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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Pleading filed in lawsuits against Small Smiles Dentistry in New York reveal corporate greed of unimaginable proportions.


Out of the 234 paragraphs in the 51 page Syracuse in Complaint against the FORBA/CSHM/Syracuse Small Smiles Dental Center I think paragraph 234 is one of my top favorites  It just might be my all time favorite paragraph ever!  It reads like this:

As to all causes of action, defendants’ conduct described
above was gross, wanton, reckless, outrageous and malicious, was
actuated by evil and reprehensible motives sufficient to transcend the
bounds of societal norms and involved a high degree of moral culpability such that punitive damages should be awarded by the jury.

There are Seven Actions (Counts) against FORBA and all the named defendants  I started to insert the word “alleged” but I know these slithering slim balls too well to give any illusion they might not be liable and guilty as charged.  The Seven Deadly sins for these folks are:

  1. Fraud
  2. Battery
  3. Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  4. Breach of General Business Law sections 349-350
  5. Malpractice
  6. Negligence
  7. Informed Consent

Syracuse Complaint

Schnectady Albany Complaint

No doubt the folks at King and Spalding are busy little bees this week, but it’s not like they have known it was coming.  Heck they’ve known for months, just wasn’t sure what kind of story would be told.

What about the new “staff attorney” snookered into joining Church Street Health Management this week, Erika Ruiz.  Geez, what a week to join a new company.  Wonder how far she is willing to take it to the mat for these thugs.

Alfred Green, Michael Lindley,  Rodney Cawood, Brad Gardner, Todd Cruse, you know they have to be loving another round of legal battles, OK, well not them exactly but I bet their attorney are loving it!  Woo Hooo…  Bonuses for everyone this year at the many many many firms they have on the payroll. 

Wonder how the Bahrainian banker is doing?  Not that I give a crap.  I know one thing, I hope the rebels (whoever the heck they are), in Bahrain see what this asshole allows and encourages to be done to children.  At the “beheading” I want a front row seat.

Let’s send all these barbarian dentists and corporate “fat cats” over to Bahrain and let them try this kind of torture on the children in Bahrain!  Hell, we are paying for it anyway.

You know, I’m really beginning to dislike the letter combo “ba” Bahrain, Barbarian, Barack.