, including root canal.  Some dentists were accused of holding crying children down in the dental chair and using straps on elderly patients.  Then they charged outlandish amounts of money for the work and sent the bills to Medi-Cal.  "In every single one of the 300 files we checked, " said an official, "we found fraud.".  In 2008 the two lead dentists in the scam were sentenced to one year in jail and forced to repay $3M.


Torture Chambers and a sweatshirt-excerpt from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader-The World's Gone Crazy-May 2010









The Dentist’s were:

1. Steve Sangmoon Ahn, 41, of Fullerton
2. Hoon Young Chang, 34, of Anaheim Hills
3. Wen Hsiang Chou, 46, of Alhambra
4. Anthony Halili Galvan, 42, of Dublin
5. Eduardo Sabater Gerodias, 36, of Modesto
6. 37, of Reseda
7. Keith Yoshikuzu Komaki, 58, of Anaheim
8. Ricky Hung-Tak Lam, 35, of Antioch
9. Rahim Mesbah, 49, of Modesto
10.Duc Sy Nguyen, 33, of Milpitas
11.Sang-Hyuk "Sean" Park, 35, of Merced
12.Luis Alexandrino Pinto, 42, of Irvine
13.Rodolfo Poscablo Ravanera, 57, of Oakland  DEAD
14.Behnam Rostami, 48, of Stockton
15.Williams Defreitas Saraiva, 60, of Irvine
16.Seyed Mohamed Tarifard, 58, of Stockton
17.Tri Duy Vu, 32, of Sunnyvale
18.Shiyu Wang,44 of Alameda
19.Faruk Cenap Yetek, 43, of Pleasant Hill
20.Kyon Maung Teo, 42, Hatch Dental clinics in Ceres, Stockton and Modesto

Attorney General Charges Central Valley Dentist and 20 Others in $4.5 Million Medi-Cal Fraud Scheme

October 2008-

Intentional Harm as Dentists profiteer in California

December 5, 2008

California Dental Board Decision regarding Dr. Kyon Maung Teo

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dr. Sang Hyuk Park arrested for more sexual assaults day before court appearance.

Dentist pleads not guilty in sex abuse case


mercedstarMERCED -- Merced dentist Sang Hyuk Park pleaded not guilty Wednesday in Merced County Superior Court to allegations that he sexually abused four women.

Dressed in a business suit, Park, 43, left the courtroom after the brief hearing, declining questions from reporters.

Merced police arrested Park, a Stockton resident, at his 3040 Park Ave. office Tuesday afternoon on five counts of sexual battery and one count of sexual penetration. He was released from jail after posting bail Tuesday evening.


Sang Hyuk Park

    After Wednesday's hearing, Park's attorney Thomas Johnson said his client is a highly competent dentist who's innocent of the charges. Johnson questioned why his client was arrested on Tuesday, when he was already scheduled to appear in court today for his arraignment hearing.

    "Dr. Park is not guilty of the charges and the investigation has been unusual, at best," he said. "Everything the office of the district attorney is doing seems like a thinly veiled attempt to get him into custody prior to the case being heard."

    In response to Johnson's claim about the investigation, Chief Deputy District Attorney Rob Carroll said his office is very confident with the evidence police obtained.

    Friday, November 02, 2012

    California Dental Board failed to keep creep away from patients


    A Merced dentist was arrested on Tuesday by police, accused of sexually assaulting a patient under sedation.

    Sang Hyuk Park, 43, was taken into custody around 10 a.m. after the patient contacted Merced police, reporting an alleged incident of assault by Park that happened while receiving dental work. The victim reported being in and out of consciousness, and awakening with his or her pants down and Park exposing himself, according to Lt. Tom Trindad.

    Police haven't released the gender or age of the victim.

    The alleged victim reported the incident on Oct. 23 and police arrested Park after serving a search warrant Tuesday at his 3040 Park Ave., Suite H office. While serving the warrant, police seized a photograph from Park's office that "helped out" with their investigation, Trindad said, although he wouldn’t elaborate further about the evidence.

    Park was booked into the Merced County Jail on suspicion of felony sexual battery involving a restrained person and misdemeanor sexual battery. He was released after posting bail, police said.

    No one was at Park's office on Wednesday. A sign posted on the front door said the office is closed until Thursday. Efforts to reach Park for comment were unsuccessful.

    According to records from the state's Department of Consumer Affairs, the state had considered revoking Park's license in May 2009 after a variety of alleged violations surfaced against him, including unprofessional conduct, like subjecting patients to procedures they didn't need -- and even extracting teeth when it wasn't necessary.

    Rather than revoke Park's license, however, the state placed Park on probation for a period of three years. According to state documents, Park had previously garnered the nickname "Speedy Gonzales" when working for Hatch Dental between January and April 2001, because he could perform more dental procedures on more patients in a shorter amount of time than his fellow dentists.

    According to the state documents, Park was also accused of insurance fraud, and "charting, documenting, billing and submitting claims for and/accepting payment for dental work that was in excess of what could reasonably be accomplished by a competent dentist" during his time at Hatch Dental.

    Police are asking anyone who believes they may have been a victim, or has information about the case to call Detective Raquel Rios at (209) 388-7766. Residents can text a tip to TIP411 (847411) using "comvip" as the first word in the message. Tips are kept confidential, and those providing tips can remain anonymous.

    City Editor Victor A. Patton can be reached at (209) 385-2431 or