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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

DeRose / Padula Family - FORBA files Objection to $39M Settlement

So today was the deadline to file Objections in the $39M Small Smiles Dental Center's settlement. I'm perplexed. How the hell did this thing even get filed?!?! At least 3 Objections were filed today! Old FORBA (The DeRose/Padula family) don't like it, the victims don't like it (neither do I) and one Insurance Company doesn't like it! So who the hell liked it enough to call it "Settled" Honestly! Who was it?!?!?! Could it be the a select group of attorney's wanting their money and run, or the Trust Administrator who will snatch up a quick million or two within days of it's approval? Could it be AIG, who has filed so many pleadings courts have had to reprogram their systems or maybe AIG ran out of "stalking" attorneys to follow jurors around.

Apparently they know children will be seeking compensation for their abuses for years to come and low and behold, old man Dr. Adolph Padula and others have figured out they are included in the count of 333 dentists who will lose their malpractice coverage for all their misdeeds. Yeah, I laughed pretty hard at this one.

Creepy ole Aldoph Padula says his retroactive coverage is to last until the end of time. No wonder he's scared! 

 "The Objectors believe that some or all of the Claimants will continue pursuing claims against the Objectors which claims are covered by the insurance policies that are the
subject of the Motion and Settlement and Release Agreement.Upon information and belief, the Supplemental Extended Reporting Period Endorsement provides for a period of “unlimited duration” during which “claims” arising from “dental incidents” that occurred after the retroactive date (i.e., February 1, 2001) and before the end of the policy period (i.e.,September 26, 2010) may be reported under the Entities Policy." 

 Be sure to hit page 6 and 7 for the long list of clinics!! And note that it says "among others"...that a boat load of clinics!! One thing is for certain, these old boys haven't been enjoying their retirement as much as I bet they thought they would.

Continental Casualty filed an Objection as well.

It must have been a real party at the court today, down there in Nashville. 

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Dr. Tish Ballance Still Getting Horrible Reviews in 2009

After getting wrapped up with Michael DeRose and being fined $10 Million Dollars as well as named in various lawsuits Dr. Tish Ballance hasn't learned one lesson but did anyone really expect it?

Stay away from Smile Starters, Access West Dental and any other dental clinic Dr. Tish Ballance is associated with!!

CORRECTION: Tish Ballance's clinic is named Carolina West, sorry 'bout that. It's original intended name was Access West when it was planned for Asheville.

Reviews are here:
  • terrible experience
  • My 5 year old daughter went to smile starters for an appointment to get some dental work done. I was told that bc she was nervous if they could not calm her down then they would stop and refer her to a sedation dentist. This did not happen, when she came out of her appointment after well over an hour later, she was very upset, crying, the back of her clothes were wet from sweat her hair was messy and wet from sweat and i was told that she had been combative and struggling but they still pulled 2 teeth from her like that. They should have stopped and just refered her. I have learned my lesson mothers and fathers never take your children to a dentist where you are not allowed to go in the room with them and be with them. They were terrible. (blessedme123, 12/03/2009)

  • by: Mark Boone CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The owners of a chain of dental clinics, with offices in Charlotte, will pay more than $10 million in response to a federal investigation into alleged Medicaid fraud, the U.S. Attorney’s office said Wednesday. The owners of the company formerly known as Medicaid Dental Center did not admit to any wrongdoing as part of the settlement, said attorney James Wyatt. As first reported in a WCNC investigation, some parents complained they took their children to the Medicaid Dental Centers on Freedom Drive and N. Tryon Street for what they believed to be routine visits. The Charlotte offices are now operating under the name ‘Smile Starters.’ Wyatt said the clinics are under new management. Christy Dillbeck, a west Charlotte mother, said she was asked to wait in the lobby of a Medicaid Dental Center as a dentist placed her then-four-year-old son on a papoose board, a device used to restrain children. The dentist then drilled into 16 of her son’s baby teeth and installed steel caps, without her knowledge, she said. “That’s a lot, a lot of work,” Dillbeck said. “And to imagine all of the children that had to go through what my son went through, it breaks my heart to even think of it.” At least six other families contacted WCNC with similar allegations. In a statement issued Wednesday morning, U.S. Attorney Gretchen Shappert said Medicaid Dental Center performed “baby root canals,” which were not medically necessary. The procedures were performed between 2001 and 2003, Shappert said. “The dentists subjected their child patients to invasive and sometimes painful procedures, often for the sake of obtaining money from the North Carolina Medicaid program,” said Jeffrey Bucholtz, an N.C. Assistant Attorney General. Dentists Letitia Ballance and Michael DeRose are named in the government settlement as co-owners of the Medicaid Dental Center. Wyatt, who has represented Ballance and DeRose in both federal and state inquiries, said they are no longer working as dentists in Charlotte and are in the process of selling their North Carolina dental practice. Federal authorities said Medicaid Dental Center and its owners will reimburse the government at least $5 million for the allegedly false claims and another $5 million in fines. A portion of the settlement amount will be distributed to the N.C. Education Fund. None of the settlement money will go to the parents of the children who underwent the treatment, said attorney Darren Dawson, who represents five families which are considering a lawsuit against the company formerly known as Medicaid Dental Center. (momofthree, 03/13/2009)

Mike DeRose and Louis Carleo provded funding for Tony Ianne, indicted on 72 counts of mortage fraud

Here's another story where ole Michael DeRose's name comes up in providing funding for another Pueblo criminal. 
No real surprise here is there, other than he's not indicted!!

Yet anyway.

But as we all know, Michael DeRose only want to do good for the community, help the little children with his Small Smiles Clinics, save the Children at his Smile Starter clinics in North Carolina...right.

Yeah, whatever!  The DeRose/Roump/Carleo bunch only care about $$$$$!

The Pueblo County grand jury has indicted Rosario's restaurant owner Anthony "Tony" Ianne on 72 counts accusing him of mortgage fraud involving fake loan applications, fake pay stubs and, in some cases, having managers at his restaurant lie about the employment of prospective homebuyers.

The indictment was filed Monday in Pueblo District Court. The grand jury also indicted John Valle of Denver, the owner of Colorado Mortgage Firm, as well as Colorado Mortgage employees Brianna Valle and Sheldon Carlisle, naming them as co-conspirators with Ianne.

Pueblo District Attorney Bill Thiebaut said Monday that Ianne was the "principal actor" in the mortgage fraud incidents, which the indictment alleges took place between 2005 and 2007.

Ianne was indicted by the grand jury in October in connection with witness tampering allegedly for telling one of the homebuyers described in Monday's indictment not to talk to investigators.

Monday's indictment included a warrant for Ianne's arrest and a summons for the other three people to appear in court. Ianne surrendered at Pueblo County jail on Monday, and was released later in the afternoon on $100,000 bail. The indictment alleges that Ianne had bought a large number of "distressed properties" and needed to sell them to clear up his lines of credit.

According to the indictment, Ianne - unable to sell enough of the properties quickly enough - turned to "a universe of friends, family and employees" between 2005 and 2007 and asked them to be buyers.

The indictment stated that several of those people each bought multiple properties, even though some couldn't afford them. The indictment alleges those individuals were able to buy the properties because Ianne and Colorado Mortgage faked the financial credentials of the buyers.

The four buyers named as victims in the indictment were Mark Secorna, William Dotson, Penny Dominguez and Jeremy Garnett. They bought as many as 19 rental houses in total, but lost many of them to foreclosure later when renters moved out and could not be replaced.

The buyers, according to the indictment, "began to understand what had happened once their homes went into foreclosure," then turned to the district attorney's office and complained about discrepancies in their loans.

The indictment alleges that Ianne and Colorado Mortgage did the following:

Illegally provided the buyers with money for their down payments without disclosing it on loan and HUD (Housing and Urban Development) forms.

Paid the buyers illegal kickbacks, "secret payments to the buyers after closing," calling them "landscaping fees" and writing the checks from another Ianne company. The indictment also alleges that Ianne himself and also through his manager, Paul Andrada, did not always pay the buyers the amounts they were promised.

Falsified loan applications, sometimes with a special computer program called "Calyx," to make the buyers appear more attractive to lenders. None of the buyers should have qualified for multiple mortgages, according to the indictment. The closing dates for the homes were arranged to happen quickly to avoid disclosing that the buyers had multiple mortgages or loan applications.

When lenders began to ask questions in 2006, the group created even more false documents to try to prove that the buyers were good credit risks. According to the indictment, that included creating fake W-2 forms, pay stubs, bank statements and rental verifications.

The co-conspirators "on many occasions" forged the signatures of the four victims on legal documents.

"Furthermore," according to the indictment, "managers at Rosario's Inc. were told to verify the employment status of prospective (property) buyers who were not in fact employed by Rosario's Inc."

The indictment said all four buyers "had either performed contract labor for Ianne or had worked for him at his restaurant, Rosario's Inc."

Ianne's manager, Andrada, was not indicted, nor were were two Ianne employees named as being involved in the operation: Tami Cornelison, who was named in the indictment as someone who helped create false documents to help back up the bogus mortgage applications; and Dannete Gutierrez, who allegedly assisted in processing information for various buyers to present to mortgage brokers to arrange for loans.

The indictment also named some of Ianne's financial partners but did not accuse them of anything, saying: "During this period (2005-07), Ianne was also associated with other individuals who supplied funding for his business, Mike DeRose and Gino and Louie Carleo."

Contacted by The Chieftain on Monday, DeRose, a local dentist and civic leader, said: "I invested with (Ianne). I have no (other) comment.”

Louie Carleo, a local developer and civic leader, said: "I’ve never heard anything about it (the indictments and the business). It’s all news to me. I was never aware we did anything with him (Ianne).”

Ianne and the three Colorado Mortgage officials each were indicted on 29 counts of conspiracy to commit forgery, 20 counts of conspiracy to commit theft of more than $15,000, eight counts of conspiracy to commit computer crime in excess of $15,000, 14 counts of conspiracy to commit forgery, and one count of violating the state's organized crime law against "conducting an enterprise through a pattern of racketeering activity."

Thiebaut, the county's chief prosecutor, declined to say Monday if anyone else would be indicted or accused in the scheme.

"All I can say is that the 2009 grand jury continues to meet and investigate crimes in our community," he said.

Thiebaut said the court was asked for a warrant to arrest Ianne because of his status as the principal individual in the case. He noted that Ianne still faces the five counts in the October grand jury indictment of tampering with a witness/victim, retaliation against a witness/victim, first-degree criminal trespass and second-degree burglary.

Thiebaut also said that there were more than four victims.

"There were numerous people that came forward," he said. But "the grand jury decided to concentrate on these people at this time."

The case will be complicated, Thiebaut said, but added: "I'm confident we can prove our case beyond a reasonable doubt."

Ianne's attorney, Randy Jorgensen, said he hadn't seen the indictment Monday. But he repeated his earlier complaint - made in October when Ianne was previously indicted - that it's too easy to indict someone with a grand jury, and that the indictment doesn't prove Ianne is guilty of anything.

"They've been working on it for two years," he said of the grand jury's work on this case. "If you throw enough crap up against the wall . . ."

He said he thinks the grand jury was influenced by witnesses who were promised immunity, making them "bought and paid for."

"You buy your testimony with immunity," he said, adding: "I don't think Tony ever met Mr. Valle and (Ianne) definitely didn't ever meet the other Valle or Carlisle."

Jorgensen also said of the four home buyer victims: "Everybody who went into this went into it with their eyes wide open."

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tish Ballance To Open Clinic in Waynesville, NC October 2008

After much discussion on what the heck happened to Tish Ballance and her Access West dental clinic that was supposed to open in Asheville, NC in July 2008 I thought it was time to just go find out for myself.
So I took off to Asheville to check things out.  There is no sign of her Access West Clinic in Asheville and the number you find of the Internet is no longer in service, nor is there a current phone number for Access West, so hopefully we stopped that theivin dentist in Asheville.
However and this is a big however!  She is opening up a clinic in Waynesville, NC about 25 miles northwest of Asheville close to Maggie Valley and Cherokee, NC.  It's a beautiful little town nestled at the foot of the mountains.  A good place for a crook to hide out.
Her new clinic's name is Carolina West Dental Clinic and will be located in Waynesville Plaza shopping center in the old Family Dollar building.  It appeared the plumbing is in for all the dental stations but not one stud has been put up in the huge building. 
I asked the construction guys about the place and they directed me across the parking lot to a small tan building housing a construction company's office who builds log home among other things.
I spoke with the gentlemen in the office and they told me the place should be ready to open at the end of October, so we still have some time left to stop this clinic from opening as well. 
Evidently times are hard for Tish as her contractor seems to be also acting as her human resources person.  I say this since I presented my self as looking for a job and the new clinic and he insisted that I could get my resume together and leave it with him and he would see to it that it got to the right person.
But there seems to be no sign of her greed little hands in Asheville unless she used some other name to open her clinic other than Access West or Carolina West Dental.
It's time we warn the good citizens of Waynesville what kind of person is about to start treating the children in this small quaint town.

Monday, May 26, 2008

DeRose's Keep It "All In The Family"

Meet Brad Padula. Does the last name ring any bells with my regular readers. It should.

Brad is associated with DD Marketing (, Dan DeRose's company that hooks up schools with vendor to put junk food machines in your schools. (fatten up the kids and help rot the teeth...sorry, I was thinking to myself)

Brad is Dan DeRose's cousin, via Brad's dad, Dr. Adolph Padula. Remember Adolph, he's the dentist of record with FORBA/Small Smiles in New York, Ohio and a few other states.

Brad is also the director, executive producer and writer of the documentary Beyond The Metal of Honor. Here is the cast of characters involved in the making of the film:

  • Brad Padula - Director Executive Producer Writer
  • Peter C. Lemon - Co-Producer and Executive Producer
  • Rudy Padula - Co-Producer and Executive Producer
  • Dan DeRose - Public Relations and Executive Producer
  • Frank Provenza - Co-Producer Writer Narrator
  • John Schymos - Director of Photography

Adolph Padula, Michael DeRose, Ed DeRose, William Mueller and Dan DeRose have their names all over documents at the Colorado Secretary of State's office in regards to various dental clinics including Small Smiles, Smile High, DeRose Children's Dental Center and 6th Street of Denver Dental Center.

I will say they sure keep it "All In The Family"

(if you checked out the website, you'll see it's the same address as DD Marketing and this same address shows up on some of those documents I mentioned above.)

Anyone know a thing about Nicole Padula, Pueblo, CO?

Wonder what this is exactly, what are they maintaining? I found it an an announcement in the Colorado Tribune January 2008.

R & R Maintenance, LLC (DLLC, 01/07/08,
Perpetual) Adolph R Padula, 409 N. Grand
Avenue, Pueblo, CO 81003

It's North Grand Street where DD Marketing is located? Hmmm.....

I found it here click

Friday, May 23, 2008

Colorado Children a Bit Safer: Two DeRose's No Longer Torturing Them

Well it appears that children in Colorado are a tiny bit safer. Dr. Michael Anthony DeRose's Dental Licenses (Number DEN-5133) has retired those licenses to torture children at least in Colorado, not sure about other states and dad has let his licenses expire.

However if states are staying on top of things he shouldn't be allowed a licenses in any state! But so far, (and I'm sorry about this guys,) state Dental Boards are not exactly the sharpest bit in the drawer.

Now,ole, Ed, (the master mind behind the Torture Children For Medicaid Dollars Scheme) has let his licenses (
DEN-2931)in Colorado lapse. They expired in February and bless his heart, he didn't renew them. God Bless Us Every One.

HOWEVER::::::: There are still DeRose's in the dental community with active licenses in the state:

Louis A DeRose-Dentist-License number DEN-104507-Wheatridge, CO
Kerry Jean DeRose-Dental Hygienist-License number DH-201929-Pueblo, CO

Louis or Kerry seem to have any "actions" against them in Colorado at this time but I sure would be interested in what these two think of Ed and Michael, and most of all I'd like to hear how they've kept their names out of all of this, cause ole Dan sure hasn't!

Maybe Ed and Michael can head on over to Bahrain and open up some clinics, like in palace compound or something. Treat them'thar royal kids....

but be careful folks, William Mueller still has his licenses.... be on the lookout.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Report on Tish Ballance Still Going After Medicaid Dollars-ABC 13 news.

I told you guys a few weeks ago, that Tish Ballance was opening up a new 'State of the art" clinic in Ashville. Finally it's hit the news on Ashevilles ABC13, Frank Fraboni reporting (requires IE not Firefox). See Here for the video report.

This reports says that this particular Smile Starters wasn't involved in the 10 million dollar law suit, but failed to mention that every dentist in ALL Smile Starters go to the same boot camp for training. This particular office just didn't have any parents step forward.

Note how those employees look like deer caught in the headlight. Wonder why no reporter has ambused DeRose over the years. Come on guys, let's get on that one.
(see that's what's this site is all about, gathering information for reporters and agencies so they don't have to spend the same hundreds of hours researching this whole mess and it's all in a nice package right her to pick through and decide what each wants to report on, or agency wants to file what chargers, call it my gift to the world)

In the report above documents show that even today, DeRose and Ballance still own Smile Starters, even though they say it's been sold to Dr. Raf Rivera. They employees still acknowledge DeRose and Ballance still own Smile Starters, and DeRose said months and months ago he sold them or they were under "new management", depends on who he's talking to at the moment. Wouldn't you hate to have him for a client. Honestly he can't tell the same story twice.

"Mike DeRose, this is to you personally: Changing the name over the door, does not mean "New Management"....duh! And how many dental management company names do you have now, I'm up to at least 5 or 6 in the management area alone. Let's see, BBJ (your relatives) Root Management (your accountant) FORBA, LLC (you and your brother) FORBA Management, LLC (you and your brother) ...shoot I've done lost track. You know, I myself would love to have you on the witness stand, oh what a joyous day for me that would be."

According to other reports Dr. Rivera took over ....clearing throat.... I mean bought all the Smile Starters across the area. (Funny wonder how many times DeRose can sell the same clinics..didn't he once say he sold them to FORBA, Oh wait, forgot....FORBA is owned by DeRose...excuse me)

My guess they've already hired a new ad agency to come up with another new name for Smile Starters, design another sweet little logo and look for new signage to arrive at any time. Of course I could be wrong.

When it comes to this bunch I'm usually not too far off. So I guess they can advertise "new management" right? (Rolling on the floor laughing) that has taken over Smile Starters.

Of course this is standard procedure for DeRose, say they've been sold or at the least under new management (picking myself up off the floor) as pretend he's wiped his hands of the whole thing. I've uncovered at least 25, or was it 27 different names where he's done this exact thing.

Dr. Rivera will now be the so called owner and Root Dental Management to run the terrorist camps, as known as, dental management. Don't think for a minute that Michael DeRose is not involved or getting a cut off the top, he's now the probable "consultant". It's not hard to figure out the business model since it's been status quo for years.

Dr. Rivera is an old employee of Medicaid Dental Centers-Carolina Dental Centers-Smile Starters, I would bet money he's as guilty as Tish Ballance or Heather Berkheimer in gross overtreatment of the children's teeth as well as tying them up on papoose boards.

My guess (and I guess pretty well) is that the only reason he was not officially sanctioned and named in the current lawsuits is that no patient seen by him in particular came forward with complaints. ?This is where you parents out there have to step up.

That would make him the perfect candidate to take over wouldn't it. He's trained well in the standard procedure, yet not named in lawsuits. The we have the new "Root Dental Management" with Ryan Root in charge of that. Knowing full well Ryan Root has been the sidekick of Dr. Michale (Mike) DeRose for years. Actually Ryan Root is the staff accountant for FORBA I do believe. Bob Root's company, Ryan's dad, Rice/Root or something like that , then Ryan came on over to work exclusively for FORBA.

I sure hope DeRose pays Ryan Root well, since DeRose has conned Ryan into sticking his neck out there to be cut off and it will.

Tish, honey this is to you: Look, your name is mud in the dental world. It's time for you to just get back in school and find another profession. And I'd lose the "Tish" in your name. I know you've been brainwashing by DeRose, thinking you are as Teflon coated as he's been through the years, but his reign as Teflon king in the dental world in rapidly coming to an end and you need to just find something else outside the dental profession to do with your life. Now I know you are a strong person and can start over, preferably in another country....say Bahrain maybe.

(I was just thinking... I've got a lot of vacation time this summer, and I've had a few suggestions on where I could go...he he he. I also have a very nice expensive sony video recorder, and I know Colorado is very nice this time of year..... )

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

DeRose and Crew Recruiting New Dentists-Students BeWare

From the looks of the traffic on this blog I would have to conclude Mike DeRose and cronies are visiting Dental Schools across the country trying to round up new recruits to bring to their various "management" camps.

If you are a dental student and anyone from Smile Starters, Small Smiles, Kool Smiles, FORBA, or Access West DO NOT associate yourself with these terrorists.

Take time to read this blog and run for your life!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Can You Believe It Took 5 Years To Decide 16 Baby Root Canals At One Sitting Isn't A Good Idea

You know what I've been thinking?

Since the State Of North Carolina, it appears, is going to let Tish Ballance open up another medicaid dental clinic...

...and Michael DeRose be the "consultant" for Dr. Raf Rivera's new and improved Smile Starters.

....why don't they just save the children years of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and thousands of night terrors and write Tish Ballance, Raf Rivera, and Michael DeRose a check and keep their asses at home away from the children!

I mean, honestly, they haven't stopped them from getting into the medicaid piggy bank, nor has the state pulled their licenses so evidently they want them to have the money....

...cut the assholes a check!

Warning For Employees of Smile Starters

Here is a warning posted as a comment from someone:

The “bay window” that someone talked about at Smile Starters is a window looking into the HYGIENE department. If a parent stays there a little too long, they are told they cannot stand there. There are also private rooms for “problem” hygiene patients. AND if a patient is having anything else done but a cleaning, parents cannot watch.

These “current employees of Smile Starters” who are so quick to defend the “owners” — who, by the way, are owners on paper only, since the corporation REALLY owns the practices — should open their eyes and see that they are lied to daily, about who owns the company, who is ultimately in charge, who is REALLY behind the clinic, etc.etc.

They should ALL read this website.

No wonder so many of the employees are leaving to go work for Tish Ballance. HAH !!!!

Like that’s an improvement.

Professionals can’t even get liability insurance because the NC DENTAL SOCIETY and ALL the insurance companies are forbidden to write policies for anyone who works for her.

Good thing she provides insurance for her employees — BUT whenever they leave her employ they are SOL because they can’t get their own insurance.

I’ve heard that a million times from all the professionals who were smart enough to distance themselves from Tish Ballance, Mike DeRose, Ryan Root, and EVERYONE else who is and was associated with these people. What a tangled web we weave…

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Where's The New Mangement @ SmileStarters?

At the Link Below there is another ad place in February 2008, listing Roger Walters as the contact to SmileStarter Dental Clinics in North Carolina. The ad says Michael DeRose is the owner.

It give Roger Walters email address as

rdm stands for Root Dental Management as in Ryan Root.

Type the name google Ryan Root Colorado and you want to take guess what you get... just click here for the surprise...............

It's clear that Ryan Root has been in business with Michael DeRose and still is in business with Michael DeRose.

So where's the new management SmileStarters keeps talking about. As far as I can tell back in February it was Root Dental Management and it currently Root Dental Management. Now maybe they are claiming that BBJ Dental Management isn't in charge anymore, but that isn't saying a whole lot now is it?

Just because Brad Bryson and Johnson Enterprises (BBJ) isn't there anymore doesn't mean much. Not that I'm sure Brad Bryson and Dan Johnson aren't still getting money out of this whole venture anyway. Hard to believe DeRose would throw his cousin and brother in law out of the money pool. (I believe Brad Bryson is DeRose's Cousin, Dan Johnson-married DeRose's sister, but I could be wrong.)

Think maybe they are just going to say that Michael DeRose is a "Consultant" with SmileStarters?

It's a question worth asking, but since he never actually physically practiced dentistry in North Carolina, nothing changed there either did it. Just replace Tish Ballance's name with Dr. Rivera and it's the same ole crap isn't it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Michael DeRose buys record priced home in Pueblo -2003

Michael DeRose bought a home last year in Pueblo West overlooking Lake Pueblo for $3.4 million -- a record price in Pueblo County for what the Assessor's Office terms "a nonagricultural based residence."


DeRoses, Mueller Reprimand over Dental Management

Osama Bin DeRose Terrorist Training Camp!

This explains why they have so many so called “Dental Management” companies in various states in which they operate.
Up until 2004 the DeRose/Mueller company FORBA, LLC opened up clinics in various states, hired dentists fresh out of school, brought them to Colorado for 2-4 weeks of “training”, taught them their “drilling for dollars” “techniques”, not just in classroom settings but had them in actual clinics tying up children in restraints and teaching them how to con parents into letting them have at their children, taught them how to over bill Medicaid and other various illegal and unethical practices. Dr. Adolph Padula DDS is also a part of this mess, his name in on the Articles of Incorporation of 6th Street of Denver Dental Clinic. Was he the main trainer? Hmmm I just love it when I see new names cropping up.
For this the only thing the Colorado State Board of Dental Examiners could only get them on participating, aiding and abetting the unlawful practice of dentistry without a licenses since the dentist they brought in did not have a valid Colorado Dental License.
According to documents at Colorado Department of Regulatory Agency website (search by last name, “DeRose & Mueller) Edward DeRose is/was President and Vice President of FORBA, LLC. Documents reveal that Edward DeRose, Michael A. DeRose and William Mueller all were reprimanded for bringing dentist from all over the country to Colorado, letting them work (training them to tie down and abuse children) without a licenses.
In a Cease and Desist Order case number 2004-000131 is says:
“The Respondent (Edward DeRose, D.D.S participates and trains dentists in the “new hire orientation and education program” for dentists hired to perform dentistry in the clinics owned by Respondent, and by Michael DeRose, D.D.S. and William Mueller, D.D.S. This program is only offered to dentists hired to perform dental services at these clinics. Respondent states that the purpose of the orientation/education program “is to ensure that all newly hired dentists are comfortable and professionally competent with the operation of the clinic and that they can successfully provide routine general dental care for our children.” According to Respondent, this program provides “all newly hired dentists into our organization an opportunity to spend 2 to 4 weeks in one of our Colorado clinics to observe, understand and perform routine general dental services for children.” Once the dentist completes the program “they will be moved to the appropriate clinic where they were hired to work”
The dentists in the “new hire orientations and education program” are employees of DeRose Children’s Dental Clinic and 6th Street of Denver Dental Clinic and many of these dentists are NOT licensed to practice in the State of Colorado.”

Monday, April 21, 2008

Root Dental Management-FORBA Smell The Same

Ryan Patrick Root is another cohort of Michael A. DeRose, period.

Notice the rdm in the email address, Root Dental Management. Ryan Patrick Root is just Michael A. DeRose's front man, who in the end will take the fall.

I don't understand how this ugly man sways so many people in so many states to do so much of his dirty work by allowing him to use their names! Just blows my mind!
Here is an ad placed 3-29-07 linking Ryan Root-Root Dental Management to SmileStarters:

Contact: Roger Walters


c/o Root Dental Mgmt

Phone: 704-395-6000


Associate Dentists – Opportunities available in several areas of North Carolina in state-of-the-art general practices treating under served children and young adults. A desire to work in a positive, team oriented environment a must. Full-time positions in a number of our seven NC locations. Excellent salary and benefits package.

New grads encouraged, a great place to start your career!!!

I've also showed you where Ryan Root is the contact person for Michael A. DeRose, DDS, PC in New York, I even included a link to see for yourself.

Does Root Dental Management smell like FORBA, LLC Dental Management? Of course it does.

We know FORBA, LLC (Small Smiles) is the child of Michael, Ed, and Dan DeRose.

Small Smiles-Smile Starters, Carolina Dental Clinic, Smile High, and more are all children of the DeRose gang of outlaws.

They are releasing information saying Smile Starters is under new management. Where?

What new management?

Dr. Raf Rivera? Well, no! He's been with them for years! Root? No, he's been with Michael for years too!

Just another name change for Michael A. DeRose.

Root Dental Management was formed 3-21-07

It is a corporation formed in Delaware

Wanna take a guess where it's principal mailing address is:


Question is, who is Daren R. Root, his name is appearing on some of these documents.

Daren Root is an account with Rice Root

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Michael A. DeRose-Fingers in the New York Medicaid Pot?

Why does Michael A. DeRose need to be an "elector" of New York's State Health Care Reform Act?

What "health care" is he providing in New York under the name of one of his many corporations "Michael A. DeRose, DDS PC that he must "participate in the funding of these initiatives"??

Is there any state Michael A. DeRose is NOT trying to scam money from, or train young naive dentists to torture and traumatize children? Why? "cause Michael Needs The Money" all in the name of poorer families not having access to dental care??

Honestly, the cause sounds noble doesn't it? However anyone who has taken the time to read this blog knows if it's got the stamp of approval from Michael DeRose, Ed DeRose, William A. Mueller or Dan DeRose it's not anything close to a noble cause.
HCRA is a major component of New York State's Health Care financing laws which governs hospital reimbursement methodologies and targets funding for a multitude of health care initiatives. The law also requires that certain third-party payors and providers of health care services participate in the funding of these initiatives through the submission of authorized surcharges and assessments.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dr. Michael DeRose- Was He Patient Shopping Through Head Start Program

My son was seen by the Dentist Dr. Michael Derose in Pueblo Colorado back in 2000.

The dentist went to visit him at the Head Start and said he needed work done at that time which included 5 caps and 2 baby root canals.

Appears Dr. Michael DeRose was using Head Start to patient shop. Many, not all, dentist go under the guise of helping the children who can't get to the office.

I did not understand this. I took him to another dentist who said he needed to be seen in Pueblo by this dentist because my son would not sit still and let him look at his teeth.

Who was the other dentist you took your child to? They may have been in cahoots together.

I took him to Pueblo for his visit and waited for about 3- 4 hours while my son was taken to the back for work on his teeth.

Before he went in I asked started to follow the dentist and my son to the back and he said that parents were not to go to the back because it made it harder for them to work on the children.

This is such crap! Now, I know sometimes children do behave better when parents are not around, but never let any kind of treatment like this happen without you being present. Ok, I understand an operating room, but guys know what I mean.

He said we will look at his teeth and if we have any questions we will come back and talk to you.

I was getting really impatient and went to the side of the building where my car was parked to get something from the car.

I heard this child screaming from the other side of the wall. He was screaming in pain.

I stopped to listen by putting my ear to the outside of the wall and realized it was my son! You can tell they were hurting him by the crys he was making.

He was screaming. A few times it sounded like they would cover his mouth so that he would not scream. I hurt him gag like he was choking. I immediately went and got my husband to come and listen too.

I went inside and asked the receptionist to check on my son. She came back and said that the doctor said he was fine he was just upset because they had to hold him down.

I waited a little longer and the doctor came out to talk to me and let me know what was done. He said that my son had gotten sick because of the crying he did and the medicine they used.

I'm sure now you know the horrible torture your poor child experienced. I am so so so sorry for you and your son. How heartbreaking!

When my little boy came out he was sweating and could barely talk and said Dr.hurt, dr hurt. My son was still in the process of learning how to talk at that time.

The whole time driving home he cried and said dr. hurt me dr hurt me. He could not even eat.

He was supposed to return to have more work done but I never took him back.

Recently I looked in the paper and saw that this dentist was completing unnecessary work on children with medicaid and hurting them.

I was so upset and angry because my son was being hurt for no reason and I could not be back there for him.

They are making this man pay 10million back to the government.

Why is he not charged with abuse on a child? He hurt these children and traumatized them.

EXACTLY, Toni. Why is HE and other dentists that do this not in prison like all the other child abusers out there!!?? Sorry to say it's because it goes unreported. What Dr. Michael A. DeRose and his cronies have done to thousands and thousands of children across the nations is unacceptable! And these guys not only had private practices doing this, they started a whole industry set up to abuse and traumatize children and take millions and millions of dollars of your tax money for doing so! How any of those involved in this sleep at night is beyond me. I thank you, Toni, for stepping up and telling your story. That takes a lot of courage. Many parents don't want to speak out for so many reasons. One, is they are afraid it would make them (the parents) look bad, or been duped or taken advantage of, etc. I've heard one story where a dentist would call child protective services and report you for child neglect if you refused to let him do his "drilling for dollars"! Yep, it's true! Not just one parent either...many! You shouldn't! These guys dress up in authoritative garb, they are supposed to be educated, you are supposed to trust them. Our government even says you can trust them, by giving them tests and training and licensing etc. If you can't trust your doctor, dentist etc, who can you trust, right?

Please, Toni and parent like you, step up and file a complaint with Colorado's dental board! Keep a copy of the complaint you file as well.

This is something that people are really going to have to step up and report before it will ever end.
Thanks again, Toni for letting your story be heard.


This is just appalling isn't it?

DD Marketing-Dan DeRose-Forba Web Address

So the DeRose's say they actually sold all their various clinics under all the name variations I've wrote about to FORBA.

In a few prior posts I've shown where they did little more than file Corporate Name Change forms in Colorado, the change the name of the door at the Nashville, TN Church Street Address, right.

And from all the "press" the companies (really one or two companies, just name changes remember) it's reported that FORBA (Holding, LLC, INC pick one..) bought all these clinics and the great growth of Small Smiles Across America started.

Wonder why Dan DeRose's (right) company, DD Marketing in Pueblo, CO, 415 N. Grand, AV had his website promoting DD Marketing at......

.....are you ready...... in Jan. 2007.

Of course it's not that way now, but it was.

...and it's an exact copy if you were to go back and look at what looked like in Dec. 2004 you would see the exact same website. It's been redesigned since, but not by much.

DDM-DD Marketing says:

....DDM has been successful in the management of Capital Campaigns for a variety of projects across the country. Grant writing, donor prospecting, donor research, pledge management, auditing, day to day staffing and special event planning are a few of the areas of expertise DDM brings to each contract.


DD Marketing also has a division called The Media Center.

Here's what they say about it:

The Media Center is the advertising division for DD Marketing's projects. Media Center's services include concept & creative development, graphic design, video and audio production, media buying, web, research, data-mining and direct mail. Recently their Beyond The Medal of Honor film documentary received two Emmy awards and four nominations. To learn more go to:

Contact The Media Center:
Dan is the original Agent and Incorporator of FORBA, Inc.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Trouble for FORBA-Small Smiles-Michael and Ed DeRose

Man these guys are in deep poo poo all over the place aren't they. Everyday there is breaking news, keeps a person busy for sure. My goodness there's so much crap on these people a person would need a novel the size of War and Peace to get it all lined out.

Torturing Children, Not paying their employees, ripping off our tax dollars, have more corporations than 5 people could keep track of... on and on!

From all the visits to this site over the last few weeks, especially today and yesterday, the folks at Creighton University are a bit bent outta shape over the shame the DeRose's have brought the the university.

In case you aren't aware, Michael and his dad Ed and mom, whatever her name is have their hands and name on all sorts of things at Creighton. Honors here, and honors there, and seats on this and that. Guess they've given millions of dollars to the place.

Wonder how the folks at Creighton feel about how they got all that money the DeRose's gave? Do people not ask where it came from anymore? I mean, really, wouldn't a person ask if these people were putting themselves out there to helping the poor, how they had so much money!

Look at 'em. They have now cheated their own employees out of money to live high on the hog! Aren't you people sick to death of the DeRose's, Small Smiles and FORBA??

October 2006
News Release From the Department of Labor

Pueblo Children’s Dentistry Company to Pay More Than $343,000 in Back Wages to 523 Employees

Agreement with U.S. Department of Labor Settles Overtime Pay Violations

PUEBLO -- Forba LLC., doing business as Small Smiles Dental, Pueblo, Colo. has agreed to pay $343,479 in overtime back wages to 523 employees following an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division. The Pueblo-based firm operates 27 children’s dentistry offices in Colorado and nine other states including Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York, Ohio and South Carolina.
“This investigation reflects the Labor Department’s commitment to ensure that employees receive the full wages they have earned,” said Alex Salaiz, Wage and Hour Division district director in Denver. “Employers must make sure they pay their employees for all hours worked and that the exemptions allowed under the regulations are properly applied.”
The employer violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) by failing to pay for all hours worked and by erroneously classifying non-professional employees and clerical staff as exempt from overtime.
The company agreed to future compliance and payment of all back wages.
Enforced by the Wage and Hour Division, the FLSA requires that employers pay covered workers at least the federal minimum wage for all hours worked and time and one-half their regular rate of pay for hours worked more than 40 in a single workweek. Employers also must maintain adequate and accurate records of employees’ wages, hours and other conditions of employment.
For more information about the FLSA, call the Department of Labor's toll-free help line at 1 (866) 4US-WAGE (487-9243) or contact the Denver District Office at (720) 264-3250. Information is also available on the Internet at

Michael DeRose Still Looking For Grads To Work At Smile Starters

WOW and I thought he had nothing to do with Smile Starters.
Guaranteed starting salary 144k, new grads welcome, great place to start!
Funny how Tish (Letitia Ballance) and Mike (Michael DeRose) both put adds out at various Dental Schools for dentists to come join in their supposedly (new and separated) dental clinics about the same time. Tish says it a "group", wonder where she found others to "group" with on such short notice. Remember Tish has Access West in Asheville, and Mikie has Smilestarters (all one word if you go searching for it).

Honestly, you just gotta love these guys for keeping on keeping on, don't ya?

The Ad was posted 2-2008!
Scroll about 1/2 way down the page: here

SmileStarters is a general practice focusing on access to care for underserved children and young adults in North Carolina. We have seven locations throughout NC including Charlotte, Raleigh, Winston Salem, Greensboro, Fayetteville, and Asheville with plans for expansion. We offer excellent guaranteed salaries beginning at $144,000 and up with comprehensive benefits including health, life, disability, and malpractice insurance, paid vacation, 401K, CE time and fees and much more. If you have a desire to work in a modern, team oriented, positive environment, come help us to make a difference a smile-at-a-time!! New graduates are encouraged, a great place to begin your career.

Contact: Roger Walters-704-395-6000,
Owner listed as Michael DeRose, 2211 E. Executive, Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28208

What's better (or worse, depending on how you look at it, is that all these ads are google cashe'd so they are gonna be there for a while even if they delete them.

DeRose Children's Dental Clinic-Nashville TN-FORBA-SANUS-Trail

According to the Colorado Secretary of State's Website the DeRose's, Michael A and Edward J. incorporated a company called DeRose Children's Dental Clinic in 10-1-1975 located in Nashville, TN at 618 Church Street, Suite 520.

And guess what, this corporation is still in good standing with the state so evidently it's still up and running and filing annual tax returns and reports, however it looks like it did a name change Dec. 10, 2001. Looks like there may have been a trade name change at some point to Edward J. and Michael A DeRose, Inc or visa-versa.

But here is where it really gets interesting. The DeRose Duo say they have no affiliation with Small Smiles whatsoever right? They changed the registered agent of Corporation above in 8-17-2007 to National Registered Agents, INC in Denver, but the paper was delivered to the CO Secretary of Sate via a Linda Zoeller at the same old Nashville, TN, Church Street Address.

That's 32 years at that same address! WOW, could FORBA have an address on Church Street in Nashville?

On 12-7-2007 they filed their annual report with the CO SOS and still listed DeRose Children's Dental Clinic as the name and Nashville, Church Street as the address. Hmmm....

Are you ready... Here's the Biggie!! Ready??!!

Trade Names Listed under this Corporation and FORMED on 9-17-2007, just a few months ago:

Small Smiles Dental Centers Of Pueblo
Small Smiles Dental Clinic Of Pueblo
Small Smiles Dental Center
Small Smiles of Pueblo

....and the True Name of Registrant is....

DeRose Children's Clinic mailing address at the Church Street Address in Nashville, TN!

So I take the time to look up FORBA and I find a few names, one, FORBA Management involved Dan DeRose, but was dissolved in 2001 or 2002.

However! There is still:
FORBA, LLC, FORBA, INC and FORBA Holding, LLC, there is also FORBA Group incorporated in Delaware, as the others are, on 7-9-2007 are but I don't have info in it at this time, give me a bit.

Let's start with FORBA Holding, LLC- The documents say it's TRUE NAME IS-Sanus
and it's annual report file in November 2007 is still the old DeRose Children's Dental Clinic in Nashville. Linda Susan Zoeller still doing the document filing.

FORBA, LLC says it was formed 10-01-2002 and at present it's delinquent in some of it's filings. It also says that Daniel E. DeRose is it's registered Agent and It's True Name is LICSAC, LLC. (cute). By the way, it's a full year late in filing it's annual report with the State of Colorado, however I bet it gets filed soon since so many FORBA dudes hang out here.

LICSAC, LLC is also delinquent in it's state filings and there's Danny boy again, listed as the registered agent. It was formed 10-2002. It's two years delinquent in it's state filings so it's not in good standings with the state of Colorado either.

So what we have here is FORBA Holding, LLC is really Sanus.
FORBA, LLC is really LIC SAC, LLC (guess they thought we would get confused trying to say that one a couple of times real fast, instead say it slowly..nothing but class, this bunch!)

Sanus Holding says it was formed 9-25-06 and has the same Church Street Address as above. Yet according to the press releases (aka propoganda) they say Sanus MOVED to Nashville, and FORBA moved to Nashville, whatever, but in reality it was nothing more than names being changed on the office doors.

It's in good standings thanks to Linda Susan Zoeller, wow, didn't she work for DeRose Children's Dental Clinic, well yes she did!

Now we have Sanus Services, INC and guess where it's located, yep, Church Street in Nashville, TN. Busy place, that 618 Church Street, Suite 520! Sanus Services goes under the name FORBA Services...located...well you get the picture now right? Once again, this is in good standings thanks to Linda. I bet she spends most of her days trying to figure out what to file in what name and in what state, hope she's paid well to keep her mouth shut.

After a while it looks like the DeRose's got wise and just used a company that does this kind of thing to be it's registered agent. The Corporation Company aka The United States Corporation Company aka CSC-Lawyers Incorporating Service

So there you have it, the paper trail so to speak and it all leads right back to Edward J. and Michael A DeRose with Danny DeRose getting used a bit in the mix.

I've got way too much time on my hands don't I?

I bet Tish Ballance wishes she had done her homework before getting into business with these guys.

And they say they have nothing to do with "Small Smiles" Whateva!