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Monday, October 18, 2010

Clinic’s Ownership: Tax Questions

No doubt I have asked this question before.  But I am going to ask it again. 
Since FORBA’s Small Smiles clinics are registered with the Secretary of State’s office as being owned by random dentists I have a few questions:

1.  Does the individual dentist file a tax return on those clinics?  If not, YIKES!
2. Does the individual dentist file a tangible property tax return and pay property tax on all that equipment?  If not, YIKES!
3.  When the dentist in question quits , gets fired or leaves FORBA’s employment, and FORBA is forced to register someone else as owner, how is this “sale” explained?   I’m thinking some major tax revenue is being missed here. 
4.  Why am I the only person asking these questions?
If Dr. Katie (Helen Petersen) does NOT own all those clinics in Indiana, what does Dr. Katie own?  What about Dr. Jodi Kuhn in Kentucky?  What about Dr. Ken Knott in Alabama?  (yes, Dr. Knott is still listed as owner in Alabama, or at least he was on December 31, 2009, because he signed (or someone signed) the annual report. What about Dr. William Nash? 
5.  I wonder if Dr. Ken Knott knows they still have him owning those clinics? 
If any of these dentist have not filed tax returns on the income from these clinics, I’d say there might be a problem.
How would this all be explained in an IRS audit?

Who knows, maybe all those tax forms are sent to Corporate Headquarters in downtown Nashville and someone down there files the tax returns and signs the name of the poor innocent dentists.