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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Small Smiles Dental Centers employees kept in the dark

This letter was received last week from a Small Smiles employee. It is one of two received last week alone. Hopefully any identifying info was scrubbed, if not, oops, sorry.

My job is obviously a nightmare. I have been an employee with the company since March. A lot of funny business goes on. We are a profitable clinic probably when I first started in we were averaging 100 patients a day which is close to $10,000 a day now we see approx. 50.

I  for the last year have been miserable at my job but as a single mom with no child support I struggle to leave and possibly lose my apartment, etc.

It's not so much that i think what we do at my office in unethical most times I do agree on the treatment.  Big changes in the last year obviously after the Medicaid fraud we have a million compliance meetings, the state cracked down on reimbursement for stainless steel crowns. We no longer papoose (for the most part) as I was seeing many in a day we may have one a month..everyone's scared.

[well at least I’ve accomplished something!]

They are acting as if we will stay open and tell us very little.  Always constant changes weekly at small smiles..such as bill out what was before a periapical as an occlusal more papooses for Dr's etc.

[ so was it fraudulent billing before or now?]

All I really know is when they filed they told all 67 clinics over the phone a big 67 clinic phone conference and we were encouraged to ask questions basically it was that Tori guy who said business as usual...they don't want the company morale to be down so they don't tell us any new news.

Steve Adair told the Dental hygienist's if they see an HIV patient to double glove spray the room and leave it for two hours..who says this???? Exactly the opposite of what I learned in school.

Anyway the anxiety level I have when I get to work and the fear the boss puts in you and the company morale is terrible. They have us going out now doing ten minute marketing in which I have to walk the streets and pass out toothbrushes to passerby's encouraging them to come to Small Smiles.

Well in a city it’s the same damn people everyday. My bosses are acting like nothing is happening but a few of us follow your blog closely. It's the only truth we get. Dr (intentionally removed) is the current lead dentist "owner "of the office I work at, he is (age removed) spinning in circles and about to have a heart attack. I actually feel for this guy he is so going to get thrown under the bus. He does whatever they say no matter what he thinks

[ He is exactly right. He will be, the whole business is designed to protect the quarterback; Corporate Headquarters.]

But it's his own fault I said to him, “you actually own this place and he said no, I paid $100 and they put my name on the building.  I think what he said is BS.

I was venting sorry so basically I was wondering if no one bids on this hellhole by the 11th this Friday could it be the doors are locked Monday?????????? or probably not going to happen until after the 22nd...??????????

Can they possibly prolong the agony and then file chapter 7? I wish I could quit and go collect unemployment and state how horrible stressful and much anxiety this job gives me but I know they would fight it and I would lose and then put my daughter and I in a poor situation...

I wish there was something I can do..we started seeing adults in November 2011. I think they got a huge tax break for that or maybe are just desperate for any patients we can get.

I feel terrible telling these adults go see the oral surgeon get your teeth extracted then come back and we will fit you for dentures and I have no idea if we will be here???? Any thoughts,  any advice????

I thank you for your's my only knowledge and when they told us in a morning huddle that Lori Steiner-chief compliance officer was going back to her roots and leaving CSHM.  I was silently cracking up thinking about your blog which usually is the topic of our lunch room conversation and her last day (Lori Steiner the compliance officer) is May 31st how convenient.

Another dentist concerned about or lead/owner told me privately that she spoke with our lead/owner, and told him he should get a lawyer since he's the owner. He told her he had corporate lawyers.

The dentist looks at me and laughs and says “he's going to fry....”

[yes he is! so things must still be a bit shady around there, maybe?]

I feel that those of us who read your blog know more than they do. I just wonder if no one buys CHSM are we definitely closing??? Could they possibly only close some clinics and keep some open???  We have had a few people leave  and they are not replacing them.  But they tell us they aren’t replacing them because we have slowed down...everything is a lie.

I’d love to say thanks again for sharing your story Debbie...I just want it to end for me the girls I work with and the patients.

I appreciate your blog. Thank You

[You are welcome!]