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Monday, October 07, 2013

Fortress Insurance Company v. Ocean Dental PC, Dr. Chad Hoecker and Dr. Robin Lockwood

Case Number:

May 2013

Fortress Ins. v. Ocean Dental, Chad Hoecker, Robin Lockwood Amended Complaint  Filed August 23, 2013

Fortress alleges neither Dr.Lockwood, Dr.Hoecker, nor Ocean Dental complied w/ requests for patient records, as their MP insurance carrier, against terms of their contract. They allegedly never alerted Fortress of pending claims, as required under the insurance contract. IMHO- Fortress makes a good point for Declaratory Judgment. That would leave Dr.Lockwood & Ocean Dental "naked", w/out Malpractice coverage.  Yikes!

Dr Lockwood is currently serving time at Federal Medical Center Carswell, in Fort Worth, TX.,_Carswell

One big issue is the policy time period for Dr.Lockwood & Dr. Hoecker. Some acts were allegedly made outside the time period of insurance coverage. If so, Dr. Lockwood & Dr. Hoecker were operating "bare" (w/out coverage). Depending on terms of employment w/ Ocean Dental, Dr. Lockwood has a potential counterclaim against Ocean Dental, if they neglected to provide MP insurance coverage to her, as defined under her employment contract.

Dr. Hoecker denies knowledge of the terms in the Dr.Lockwood policy. If Ocean Dental purchased this policy, that would be absurd. BTW- a "claims made" policy will not cover for acts filed AFTER the term period of the policy expires. Thus, a "tail" policy would need to be purchased. Obviously, there was no tail coverage purchased.

Seem just serving time for ones sins is just the beginning of a long life of misery for Dr. Lockwood, while ole Chad Hoecker is singing “Free Bird”. 

I hope all these dentists are paying close attention!

Here is a link to all the documents found on the case-

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Arkansas Dental Patients Possibly Exposed To Infectious Materials By Doctor William Jarrod Stewart

huffThe Arkansas Department of Health warns that approximately 100 patients who visited Dr. William Jarrod Stewart for dental treatments during a three-month period may have been exposed to "infectious materials," and it advises these patients to get blood tests.

According to a release on the department's website, Stewart worked at six different Ocean Dental locations in the state from Nov. 20, 2011, to Feb. 20, 2012. It is suspected that some of the drugs Stewart administered intravenously to patients may have been contaminated. Patients who received medicine orally are not thought to be at risk at this time.

ABC News notes that Dr. Stewart, who reportedly had a history of substance abuse, died just nine days after the three-month period that health officials are concerned about. In a statement obtained by ABC, Ocean Clinics said the following about the scare:

Although Ocean Dental is not aware of any information indicating that Dr. Stewart had any infectious disease, and no reports have been received about any of these patients contracting any infectious disease, the Arkansas Department of Health is recommending that these patients be tested as a precaution.

The cause of Stewart's death has not yet been revealed, but a health department official told the Associated Press that it was not from an infectious disease.

"We have no reason to believe that anyone is at risk of a particular illness," state epidemiologist Dirk Haselow told the AP. "We are just notifying people because this situation is highly unusual and we don't know what we don't know."

The AP also reports that authorities discovered after Stewart's death that medicine under his license had been tampered with. Patients who saw Dr. Stewart will be tested for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV and syphilis as a precaution.

Though the spread of disease in dental offices is considered rare, the news of Stewart follows a highly publicized case that surfaced just a few weeks ago in Oklahoma, where a dentist may have exposed as many as 7,000 patients to HIV and hepatitis by not using properly sterilized tools.

Last summer, a dentist in Colorado was found to have been reusing needles on different patients.

Worried about your next visit to the dentist? CNN offers a guide for patients who want to protect their health and check up on their dentists' office sanitation habits.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Destroying evidence? Shredding documents? Alerting records? You might want to reconsider participating in such action by ANY employer.

December 17, 12012 -United States District Judge Robert G. Doumar sentenced Lynette Smith of Suffolk, VA to 10 months in prison for altering records to conceal Medicaid fraud  The fraud was committed by A Caring Hand Home Health Care Services, Inc. between January 2008 through October 2011. A Caring Hand is owned and operated by Janice W. Holland.

“Holland submitted to the program approximately 900 fraudulent claims for payment representing that respite care services had been provided to thirty (30) Medicaid recipients, when in fact no such services had actually been provided.  As a result, Holland obtained health care benefit payments totaling approximately $630,000 to which she was not entitled. 

During the period from in or about September 2010 through October 6, 2011, Holland and Smith, and members of the staff of A Caring Hand at their direction, altered, falsified and made false entries in the office records of A Caring Hand to conceal and cover up the fact that Holland had submitted false and fraudulent claims for payment to the Virginia Medicaid program.  On multiple occasions, Holland and Smith met with staff members and directed them to alter, falsify and make false entries into office records, including the creation of false and fraudulent time sheets, in order to make it appear that the respite care services for which Holland had billed the program had actually occurred, when in fact they knew that no such services had been provided.  Approximately twelve staff members knowingly committed the alteration and falsification of office records at the direction of Holland and Smith, who were aware of an upcoming scheduled audit of the office records.  Holland and Smith committed these acts with the intent to impede, obstruct and influence the proper administration of the Virginia Medicaid program, which is a matter within the jurisdiction of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Holland has pled guilty to health care fraud, alteration of records and aggravated identity theft, and will be sentenced on January 22, 2013.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Is Chad Hoecker and Ocean Dental getting a piece of the Texas orthodontic pie?

Ocean Dental and Sun Orthodontix are right next door in Corpus.

Ocean Dental in Corpus Christi, Texas:

Sun Orthodontix in Corpus Christi, TX:

.Dr "Bad" Chad Hoecker's operation is Ocean Dental.

Dr Jack Vondrack is owner of the Orthodontix outfits

Friday, November 16, 2012

How cocky are Medicaid dental mill dentists feeling these days? Robin Lockwood of Ocean Dental–Stillwater, OK fought the law, and the law won.


ATTN: All Corporate Dentists

She had all the goods to be successful in life. Lockwood is a dentist; once was a promising inventor, she actually has a brother in Arkansas who is a minister. But she is STUPID!

This woman, decided it was better to abuse children, tie them up in papoose boards, do unnecessary dental procedures with little to no anesthesia and steal every penny should could from each taxpayer in America, instead of caring for her family and being the medical professional her parents sacrificed for her to become.

She chose to commit Medicaid fraud for her employer - Chad Brandon Hoecker, DDS. She chose abusing children, strapping them to papoose boards, over-treating and much worse to help her boss fuel his jet and live “high on the hog” as they say.

She also chose Federal prison. Robin Lockwood is going to be spending 18 very long months in Federal prison, plus pay $375,000 in restitution. Why? Because she bought into the corporate dental scam that has infected damn near every state. 

This was a plea deal, so imagine the goods they have on this woman!

Even the most hardened criminals have trouble stomaching those who abuse children. Pretty as she is, and ripe for the picking, I’m betting her cellmates are not going to like what she’s done to low income children. Many of whom may belong to her new cellmates. 

November 15, 2012

OKLAHOMA oceandentallogoCITY—Robin R. Lockwood, 44, a dentist from Oklahoma City, was sentenced last week to serve 18 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to committing health care fraud, announced Sanford C. Coats, United States Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma. In addition, Lockwood was ordered to pay $375,672.27 in restitution to Medicaid.

Lockwood is a dentist licensed to practice in the state of Oklahoma and was employed under contract by Ocean Dental at offices located at 1610 Southwest 74th Avenue in  Oklahoma City. Ocean Dental’s dentists provided dental care to Medicaid-eligible children. The Medicaid Program is a cooperative program that provides federal and state funds to pay for health care benefits for individuals with insufficient incomes to meet the costs of necessary medical expenses. In Oklahoma, Medicaid is administered as “SoonerCare” by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA), a state governmental agency. Ocean Dental submitted claims to the OHCA for reimbursement of dentists’ services based on patient treatment notes created by the dentists. Ocean Dental paid Lockwood a percentage of the funds that OHCA reimbursed to Ocean Dental for services she personally rendered.

The information alleged that from July 1, 2007 through December 31, 2010, Lockwood engaged in a scheme to defraud Medicaid by submitting claims for dental services that she did not provide. Specifically, Lockwood recorded in the patient’s treatment notes that she had placed dental restorations on certain teeth when, in fact, she had not treated the teeth at all. On other teeth, Lockwood recorded that she had placed dental restorations on more surfaces of the tooth than she had, in fact, restored or recorded that she had placed a dental restoration on the tooth when, in fact, she had placed on the tooth a type of treatment that is non-reimbursable by Medicaid. Lockwood used the proceeds of the fraud for her own personal benefit.

Lockwood pled guilty on July 11, 2012.

This case was the result of an investigation conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Health and Human Services-Office of Inspector General, and the State of Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office, Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. The case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Amanda Maxfield Green.


Robin Lockwood, DDS

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Nothing out of DC, or anywhere else, on Organized Criminal Dentistry - Why? When?

It's October 2, 2012. Organized criminal dentistry continues with as much vigor today as in 2007. Still, only silence out of Washington.

On November 4 it will be 5 years since the public saw the first video of what these Medicaid dental mills were doing to children. It's been 5 years since I learned of this abuse and I'm still fighting mad over it. It shakes me to my core to think what would be happening if i weren't. As a select few of other Americans, I devote every day to squashing this, dead in its tracks. Does anyone, besides these few  give a shit care?

How many times in the last five years have we heard the cry of corporations at the feet of Congress pleading for more money, citing the death of one child over a tooth infection that migrated to his brain – Deamonte Driver? Too many! This poor child’s death is being used, by corporations and associations, as a tool to abuse other children and be paid by the taxpayer to do so.

How many times have we heard the cry of corporations at the feet of Congress over the abuse of Miguel, seen in the exclusive video? None! N.O.N.E! None! Has any company, or association for that matter, been to Congress pleading for someone to stop the practice of children being tied up in straight jackets, held by 3 or 4 misguided dental assistants only to receive what can only be called barbaric dental treatment? No!

It was 2003 - 9 YEARS ago - when a young reporter – Stuart Watson- in North Carolina first reported about the DeRose family's child abuse for tax dollars scheme. Most enduringly referred to as - "serving the underserved."

It's 2012. The abuse continues daily. The only real thing to change is one, the companies playing the game, more folks want in on the action. Two, the changed the terms used to describe the crimes. “Quota” was changed to “Goals”, the “Goals” changed to “Targets” and “Targets” to “Forecasts”. It’s hard to find new words for abuse a child for a dollar, though.

There are mounds of evidence detailing this criminal behavior which has landed on the desks (or trash cans) of Attorney Generals, Senators and Congressmen - both Federal and State levels. More than enough to make sweeping arrests and stop this child abuse and raping of every taxpayer this very day. Yet, another day will pass and no one stops it. No one closes the doors of the dungeons or arrests the dungeon masters.

You've seen what these children are subjected to - the videos, the testimony, the documents, the first hand accounts from employees, patients and parents!

You've seen testimony of a small child being "waterboarded" by Small Smiles corporate dentist - Megann Scott. Yet, only a "waterboarded" terrorist gets your attention!

You've been shown, just recently, that children are literally kidnapped at bus stops, taken thru the back doors of clinics, then coerced into forging their parents signature! Yet, you do nothing!

You've allowed the chop shops to set up in every poor neighborhood in the country. Even given them our tax dollars to do so.  If allowing these predators this much access to our babies and children was not enough, you've allowed them access to children in our public schools, via gypsy style mobile dental clinics. You have been shown the devastation children are enduring because of this practice - Isaac Gagnon.

You've seen the deaths of babies sedated for over-treatment of dental procedures, yet, you do nothing!

It is a disgrace, crime against humanity, and a black mark on the entire county, to continue to allow this to happen another day. In my opinion, a much bigger than the Fast and Furious debacle.

It's worse than disgraceful this is still happening, 5 years after first being alerted to these children being abused. I am saddened at what is becoming the biggest disgrace of all - the lack of action!

I'm embarrassed nothing is being done - other than a few token arrests of a dentist here and there. Only one, that I'm aware of from the criminal organizations themselves - dentist and inventor Robin Lockwood in Oklahoma.

The companies who have perfected this madness don't even try to defend their actions any longer. Kool Smiles - NCDR for example. The best they can do at this point combat their disgusting behavior is to hire someone that in essence said, "we can abuse and mangle more children for less" My GOD! Are we all insane?!

Are lawmakers and law enforcement hoping the pool of patients will just run dry if it's ignored long enough? I'm note sure. They wouldn't have to bite the hands that feed their campaign coffers, would they? These abused children are growing up, they have not and will not forget the horrors bestowed upon them by these brutal dentists. Nor, will they forget those who sat idly by and let, if not encouraged, it to happen. I doubt they will subject their own children to these abuses, though it may mean no dental care at all for future generations. (This could explain why there is always a crisis in dental health here in America.)

This very day – Tuesday, October 2, 2012- thousands more children will be abused in these clinics, it will happen again tomorrow. What will it take to stop this? Tell me, please. What do you need?

Millions of tax dollars dollars will be paid to companies today to physically abuse, mangle children faces and mouths and leave crippling emotional scars. One such child who suffered these horrors well over a year ago, just this past weekend, gained the courage to leave her mom and spend a few short hours with her grandparents! How is doing nothing about this, OK?

IMG_2820This week, I’m spending my time nurturing a grandchild or two or three. We will be decorating pumpkins, and doing anything else I can think of to give them loving memories. Hopefully they will carry these moments in their hearts and minds, long after I’m gone.

Prosecutors, Attorney Generals, everyone on Capitol Hill, this is to you:

Will you stop the barbaric child abuse and torture by greedy dentists today?

Will you please end this nightmarish treatment that is emotionally crippling our most vulnerable – our children, our grandchildren?

The millions of children who have been permanently scared by abusive dentistry can’t enjoy “Kodak moments”, as above. Their  minds, emotions, as well as their mouths are forever damaged. We as parents and grandparents can’t give them enough loving memories to erase these horrors from their minds.

Do something today?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Robin Lockwood, DDS pleads guilty in Medicaid fraud scheme with Chad Hoecker owned Ocean Dental Centers

Dentists who are participating in this scheme, at all the dental mills across the country; I didn’t see anywhere in here where Ocean Dental or Chad Hoecker pled guilty did you? Are you guys smelling what I’m stepping in here?

U.S. Attorney’s Office July 11, 2012

  • Western District of Oklahoma (405) 553-8700

OKLAHOMA CITY—Robin R. Lockwood, 44, a dentist from Oklahoma City, pled guilty to committing health care fraud, announced Sanford C. Coats, United States Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma.

Lockwood is a dentist licensed to practice in the state of Oklahoma and was employed under contract by Ocean Dental at offices located at 1610 Southwest 74th Avenue, Oklahoma City. Ocean Dental’s dentists provided dental care to Medicaid-eligible children. The Medicaid Program is a cooperative program that provides federal and state funds to pay for health care benefits for individuals with insufficient incomes to meet the costs of necessary medical expenses. In Oklahoma, Medicaid is administered as “SoonerCare” by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA), a state governmental agency. Ocean Dental submitted claims to the OHCA for reimbursement of dentists’ services based on patient treatment notes created by the dentists. Ocean Dental paid Lockwood a percentage of the funds that OHCA reimbursed to Ocean Dental for services she personally rendered.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

OCEAN DENTAL is throwing their dentists to the wolves.

To ALL Dentists!
So you want to work for a corporate dental chain? Better think twice. Dr. Robin Lockwood is now facing 10 years in prison and $250,000 fine all for trying to meet those production quotas. What are you doing to meet yours?

June 21, 2012

OKLAHOMA CITY—Robin R Lockwood, 44, a dentist from Oklahoma City, has been charged with committing health care fraud, announced Sanford C Coats, United States Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma.

Lockwood is a dentist licensed to practice in the state of Oklahoma and was employed under contract by Ocean Dental at offices located at 1610 Southwest 74th Avenue, Oklahoma City. Ocean Dental’s dentists provided dental care to Medicaid-eligible children. The Medicaid Program is a cooperative program that provides federal and state funds to pay for health care benefits for individuals with insufficient incomes to meet the costs of necessary medical expenses. In Oklahoma, Medicaid is administered as “SoonerCare” by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA), a state governmental agency.


Ocean Dental Dentist charged with Medicaid Fraud

oceanLet this be a HUGE warning to all you dental mill dentists out there, trying to meet those production goals for your bonus – you are the low hanging fruit – you will be the one charged with fraud.


An Oklahoma City dentist has been charged in a complaint of committing health care fraud

Oklahoma City dentist Robin Lockwood, 44, has been charged in a complaint of committing health care fraud at Ocean Dental.

FROM STAFF REPORTS | Published: June 21, 2012

An Oklahoma City dentist has been charged with committing health care fraud, authorities announced Wednesday.

Robin Lockwood, 44, is accused of defrauding Medicaid by submitting claims for dental services she didn't provide, according to a news release issued by U.S. Attorney Sandford Coats.

The news release states the fraud occurred from July 2007 through December 2010 while Lockwood was employed by Ocean Dental, 1610 SW 74. The clinic provides dental care to Medicaid-eligible children and submits claims for reimbursement to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. The dentists are reimbursed based on the treatment notes they write for each patient.

Lockwood was charged on a complaint that she submitted notes about treatments she hadn't done. Relying on Lockwood's treatment notes, Ocean Dental submitted claims for reimbursement to Medicaid and paid her a percentage of those reimbursements.

If convicted, Lockwood faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Read more:

Personally, I wish it had been that nasty woman, Megann Scott, DDS.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ocean Dental–bomb shelter offices more like sweat shops

From RipOff Report:

Ocean Dental advertises for Medicaid and has commercials that attract children with Medicaid.  They have a call center that takes their calls.  They train these young representatives to not let the caller know they are on the phone with a call center.  Ocean Dental wants the patient or parent to be tricked into thinking they are talking to a nurse in the clinic.  In all actuality you are speaking to someone who knows nothing about your child, nothing about Medicaid, and nothing concerning dental terminology or illnesses caused by tooth decay.  The purpose of the call center is just to real you in onto their schedule, so that they can give you a 7 minute cleaning and take your Medicaid.  Someone from the Kentucky, Louisianna, or Ohio area can call and will get the call center in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  The representatives in this call center, which is located in a bomb shelter and set up under a bank, has never seen the clinics and do not know what they look like.  They have only heard the voices of the people that work the front desk.  How sketchy for a dental practice to take advantage of Medicaid patients because they know that these people are low income and welfare based.  Something should be done about the quality of that working environment.  They seldom have water and have to walk up a large set of steep steps to get to the bathroom which is shared amongst the Ocean Dental reps and the bank workers.  Eight hours of work underground with no breaks.  This place is worse than a Chinese sweat shop.  The best advice from a worker who currently works there is if you care about your child’s dental needs DO NOT take them to Ocean Dental.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Ocean Dental gets a D- from the BBB


Ocean Dental, headquartered in Stillwater, Oklahoma is not receiving very good reviews. In fact the Better Business Bureau is giving it a D-. 2012-3-8 11-12-20

Over on Topix there was a thread started in 2009 when a parent complained and told what happened to her child at an Ocean Dental in Arkansas. Here

No wonder so few parents speak up about the terrible experiences that happen to their children at these dental mills. This was was literally attacked! One person even said, that if they were bad, they wouldn’t be in business. 

Lord, it must be nice to live in land of Oz.! Last I checked the “waterboarding” dentist, Megann Scott worked at one of their OK clinics.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Ocean Dental in OKC Now Star Dental?

Apparently Ocean Dental located at 47 NE 23RD OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73105 has changed its name to Star Dental.

We all know when a company changes its name its because they are not very proud of the reputation they have using the former name.  Voila, re-branding!  

While looking into a very disturbing report on one of their dentists, Megann W. Scott, DDS, I noticed when I searched the address above Star Dental showed up in the results.  Same when searching the phone number to Star Dental.

In checking the Secretary of State's website I searched Star Dental and was given Ocean Dental PC -  # 2200711131.  Looking at the address "street" view you can see the signage as Ocean Dental and those maps are usually a few years old, so I'm guessing Star Dental is the new and improved, less filling and better tasting Ocean Dental.  

Star Dental, Ocean Dental, whatever they want to call it, this dental mill is still owned and operated by the same slimball, Chad Hoecker, DDS.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New York Ocean Dental Complaint

This was posted in the comment section but thought it deserved some front page space.  Mr. Hoecker, do you have an comments on this! 

I took my daughter to Ocean Dental as it was difficult to find someone close to where I live that would accept medicaid.  They wanted me to watch through a window while they cleaned her teeth and did not let me go back for X-rays or the exam....then I was told after not being explained anything, showed x-rays, etc, that my daughter needed two fillings and a cap, she is 3 and a half, so I made an appt for the first filling, they kept pushing me to sign a waiver for laughing gas but didn't even give me time to read what I was signing, as there were so many people there I just did and that was a mistake, then I wasn't even allowed to stand in the hallway while they filled the cavity, after that someone did talk to me for about two minutes and said that I needed to make sure she brushed I said she does brush and I supervise, then the person said, "well you wouldn't let your three year old wash your dishes so why would you let her brush her own teeth," when that was over I took her out to the car where she proceeded to barf in the backseat and lean her whole body over to the side and said she didn't feel good.  I was so mad that I called there and complained, and decided not to go back, I took her to a far away dentist from my house and to my surprise they went over x-rays and showed me her teeth and proceeded to tell me that she had no cavities, I said well they said she needed another filling and cap and they looked again...same results....I am furious that this is how people are being treated just because they have medicaid..your not entitled a decent dentist unless you drive for at least 45 minutes?  These people need to be investigated in my opinion.....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ocean Dental Complaints

I've always had my suspicions how children were treated at Ocean Dental.  I even made a trip to the one in Louisville, Kentucky and talked with a couple of parents.  I was scared the children were receiving the same kind of care at Ocean as they do from FORBA/Small Smiles and NCDR/Kool Smiles, Smile Starters and other dental mill clinics.  However, I'm only one person and my focus has been on Small Smiles and Kool Smiles. 

Ocean Dental and Adventure Dental have been on my radar and did make the 'to do' list here at Dentist The Menace.  A couple of weeks ago the two comments below were posted. 

I was a employee of ocean dental. I was a hygienist that had to see 40- 50 patients a day. Ocean Dental commits Medicaid fraud and something needs to be done! RDH

I worked at ocean dental. ocean dental should be investigated. I also heard children cry and a doctor tell the kids to shout up. They give to much nitrous. the children are getting sick, wont allow parents to come back. now they are committing insurance fraud: bad filling!! RCT (Root Canal Therapy) failures, abscesses and fistulas not treated because they are to busy. They have fired over 20 people in three years in the Louisville office because they had been good employees, and didn't like what went on. Someone needs to do something.  I reported it to the dental board but nothing is done!! Health care and being poor should never be at the cost of our children. RDH 

I hope this employee or ex-employee takes this a step further and files a Qui Tam (Whistler Blower) lawsuit.  Surely there is some attorney in Kentucky willing to take this on.  In light of the recent settlement by FORBA and their Small Smiles clinics it's clear the same kind of abuse and fraud is taking place.  Let me appeal to "greed"...Imagine the $$'s to be made here.  As for the employee, 10% of the settlement is usually a pretty good chunk of change...  

To the poster:

I understand your frustration with the dental board.  I've written them several times, the last time ended up more like a book and have not heard a word from them.  I sent a copy of this letter to 8 lawmakers in Kentucky and I've not heard back from them either.  Clearly they could care less.  But know this, I care! 

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ocean Dental/Chad Hoecker Update

Per a Comment:

Per the Ohio Dental Board actions against Chad Hoecker he is on probation for a year in Ohio and can't only accept children, since he is a general dentist. I am not sure what happened in the Oklahoma meeting because he wasn't in the minutes.

More importantly he comes from a long line of legal dodgers: His dad is a dentist who still has his license after exposing himself to a patient.

Case Detail

Kay (Newkirk) - County Last Updated: 05/20/2008 09:00



Date Filed:






Date Action: ST GUILTY PLEA Completed : 09/22/1986

Glen Hoecker not only still has his licenses, there are no actions against him listed in his online dental record file.

Once again, another dental board letting the public down.