Thursday, May 29, 2008

Small Smiles New York, Part 4

Senator Chuck Schumer calls for prosecution of these dentist. Read more below in the report from Albany's CBS channel 6 reporter Steve Flamisch.

Small Smiles, the children's dentistry clinic accused of mistreating its young patients in the pursuit of profit, lost its core patient base on Saturday.

The New York State Office of the Medicaid Inspector General terminated the Colonie clinic from the Medicaid program, eliminating its federal funding.

"I'm glad they're terminating Small Smiles," said U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), a staunch critic of the company. "They don't deserve to be in business and certainly not get any federal money."

On April 1, CBS 6 News first reported the allegations of two former Small Smiles employees who claimed the dentists rush through procedures and perform unnecessary work in hopes of earning "production bonuses."

The company flatly denied the allegations, calling the report "a striking piece of substandard journalism." In the weeks that followed, however, more than 100 parents called or emailed CBS 6 to share their own Small Smiles horror stories.
The most common allegations included:
-Children receiving as many as eight crowns in a single sitting (all baby teeth)
-Work performed without the use of Novocain or any other numbing agent

-Dentists rushing through procedures, causing children to vomit and urinate themselves

-Children placed in a "papoose" restraint, regardless of whether it was needed

-Parents denied the option of sitting with their children during procedures

-Dirty instruments wiped-off and placed back in the drawer

Sen. Schumer, who has seen news reports documenting similar allegations against Small Smiles clinics in Denver, Rochester, and Washington D.C., bristled at the claims.

"They ought to prosecute some of the people who did this," he said via satellite from Capitol Hill. "This goes beyond a mistake. This is hurting our children and ripping off the federal government...and I think there ought to be a criminal investigation of this."

State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has the power to bring criminal charges against Small Smiles, and a trusted source confirmed that Cuomo's office is investigating.

In addition, the New York State Education Department, which licenses the dentists, has filed a subpoena requesting all of the information CBS 6 uncovered. The station is cooperating.

Though Small Smiles has now been stripped of its federal funding, Sen. Schumer said there are still safe and reliable alternatives for Medicaid parents: community health centers.
"Our community health centers have a good record," he said. "They're not like this company, they're on the up-and-up, and they often provide the best dental care for the kids who don't have any other way to get dental care."
There are three community health centers in the Capital Region:
Hometown Health
1044 State Street, Schenectady
Whitney M. Young Jr. Health Services
920 Lark Drive, Albany
Whitney M. Young Jr. Health Services
6 102nd Street, Troy
Reader Comments:
1. As a practicing dentist in the Albany area I am both disgusted and yet not surprised at the revelations of goings on at Small Smiles. Dentistry is an art as well as a science. It is also a business. It is very expensive to provide good quality care. Typical overhead costs at a private dental office can be has high as 65-75%. Dentists who practice in such an environment, usually see one patient at a time, or devote a substantial amount of a patient's appointment time in direct care. Dental clinics, often advertise fast appointments, no appointments necessary, reduced fees, dentures in a day...I could go on and on. Bottom line, a typical dental clinic survives by producing as much dentistry as they can as fast as they can. In such an environment, something has to give. Sadly, in many instances
production, production is key to the success of said clinic. Production equals dollars and these dollars can be found either because the dentistry needed is really there or it can be "created" in order to meet production goals of both the individual associate working at the clinic or the clinic as a whole. Sadly, medicaid reimbursements for dental care in
NY State lag so far behind what it realistically costs today to provide said care that some providers "create" dentistry to be done. It appears that this is the case with Small Smiles. The big picture solution to this dilemma is to 1. bring realistic medicaid fee schedules to allow a dental procedure to stand on it's own, i.e. it is profitable for the dentist to provide 2. provide a better watch dog system to oversee that the care is being rendered is, in fact indicated and not simply created. There are dental clinics that operate profitably, ethically and in the best interests of their patients. Sadly, there are too many that don't and as a result the Dental Profession suffers and the general public becomes disenchanted with all the good things that modern dentistry can provide, ultimately hurting the very goal we devoted dental professionals hope to achieve...healthy teeth for a lifetime.

2. I am a mother of four kids and 2 of my 4 sons were going to Small Smiles. For all the time they were attending there I never was allowed in the back till one day when I did go there I seen a family member who said she goes and watches through there glass windows. I said you can do that she said,"NO, but I do". I had no idea these things were going on there. In March he needed a filling for a cavity on a tooth that holds one of his braces and when I took him there he was scared because he was told at the prior appointment that he might need a root canal if the cavity was to deep. First off they had no idea how far the cavity was because you can not take x-rays with braces because all you end up seeing is metal reflections in the pictures. At his March appointment I ended up going back in the room for the first time and I watched and observed things I did not like and realized HEY THAT IS NOT RIGHT. I watched this employee take the tweezers to open all the jars on the counter to get the supplies and then whip off the tweezer with a dry gauze pad. He placed it in the drawer and proceeded to get supplies He pulled out other metals instruments and they were not wrapped like most dentist have them. They asked which flavor gas mask my son wanted and he said a flavor and the Doctor said OH there is a Orange one use that one since it is out. My son did not want that flavor. The doctor proceeded to do his numbing using a needle which now makes me wonder was that clean. He said to my son this will pinch a little. They had him hooked up to the heart rate monitor and I watch as hmy son was scared his heart rate rise but not over 200 or anything. He began to tear up cause the doctor was using a longer needle than he used before according to my son. With braces I know he is already a sensitive person. I told him to hold still as it is almost done. The doctor sat and waited for the meds to kick in during that time noit once did he wash his hands in my sight. He had no gloves on and was wiping his nose and the put on gl;oves never washed his hands or wrists before putting the gloves on. The doctor proceeded with the the work and was drilling and drilling. My son tensed up and started to cry I stood up to hold on to my son and all the doctor kept saying was just a little more just a little more. I have no idea if he needed to drill as deep as he did as he had no xrays to go by. His assistant in the room was a male who acted like a female and had his hands and arm over my sons stomach and kept saying hold on sweetie or hold on baby. My son was uncomfortable at that point also. The time he spent drilling was almost 30 minutes and my son had a red face which was from the tight mask band and crying never allowed him take a rest in between the crying and being upset. When we finally were done he was sore and puffy around his cheeks and lips and very red from crying. When we were going to our car my son said,"MOM was that guy gay because I felt funny when he kept saying what he said to me." He had a hard time eating for 2 days after and remained sore. After this appointment it was less than 2 weeks when wrgb first aired about the story which made me realize that my son was treated like that also. I called my cousin and told her about the news and said "My sons will not be going there every again." I am sorry I put my kids through the HELL they did and I hope they will be able to not be afraid of another dentist again.

3. I am a father of three children that have been patients of Small Smiles and my youngest son which is 4 now but when he was 1 i took him there the dentist capped his four front teeth and when they spoke to me they never told me that they were going to have to cut his upper gums to cap his teeth they told me they can save the teeth by capping them but what happened was the caps rotted his teeth and some fell out and every time they fell out i called there and they told me to come in and they can reglue them back in. My other son that is 11 was taking there and they put crowns on his 2 back teeth and when i asked why they told me it was so they would not get cavities in them. When my youngest son went to the dentist for fillings they put silver filling when i was told they were going to use white and where they get the fillings from the plastic draw on the counter it is wide open the fillings are not covered. When my daughter got work done they numbed her but she still felt it and when she told them it still hurts they continued to finish with out renumbing her. I never recieved a invoice of any type just anoter appointment card.I believe the reason they give the children goodie bags after each appointment is so the childern try to forget what they have done to them. But this is something that a child will never forget. I don't think it is right that when you want to go in with your child and they tell you that you can only if you think your child is going to fight with them doing the work. My youngest son was there and i don't think it was nessary that the restraint blanket was used for him at that time it only scared him more. He came out and told me that he doesn't like it there anymore. Thank you CBS6 for letting all parents know the pain that there children are going through behind closed doors.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Your Tax Dollars Are Paying Dentist To Torture Our Children

That's right, your tax dollars are paying for these ruthless dentists to use straight jackets to abuse our children for non-emergency dental care.

In May of 2004 9NEWS Investigative Reporter Deborah Sherman began a series of reports on the treatment of children at a chain of dental clinics in Colorado and across the country. These reports have lead to changes in Colorado state law and prompted investigations in a half-a-dozen states.

In the first part of her investigation called "Papoose Boards" that aired on April 29, 2004, Investigative Reporter Deborah Sherman reported that some parents filed police reports after their children left dentist offices with scrapes and bruises.

These are the same clinics that 9NEWS reported had been hiring dentists not licensed in Colorado to work on some of the state's poorest children.

Children like Adrian and his brother Daniel, Dakota and her brother Chris, Cecilia , Alexis and Angelica.

All of their parents say the children were traumatized by a trip to the dentist.

"She actually threw up on me," said Tamera Elliott, mother of 2-year-old Cecilia. "She was just terrified of going back there."

Lucia Nevarez said her son Alexis, "went in crying and came out crying."

The moms took their kids to the "Medicaid Dental Clinic" in Aurora or "Children's Dental Clinic" in Thornton. That's where Catherine Richardson says both of her kids left with bruises.

"It was about the size of a half dollar," Richardson said as she pointed to the spot above her 2-year-old daughter's eye.

Richardson says Dakota was bruised on her head. She says her five-year-old son Chris had a bruise on his wrist when his arms were tied down in the dentist's chair.

9NEWS learned the children were put in restraint devices called papoose boards; unable to move their arms, legs and heads while dentists worked on or cleaned their teeth.

Some of the children were restrained for more than an hour.

Beatrice Ponce says her two boys came out very scared.

"Their mouths were swollen from all the work and full of blisters. Their foreheads blistered up and peeled."

The moms say they were told the clinic might use restraints on their kids and they might get red marks.

But the moms say they didn't realize the extent of what was going on because they weren't allowed in the exam room.

"What goes on back there?" asked Catherine Richardson.

"It scares me, you know? These are my babies and nobody can go back there with them."

The Aurora and Thornton clinics were co-owned by Drs. William Mueller of Denver and Michael Derose, DDS (Kansas Disciplinary Action Against Michael Derose, here) and Ed Derose of Pueblo. [side note: evidently from document at the Kansas Dental Board, Michael DeRose, DDS had been sanctioned in North Carolina in December 2005. In Sept. 2006, the Kansas Dental Board took action to enforce the North Carolina Order and another hearing is set for December 2008 to see that all conditions of his probation are met. North Carolina ordered him to show and demonstrate the use of a papoose board prior to strapping any child in one.)

The Deroses also owned three other dental clinics in Colorado: Smile High Dentistry in Denver, Small Smiles Dentistry in Colorado Springs and Derose Children's Dental Clinic in Pueblo.

Nationwide, the Deroses owned 22 clinics. Dr. Mueller is part-owner in 12 of them. All of the clinics cater to kids on Medicaid.

[All three sold their ownership in the company in 2007].

The Executive Director of Colorado's Medicaid office, the Colorado Deptartment of Health Care Policy and Financing, was astonished at the police photographs of the children that 9NEWS showed her.

"This is really extreme," said Karen Reinerston. "If these injuries were caused by the papoose board, it is not a nice little blanket that you wrap around them and make them feel like a papoose."

Drs. Michael, who had medicaid billing issues in North Carolina in 2005, and Ed Derose and Dr. William Mueller would not talk to 9NEWS on camera. But in an audio-taped interview, Mueller says they use papoose boards to protect children. "They're used so the children won't make a movement in an inopportune time and hurt themselves or cut themselves," said Mueller.

But at a clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, which is co-owned by Dr. Mueller and the Deroses, 4-year-old Jonathan Barrera died from an overdose of anesthetic while strapped to a papoose board.

The Arizona Dental Examiners Board investigated the dentist responsible, Dr. Matthew C. Nolen, saying the restraints "could have masked the signs of respiratory distress...or signs of the child going into convulsions."

Before he began working at the Arizona clinic, Nolen trained at the Medicaid Dental Clinic in Aurora, Colorado.

Nolen testified before the Arizona Dental Examiner's Board. He admitted that most parents did not know about an unwritten policy at the Arizona clinic to restrain every child under the age of 5.

A Board member asked Dr. Nolen "Is the papoose board common in your practice?" Dr. Nolen replied, "Very common."

(The report was clear that Dr. Matthew Nolen's treatment was below an acceptable standard of care.   They also found that Dr. Mathew Nolen was less than truthful with his informal testimony. (no surprise there) Paragraph 39 of the report issued by the AZ State Medical Board, states: "Dr. Nolen testified at an informal interview that it was routine clinic policy to place children under five years of age in a papoose board."  They also found "there was no credible evidence that Dr. Matthew C. Nolen and tried any other form of behavioral management techniques prior to restraining the child."(paragraph 51.  Dr. Nolen was hired and went to Colorado for training before he started treating patients at the Arizona Small Smiles clinics.)*
"Routine?" the Board member asked. "Pretty routine for children," said Dr. Nolen, "under the age of five."

Last April, the Arizona Dental Board revoked Nolen's license. One of its findings: that Nolen had used the papoose board on Jonathan because it was convenient; not because he had been misbehaving.

9NEWS has also learned Dr. Mueller was charged two months ago with gross malpractice at his clinic in Tennessee for "routinely and arbitrarily immobilizing kids up to 3-years-old on papoose boards, without justification, for longer than an hour for routine dental work".

Dr. Mueller denies his clinics have a blanket policy to use restraints.

Still, Colorado Dental Examiners Board is now investigating why they were used on these kids.

Jason Hopfer, of the Colorado Dept. of Regulatory agencies said, "If they're doing it simply because it's convenient, that is a concern."

9NEWS talked to an expert, Pediatric Dentist Dr. Bradley Smith, spokesman for the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry in Colorado.

Smith says he rarely uses papoose boards in emergencies. "If a child comes in and they've fallen or broken their tooth or cut their lip or had some major oral trauma and we have to do treatment that day and we have no choice at all," said Smith.

Smith also prefers to have parents in the exam room with him while he works. "I want to be able to talk to the parent, I want them to see what I'm doing," said Smith.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the Colorado Dental Examiners Board have policies that say restraints should be used only when absolutely necessary, for uncooperative kids, and should not injure them.

But 9NEWS learned that Medicaid in some states pays extra each time a dentist puts a child in a papoose board.

Drs. Ed and Michael Derose and William Mueller would not tell 9NEWS how often they use papoose boards in each of their respective clinics.

So 9NEWS used open records laws to obtain and analyze state Medicaid bills.

9NEWS learned in all other clinics across the state, dentists use papoose boards, on average, 4 percent of the time.

But at Mueller's 'Medicaid Dental Center' and the Deroses' 'Smile High Dentistry', their dentists put 21 percent of kids in restraints. In the year 2001-2002, those two clinics used papoose boards more than 2,500 times.

The cost to taxpayers for those papoose boards at four of their clinics; $106,473.

Karen Reinerston of the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, thinks that is excessive.

"You shouldn't have to have a kid restrained all the time," she said. "I think it's very scary for the child."

Last year, Reinerston stopped Colorado dentists from charging Medicaid for restraints.

Dr. Mueller sent 9NEWS an e-mail saying he did not personally treat any of the children in the story.

Mueller also said he is not responsible for the care provided by other dentists in his clinics, because they work under contract and practice under their own licenses.

Matthew "Matt" Chemath Nolen

6400 E Thomas Rd., #3025
Scottsdale, AZ    85251 
AZ Dental Lic: D05399
Issued: 5-15-2001
Revoked: 6-30-2004

Something is just not right here. Kentucky suspends 180 dentists licenses for not paying their annual dues, and other states smack very few bad seeds on the wrists for strapping down children and insurance and Medicaid fraud. Don't we need a bit of consistency somewhere? No wonder dentists state hop when they get in deep doo doo in one state.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kentucky suspends more than 180 dentists, angers health advocates

Associated Press Writer

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) -- Oral health advocates in Kentucky are fuming over what they call "a bureaucratic nightmare" that led to the temporary suspensions of more than 180 dentists.

The suspensions are especially troublesome in a state that struggles with poor dental health, said Dea Riley, head of the Appalachian Roundtable, an advocacy group for residents of the state's impoverished mountain region.

"There seems to be very little logic in this maneuver," said Riley, who was angered that dentists in some rural coal towns had to close their offices until paperwork was processed to restore their licenses. "They need to be allowing these doctors to practice dentistry, not make it more difficult for them."

Riley said the move by the Kentucky Board of Dentistry wouldn't have been so irksome if Kentucky didn't already rank among the worst states in the nation in toothlessness. A study by the Kentucky Institute of Medicine last year found that 37 percent of Kentucky adults were missing at least six teeth.

Despite those dismal statistics, the dental board ordered the suspensions of dentists who missed a Dec. 31 deadline to submit paperwork and pay a $230 fee. Lisa Turner, the dental board's interim executive director, said 187 practicing dentists were affected. All have since returned to work.

Turner said the problem arose when the dental board changed the way it notified dentists about the need to renew their licenses.

In past years, letters of reminder were mailed to the state's more than 2,300 practicing dentists to remind them that their licenses were set to expire on Dec. 31. Last year, the dental board simply printed a notice in its fall newsletter.

"Apparently a large percentage failed to read the newsletter," Turner said.

Because so many dentists didn't renew their licenses, the dental board decided to send a postcard reminder in December. It, too, went unheeded, she said.

Turner said the problem coincided with a push by the dental board for all dentists to renew their licenses online.

Dr. Scott Browning, a dentist in Vicco in rural eastern Kentucky, said he was surprised to learn in January that his license had been suspended because of the communications breakdown. He said he initially learned about his suspension when he called an oxygen supplier to place an order. He then called the dental board to verify what the supplier had told him.

"They should have a way of contacting the dentists," Browning said. "All it would have taken was a phone call."

Browning had to close his office for a week, postponing all appointments that he could, while frantically trying to get patients suffering from tooth pain into nearby dental clinics.

"That is what was really making me angry," he said. "I couldn't help my people."

Riley said it's little wonder that Kentucky is the butt of jokes about its poor dental health when the state suspends the men and women responsible for caring for teeth.

"This affects our national reputation," she said

Never Leave Your Child With Dr. David Moore, DDS

Remember Dr. David Moore, DDS, the dentist in Charlotte, North Carolina who was suspended a mere 6 months in 2006 for physically abusing several children?
One mother, Lachandra Beasley had filed a police report as far back as 2002 when her son, Tyreese has seen Dr. Moore. Tyreese had reported:
“I was struggling because everybody was holding me down-my arms and my shoes- so I kept struggling. He put something inside my tooth and started smacking me with gloves on.”
Tyreese’s mother said police were supposed to follow through on the complaint but she never received a follow up report from police.
I guess the police didn’t take the report about a dentist physically abusing a child very seriously back in 2002 and things haven’t changed much. Same with Keily’s mother who found her child was abused by Dr. Mike Kort in Bull Head, Arizona a few months back as reported and updated on this blog. (link)
Then in January 2006 WCNC TV in Charlotte reported Dr. David Moore had been suspended for 6 measly months for slapping, kicking, shaking, and pinching children. He reportedly banged children’s heads against chairs, pulling kids down on the chair with their ponytails, hit them in the forehead with his fist and grabbed them out of the dental chair by their necks and their upper teeth.
Dr. Moore, signed a consent order with the North Carolina Dental Board agreeing there were factual basis to the claims against him even though his attorney said he denied all the charges.
Few employees testify against Dr. Moore. However, at least two former employees, Tina Cooper and Meta Parsons talked to WCNC TV saying it was like working for Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde.
Cooper worked in Moore’s office for 10 years and Parsons worked there for five. Parsons reported she has seen him clamp his hand over the mouths and tell the children to shut up. She also said she had seen him pound on the children’s chests!
Both women reported they stayed as long as they did to try and protect the children under their care. Keepers of the child so to speak. Parson’s said her breaking point was when she found Dr. Moore sedating children without her presence and leaving them alone, unmonitored. These children could have died! Never leave your child alone with Dr. Moore!
Cooper left after testifying to the dental board. Both said it was tough for them to leave what they witnessed this doctor do to children behind them after they left his employment.
What ever happened to Dr. Moore, well he’s still in business. Yep, that's right. This dentist can do this, the dental board does little and the police do nothing!
He’s the top dog at Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics with 3 locations:
Billingsley Medical Dental Center
411 Billingsley Rd.
Suite 106

Charlotte, NC 28211

(704) 377-3687
Mallard Creek Medical Park
10320 Mallard Creek Rd.
Suite 150

Charlotte, NC 28262

(704) 547-8438
Morris Professional Center
7215 Lebanon Rd.
Suite G
Charlotte, NC 28227
(704) 545-0390
Dr. Moore has a daughter named Ryan, wonder how he would like to have his daughter treated like he treated other children?
The Dental Board is ready and waiting for more reports of abuse by Dr. David Moore that could lead to further disciplinary actions, so if your child has been abused my Dr. Moore, I urge you to contact the police and the dental board as soon as possible.
Dr. Moore's license status says he's still under probation.

Small Smiles Quota is 25 Converstions Per Day

Small Smiles new budget, at least for some states in the south east is at $11.00 per child. In other words they can spend no more than that to get a child's teeth fixed.

Also currently, the "Conversion Rate" for one particular office is now 25 per day. In other words their currently daily quota is to convert at least 25 children from Hygiene (cleaning) to Operatory (drilling for dollars) is 25 children per day.

So for Small Smiles/FORBA to say they are not under any quota would just be an out right lie. They absolutely do have a quota to meet at least in some of the clinics. So if they are running short today, your child just might get more work done that is needed.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

FORBA Financially Stressed: Maybe A Papoose Board Is In Order

As I suspected, FORBA/Small Smiles is a bit financially challenged and unable to open any more clinics at the present time. According to reports no monies are being paid out during the Medicaid fraud investigation which is really putting a crunch on them financially.

How is this bad? Well that means they need to push their production on who they can when they can and that's spells trouble for the children being tied down in the papoose boards also known as pedo's in the biz, as in pediwraps, not Pedontists.

That means more children are going to have to use the combs, brushes and blow dryers the assistants keep in the back to clean the children up before they give them back to their parents.

Oklahoma Smiles, Topeka Dental, Texas Smiles Dental Clinic, Indian Springs Dental Clinic: More DeRose Dental Torture Chambers? Of Course They Are!

In doing a search for Oklahoma Smiles, a dental chain in Oklahoma I just couldn't help noticing the website address:

DENTAL CENTERS OF SOUTH OKLAHOMA CITY Walker Square Shopping Center — 309 S.W. 59th at Walker 405-631-2700 ... - 11k -

Also as searching for job listings with Oklahoma Smiles Dental Centers I noticed this as:

Oklahoma Smiles Dental
Centers of Oklahoma City

Join our Dynamic Team! This State-of-the-Art Dental Of­fice provides quality dental care to children and young adults. We offer great bene­fits and bonus opportunity!
Spanish bilingual a plus!

E-mail resume to:
or fax to 405-942-7753. EOE
Check out Oklahoma Smiles Website, logo look familiar?

now look at an ad for a job with Small Smiles:

DENTAL ASSISTANT Small Smiles of Macon. Join our Dynamic Team! This State-of-the-Art Dental Office provides quality dental care to children and young adults. We offer great benefits and bonus opportunity! Experience preferred and Spanish bilingual a plus! Fax resume to Dr. Dan at 478-781-4331

Is it just me or do you think FORBA/DeRose is known as Oklahoma Smiles to the poor unsuspecting citizens of Oklahoma? Maybe it's just me. Maybe I've gotten too paranoid or something, but I don't think so.

AMAZING!! It's the same thing when you look into:

Topeka Dental Clinic
Small Smiles Dental Clinic of Wichita
Indian Springs Dental Clinic of Kansas City
Texas Smiles Dental Clinic

DeRose Disciples Coming To A Dental Clinic Near You

It's come to my attention that Drs. Tran and Pham of Kool Smiles fame broke off from the DeRose's and FORBA during a breakdown in their business relationship. Therefore even though Kool Smiles is strictly modeled after Small Smiles/FORBA they are separate companies. Now this isn't confirmed. But the fact that I can't actually lay my fingers on any documentation showing they are sister companies means I'm going to have to assume they are not. But I'm leaving this one open for a bit longer just in case.

None of this is really the point on this blog entry. What is the point is the fact that it clearly shows the pattern of folks who call them self dentists have ended up breaking off from FORBA/Small Smiles and opening up their own torture chambers calling them dental clinics.

As I've posted before about the hundreds of dentists that have passed through the halls of these dental mills, more and more are taking the fine skills of behavioral management they learned from the DeRose training camps in Colorado and incorporating them into their own practices.

Academy Kids Dental in Colorado Springs is just another example. The owner there, used to be a lead dentist with Small Smiles. Hopefully he left the bad habits at Small Smiles and took their training as what NOT to do to small innocent children and naive parents.

What worries me are the hundreds, maybe thousands, of DeRose Disciples who are stowed away in cities and towns across America tying up children, have little to no patients with them, go straight for the papoose board and come up with a treatment plan more costly and more traumatic than need be. It's disgusting and if I accomplish nothing else in my life time I plan on ending this with laws, rules and/or regulations in every state across this land.

Thank God several states have recognized that dentists are torturing children unnecessarily and already taken steps to stop this legalized form of child abuse, so I don't have to work my way through all 50.

Anytime I become discouraged in my quest all I have to do is watch the video reporter Roberta Baskin was able to obtain of little Miguel struggling and fighting for his life in that papoose board and I'm energized all over again with the vigor of a mother lioness.

I close my eyes and see my small family member who suffered this, if not worse, at the hands of a dentist. Whether my loved ones tooth needed work or not makes no difference to me. The recommended, proper, and acceptable techniques by the dentist was not followed.

I see my loved one's little feet crisscrossing like Miguel's did, panicked, struggling, heart rate going up, sweating, fighting with all his little might, sheer terror in his little heart, mind and soul and I know bringing this to and end is something I will NEVER give up on. Never! Call me nuts, call me whatever but as I see it, I'm simply very passionate about this subject.

Why FORBA is a Management Company?

I wonder if this is the reason they have the so called "Management" companies that in reality practice dentistry? FORBA, Western Dental, Heartland etc.

In Colorado for example it's illegal to be part of or a member of a LLC that practices dentistry if you are NOT a dentist. Ask, Diana and Todd Giblette.

Anyway, Dan...are you hearing this! Your name is still on the FORBA documents. But of course, FORBA just "manages" the clinics right! Yeah, whatever!

But think of this, if a person can't be owner of a dental LLC unless they are licensed dentists, then how can companies if the actual company isn't a licensed dentist and I don't think a company can actually work on a person's teeth but I could be wrong.

I might even be understanding all of this wrongly too.

Only The Best Dentists for Small Smiles (sarcasm)

Dr. Troy T. Bates, Peyton, Colorado, a former Small Smiles lead dentist, Colorado license number DEN-8450, had his license suspended a mere 30 days for drug abuse in October 2007. His licenses is now Active-With Conditions. He's now under probation for 5 years and practice monitoring for 2 years.

What they should have also checked into, but guess they didn't since there was no formal complaints, was his treatment of children at the Small Smiles in Colorado Springs. This is where formal complaints to dental boards come in and are so important.

Again, I have to ask parents, employees or anyone, Who Will Save The Children, If Not You, Then Who?

If you are a dentist working for FORBA or any of these places, Kool Smiles whatever....and I've not made it to your name yet, not to worry, I will get there. A good way to stay off this list would be to come forward tell all you know to anyone who will listen and stop abusing the children, otherwise you are open game to me.

Monday, May 26, 2008

DeRose's Keep It "All In The Family"

Meet Brad Padula. Does the last name ring any bells with my regular readers. It should.

Brad is associated with DD Marketing (, Dan DeRose's company that hooks up schools with vendor to put junk food machines in your schools. (fatten up the kids and help rot the teeth...sorry, I was thinking to myself)

Brad is Dan DeRose's cousin, via Brad's dad, Dr. Adolph Padula. Remember Adolph, he's the dentist of record with FORBA/Small Smiles in New York, Ohio and a few other states.

Brad is also the director, executive producer and writer of the documentary Beyond The Metal of Honor. Here is the cast of characters involved in the making of the film:

  • Brad Padula - Director Executive Producer Writer
  • Peter C. Lemon - Co-Producer and Executive Producer
  • Rudy Padula - Co-Producer and Executive Producer
  • Dan DeRose - Public Relations and Executive Producer
  • Frank Provenza - Co-Producer Writer Narrator
  • John Schymos - Director of Photography

Adolph Padula, Michael DeRose, Ed DeRose, William Mueller and Dan DeRose have their names all over documents at the Colorado Secretary of State's office in regards to various dental clinics including Small Smiles, Smile High, DeRose Children's Dental Center and 6th Street of Denver Dental Center.

I will say they sure keep it "All In The Family"

(if you checked out the website, you'll see it's the same address as DD Marketing and this same address shows up on some of those documents I mentioned above.)

Anyone know a thing about Nicole Padula, Pueblo, CO?

Wonder what this is exactly, what are they maintaining? I found it an an announcement in the Colorado Tribune January 2008.

R & R Maintenance, LLC (DLLC, 01/07/08,
Perpetual) Adolph R Padula, 409 N. Grand
Avenue, Pueblo, CO 81003

It's North Grand Street where DD Marketing is located? Hmmm.....

I found it here click

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Is FORBA FORba Sale or Just Needing Money?

arrow Wonder why Draper, Fisher and Jurvestion, an early stage venture capital company would be checking this blog out? The "keyword" they used in the search engine was "FORBA". After checking out all the other people/companies/law firms that have been 'avisitin' lately I have to wonder if someone is not trying to:

1. Unload FORBA to anyone that will take it.
2. FORBA /Small Smiles/DeRose getting their butts sued
3. Are really hurting for cash since they have to be at the top of the "red flag" list in all their billings.
(In fact, I bet a whole army of "color guards" come strolling through the Medicaid billing center)
4. FORBA is gathering up some cash for all the "settlements" and legal fees they are going to make and need.
5. FORBA is robbing from Peter to pay Paul, and that only makes for a sore

Here is the list of just a few visitors and the "keyword" they used if I know it:

Honigman, Miller, Schwartz & Cohn - Health Law Practice- "Medicaid Dental Center Settlement"
Shearman & Sterling -Law Firm
CIT Financial - Financial advisers for Arcapita
King & Spalding- Law Firm

Navigant Consulting-International Consulting Firm
Houlihan, Lokey, Howard and Zukin-Investment Bank-"FORBA and Child Abuse"
Interlink Advertising-Ad firm-"Michael DeRose"
International Monetary Fund-"DeRose Pueblo"

First Southern National Bank
Omnicom Management Services-Texas Ad Agency-"Dan DeRose"
LA SALLE CAPITAL- Investment Bank-"Forba/Small Smiles MA"
Covington and Burlington Law-Law Firm-"Delta Dental"

Veroxity Technology Partners
FTN Financial Investment bank-Investment Bank
Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP-Law Firm-"Albany Small Smiles and Rochester"
RSM MCGLADREY-Accounting firm

CSC Holding-Holding Company-"Small Smiles Arcapita"
Cratos Capital Partners
Canon Capital Advisors-"Small Smiles Billing"
NCMIC-Insurance and Finance Group-"Medicaid Dental Center"

Forbin Group-"Papoose Board"
Peabody and Arnold, LLP-Law Firm-"Small Smiles"
Poyner & Spurill-Law Firm-"Child In Papoose Dental"
Vestar Capital Partners-Investment Group-"Rafael Rivera, DDS"
Lehman Brothers-Investment Bank-"Forba For Sale"

Wesley Capital
Draper, Fisher and Jurveston-Early Stage Investments-"FORBA"
Wells Fargo-Bank-"Tish Ballance"
Morgan Lucas & Bockius-International Law Firm-"FORBA"
Haynes and Boone, LLP-Internation Law Firm-"came to blog directly"
Deloitte & Touche

Friday, May 23, 2008

Colorado Children a Bit Safer: Two DeRose's No Longer Torturing Them

Well it appears that children in Colorado are a tiny bit safer. Dr. Michael Anthony DeRose's Dental Licenses (Number DEN-5133) has retired those licenses to torture children at least in Colorado, not sure about other states and dad has let his licenses expire.

However if states are staying on top of things he shouldn't be allowed a licenses in any state! But so far, (and I'm sorry about this guys,) state Dental Boards are not exactly the sharpest bit in the drawer.

Now,ole, Ed, (the master mind behind the Torture Children For Medicaid Dollars Scheme) has let his licenses (
DEN-2931)in Colorado lapse. They expired in February and bless his heart, he didn't renew them. God Bless Us Every One.

HOWEVER::::::: There are still DeRose's in the dental community with active licenses in the state:

Louis A DeRose-Dentist-License number DEN-104507-Wheatridge, CO
Kerry Jean DeRose-Dental Hygienist-License number DH-201929-Pueblo, CO

Louis or Kerry seem to have any "actions" against them in Colorado at this time but I sure would be interested in what these two think of Ed and Michael, and most of all I'd like to hear how they've kept their names out of all of this, cause ole Dan sure hasn't!

Maybe Ed and Michael can head on over to Bahrain and open up some clinics, like in palace compound or something. Treat them'thar royal kids....

but be careful folks, William Mueller still has his licenses.... be on the lookout.

Small Smiles Still Growing In Kansas: HUH??

I see on Small Smiles website they still don't list clinics in Kansas, yet as we know they are certainly there. Oh wait, FORBA says they don't have clinics in Kansas! Huh?

Yes, there are a couple of Small Smiles in Kansas and at present they are under fire. They say the dentists who is actually working at the clinics "own" the clinics and has a financial interest in the clinic, but that is simply not the truth.

Even though there are no Small Smiles clinics listed at there are job openings listed across the internet to come help give children the smiles they deserve in Kansas Small Smiles. eek Here is one listed 21 days ago for front office help

Here is a link showing a campaign donation from a Pueblo, Colorado Dentist, Dr. Mohammad Akzar to a Kansas State Representative's campaign in 2006 in the name of Small Smiles of Wichita Health Care.

Oddly enough
Reza Akbar is the name of the dentist who says they own Small Smiles of Wichita. Hmmm

Here is the first blog on this

Now one would think these are maybe two different people but lookie here.... Kansas Dental Licenses Number 60330 is a one Mohammad Reza Akbar. So that champaign contribution listed about from Mohammad Akbar from Pueblo Colorado IS Reza Akbar. Dr. Akbar also is licensed in Colorado, number DEN-8903. Wonder how Dr. Akbar feels being a scape goat for Michael DeRose?

....and to think they tried to fool me with those Islamic names...
Ha! Not a chance! Wonder if Dr. Akbar's papers are all in order, isn't this an Iranian name?wink I get so confused....

Attn: Small Smiles Boise, ID Employee

Here is the address of the clinic I'm speaking to:

Small Smiles of Boise, ID
8744 W Fairview Ave
Boise, ID 83704

I understand you are still employed there but are very upset at the treatment of the children. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help stop this abuse and contact me. Someone IMPORTANT would like to have some kind of contact with you, even a simple anonymous email will do.

Ocean Dental/Chad Hoecker Update

Per a Comment:

Per the Ohio Dental Board actions against Chad Hoecker he is on probation for a year in Ohio and can't only accept children, since he is a general dentist. I am not sure what happened in the Oklahoma meeting because he wasn't in the minutes.

More importantly he comes from a long line of legal dodgers: His dad is a dentist who still has his license after exposing himself to a patient.

Case Detail

Kay (Newkirk) - County Last Updated: 05/20/2008 09:00



Date Filed:






Date Action: ST GUILTY PLEA Completed : 09/22/1986

Glen Hoecker not only still has his licenses, there are no actions against him listed in his online dental record file.

Once again, another dental board letting the public down.

Small Smiles @ Trademark Office

Good & Services:
IC 035. US 100 101 102. G & S:
Provision of business management services for dental office development and operations.

Serial Number:

Filing Date: 10-16-2006
Published for Opposition:
June 12, 2007

Sanus Holdings, LLC LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY DELAWARE Suite 201 1114 17th Avenue South Nashville TENNESSEE 37212

Attorney of Record:
Robert P. Felber, Jr.
Dead/Live: Live

Word Mark:
Small Smiles

Goods and Services:

IC 044. US 100 101. G & S: Dentist services. FIRST USE: 20070917. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20070917
Serial Number: 77295476
Filing Date: October 3, 2007
Published for Opposition: March 18, 2008
Owner: Forba Holdings, LLC LTD LIAB CO DELAWARE Suite 520 618 Church Street Nashville TENNESSEE 37219
Attorney of Record: Robert P. Felber, Jr.
Dead/Live: Live

Word Mark: Small Smiles
Good & Services:
IC 044. US 100 101. G & S: Dentist services. FIRST USE: 20070917. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20070917
Serial Number: 77295429
Filing Date: October 3, 2007
Published for Opposition:
March 18, 2008
Owner: Forba Holdings, LLC LTD LIAB CO DELAWARE Suite 520 618 Church Street Nashville TENNESSEE 37219
Attorney Of Record: Robert P. Felber, Jr.
Dead/Live: Live

Word Mark: FORBA
Goods and Services:
IC 035. US 100 101 102. G & S: Personnel recruiting services for dental offices. FIRST USE: 20010500. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20010500
Serial Number: 77156357
Filing Date: April 13, 2007
Published for Opposition: September 4, 2007
Owner: FORBA Holdings, LLC LTD LIAB CO DELAWARE Suite 520 618 Church Street Nashville TENNESSEE 37219
Attorney of Record: Robert P. Felber, Jr.
Dead/Live: Live

I tell ya what, that Church Street address in Nashville just keeps showing up again and again. In various documents I personally found at the Colorado SOS website that addess is associated with Sanus, Smile High, FORBA, DeRose Children's Dental Center and more.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kentucky Should Close Down, Small Smiles, Ocean Dental and Kool Smiles, They Are Operating Illegal Clinics

I would say Small Smiles and Ocean Dental and apparently Kool Smiles, since it's planning on opening up a clinic as well, in Louisville are walking a fine line according to KAR (Kentucky Administrative Regulations) Title 201.

201 KAR 8:006 prohibits a dentist from using
false, misleading, or deceptive advertising and also
establishes the rules for dentists to advertise as
specialists or as being especially qualified in any
area of dentistry.

All dental advertisements shall contain the name of
each licensed dentist providing services within that

Further, a dentist shall not use the name of a
dentist who does not have an ownership interest or
any association in the dental practice. A dentist
who purchases the dental practice of another
dentist shall not use the name of the seller for
more than one (1) year after the purchase of the
practice. Also, a dentist shall not use the name of
another dentist who formerly practiced as a
partner, after the termination of that partner’s
ownership interest in the dental practice.

Any licensed Kentucky dentist may submit their
proposed advertising to the Kentucky Board of
Dentistry for written approval prior to using the

Plus according to other rules, a dentist is Kentucky must actively participate, and something tells me the owners of these clinics don't actively participate in the practice of dentistry in Kentucky.

Kentucky Dental Association Stops Small Smiles from Patient Shopping

November 2007

Dr. Jim Allen, DMD moved to disapprove Dr. Tony Quiroa’srequest for Board approval for hygienists from Small Smiles of Louisville to conduct dental screening services at various elementary schools. Dr. Gaskill seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Kudo's to the Kentucky Dental Board but should Small Smiles even be in the state. If they weren't, there would be no need to stop them from sending out a hygienists to patient shop as they have been found to do in other states.

I realize this is was last fall however the Kentucky Dental Board has not issued another newsletter at this time. They meet in Spring and Fall of each year.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hawaii's HB 2301 Leaves Dental Mills On The Main Land.

It appears Hawaii is doing all it can to protect their citizens from Medicaid dental mills such as Small Smiles, Kool Smiles, Ocean Dental, and Western Dental.
Hawaii has a law in place that says “a dentist must own, maintain or operate an office for the practice of dentistry.” However the laws as they stand now do leave a “loop hole”, as in other states, that people like Michael DeRose of Small Smiles and Dr. Tran Pham of Kool Smiles seem to find a way to slither through.

Majority Leader Kirk Caldwell's HB 2301 bill to prohibit "interference in the practice of dentistry by an unlicensed person or entity" and prohibit "the practice of dentistry in a commercial or mercantile establishment"

Jeffrey Miyazawa, D.D.S., Chair of the Board of Dental Examiners opposes the bill, no big surprise there, but other dentists of Hawaii fully support it.
Dr. Miyazawa argues that passing this law would not give the board any power to enforce it, and I’m saying to myself, "why the hell not?"
Dr. Miyazawa also says “HRS 448-17(a)(12) provides for sanctioning "any other improper, unprofessional, or dishonorable conduct in the practice of dentistry.”
Provisions like this or something close is on the books in most all states, and it hasn’t done one thing to stop these Medicaid dental mills, slowed them down one bit, or even caused them to pause for a split second despite the hundreds and hundreds of complaints and reports.
Hawaii’s HB 2301 would amend HRS 448-A to include as follows:
(a) No person or entity without a license issued pursuant to this chapter shall direct or interfere with a licensed dentist's judgment and competent practice of dentistry.
(b) No dentist licensed pursuant to this chapter who engages in the practice of dentistry in any form, shall permit a person or entity, other than a dentist licensed pursuant to this chapter, to direct, participate in, or interfere with the licensee's practice of dentistry.
Section B above certainly would limit that quota and bonus system that the dental mills have established in other states now wouldn’t it?
HB 2301 would also add 448-B to read as follows:
No person licensed pursuant to this chapter shall engage in the practice of dentistry in a commercial or mercantile establishment, or advertise, either in person or through any commercial or mercantile establishment, that the person is a licensed practitioner and is practicing or will practice dentistry in a commercial or mercantile establishment.

This section shall not prohibit the rendering of professional services to the officers and employees of any person, firm, or corporation by a dentist, whether or not the compensation for the service is paid by the officers and employees, or by the employer, or jointly by all or any of them. For the purposes of this section, the term "commercial or mercantile establishment" means a business enterprise engaged in the selling of commodities or services unrelated to the practice of dentistry or other healing arts.

I think this is a great beginning to an end of the dental mills and I would suggest everyone who reads this and its language to get with their state law makers and get something like this or close to it passed in their respective states.
One thing that is not addressed in this bill is the use of papoose boards. I understand people think the Dental Board would regulate this since the ADA and the AAPD have "guidelines" however leaving things like this to "Boards" of dentists' own peers simply isn't working.
I’ve already started that quest in my state and I can’t urge my many loyal readers enough to do it in your own.

update 3-2010:
I've written to Rep. Caldwell, who at present is running for Mayor of Honolulu to see what happened to his bill.

I did find this:

HB 2301 HD1, Relating To Dentistry
Majority Leader Kirk Caldwell's bill to prohibit "interference in the practice of dentistry by an unlicensed person or entity" and prohibit "the practice of dentistry in a commercial or mercantile establishment" was characterized on the Floor by Rep. Gene Ward as "the anti-Wal Mart, anti-Big Box bill" who went on to say that it was a premature, misplaced constraint of trade. The bill passed, with Rep. Ward as the only no vote.

Kool Smiles Terra Haute Ex Employee's Comment

If you have had issues with the Kool Smiles in Terra Haute, IN clinic contact me at

Here an ex-employee comment on that clinic:

I just want to say that the same treatment and experiences that have happened in Atlanta are somewhat identical to the office in Terre Haute, Indiana. The CTL isn't x-ray certified, along with the other dental staff are not x-ray certified.(So how can she train those who aren't?) Looks like someone didn't do their homework!! Deadlines for xray certifications is running out!!

The CTL was also caught rough handling a 3 yr child approx. 2 months ago in front of the parent, Office Manager and other dental staff, but nothing was done.The Office Manager loves to lie to HR. Their day will soon come!

Michael DeRose and the Root Dental Management-Rafael Rivera, DDS, PLLC Connection

Root Dental Management is part of the so called "new owner's/new management of Smile Starters" in North Carolina. There are current ads throughout the internet for dentists, assistants and other office personnel wanted for Smile Starters that is under this laughable "new owner's/new management" concept they (being the DeRose's) are trying to sell to the good citizens of North Carolina.

Here is the contact info for applying for a job with Smile Starters:

Roger Walters
2211 - E Executive Street
Charlotte, NC 28208

Same physical Address as Root Dental Management and note the email address: rdm-Root Dental Management. I bet Roger Walters could tell some stories don't you guys?

Root Dental Management is owned by Ryan Root of Pueblo, Colorado. At the North Carolina Secretary of State's website if you search for Root Dental Management this is what you get:

Registered in North Carolina: 3/21/07
Formed in Delaware: 2/20/2007
President: Ryan P. Root
Agent is: Ryan P. Root
Registered Address is:
2211-E Executive St
Charlotte NC 28208

Principal Office is:
2211-E Executive St
Charlotte NC 28208

Principal Mailing Address is:
PO Box 816
Pueblo CO 81002

For those of you who don't remember, Ryan Root and the exact same address is the contact for Michael A. DeRose, DDS, PA on the Health Care Reform Act List of Electors in New York State.

See Here

Rice Root Accounting in Pueblo is the old accounting firm for the DeRose's until they got big enough to need an in-house accountant. That's when Ryan slithered on over to work solely on DeRose stuff.

One person sticking up for Rafael Rivera, Jr. who is supposed to be the new "owner" of Smile Starters (whom I think was closely related to Raf, said on this very blog, Raf had worked for SmileStarters as far back as 2002 or there about.

If someone could get their hands on a copy of that "sale contract" with Dr. Rafael Rivera, Jr., Dr. Michael A. DeRose, and Tish Ballance (which would be the sale between Ballance DeRose, DDS, PA and Rafael Rivera, Jr. DDS, PLLC-formed 2/18/2008) you are going to find that Michael DeRose is a "consultant" of sorts and will be getting a hefty fee for his laughable and knowledgeable input!

And next year on Michael A DeRose's many tax returns there should be a fee listed from Rafael Rivera, Jr. DDS, PLLC dba Smile Starters or there is some very creative bookkeeping going on!

Of course it will probably be listed as pass thru income (yeah, passing through umpteen million) LLC, Corporations and PA before it lands on his and his wife's person tax return. But I guarantee it will be on there somewhere, just like a few other corporate dental organizations "consulting fees".

Here's another thought:
It's customary when there is a sale of a company like this between two professionals (sorry...peed my pants laughing...when I typed the word professional) for there to be a "non compete" clause. Yet, here we have Tish Ballance already (even prior to the official signing of the documents) opening up Access West, another medicaid dental practice not far from Dr. Rivera's Smile Starters.

You know, when something stinks it stinks no matter how you twist and turn it, flip or flop it or try to hide it doesn't it?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Small Smiles Temp Dentist Speaks-Reposted From A Dental Forum

I just returned from a 6 week assignment from a temporary agency to a small smiles clinic. (Assignment cut short because FORBA decided not to use doctors that were not credentialed with medicare) In any event, The biggest question I had was....Why mom or dad were not back here learning how to care for the children's teeth. Then I find they are not allowed back there. I was disgusted with the way the children were treated. I wouldn't take a dead snake to that place.

While my office is being built, I decided to make a little money in the interim. I happened to use a temp. service that put me in a small smiles clinic. I was informed by the lead dentist that this was the last place many of the patients could go for dental services, "that we had to do what was necessary to get the job done." This sort of tugged at my heart to see these kids with so much decay and infection. Out of the five doctors that where available, I had the most experience with respect to years practiced. Most were recent grads.

We probably averaged 20 -25% usage of the papoose. It was a screaming frenzy for those few patients that did get the papoose. I did inquire "why oral sedation was not used" and was told that it was not a covered event for the Medicaid patient. From a business view point, they make a lot of cash. Even with the new doctors, it gave me the impression that it is sort of like an uncontrolled residency and a quick way of bringing your skills up to par before entering the "outside world".

They train their own assistants for the most part, because of the high turnover rate. Compensation to them is minimal. They do get enticed with a monthly bonus. I was told that they average 16K production a day. From what I saw, they must do most of that in Hygiene. I do not know what Assistants can or can not do with respect to polishing in that state, but that is used a lot. They work the assistants to the ground and they frequently have 10 hour exhaustive days. One day we saw 137 patients.

I have mixed emotions at the present time. It is obvious that a great deal of money is being made utilizing the government handout of these funds. I was told that not all states pay as well as others and that is why they are not in some of the states.

Whether or not this is true I have not investigated. They have apx. 80 offices with goals of close to 100 or so by 2009. I am not opposed to anybody making a profit. If this truly is the last stop for many of the patients, than they are performing a needed service.

Overall, you have the most inexperienced team, working on probably the hardest portion of the population. It is going to attract media attention at any given opportunity. What is the answer to the problem at hand? I can not tell you. Once again, I am grateful I am able to refer out any pediatric case.

Perhaps, instead of going to Africa, or South America all the time, we doctors can just stay home and donate our time and talents to the local community. I know that is not as glamorous as the "out of country" trip, but it certainly would be just as beneficial. Sorry, I guess I rambled at bit too much.

Kevin P. Ward, DDS-Back In Business

A New Jersey dentist, Dr. Kevin P. Ward's dental licenses were suspended November in 2000 after media reports of him breaking the leg of a child put pressure on the dental board. Until the media broke the story, the dental board had done nothing even though several other patients reported injuries and broken bones. His licenses were reinstated with limitations in 2005 according to records with the New Jersey Dental Board and in April 2007 dental board minutes I found the following:

Kevin P. Ward, DDS - Dr. Ward appeared before the Board with Richard Tanner, Esq., concerning a request for limited reinstatement of his New Jersey dental license. On July 20, 2005 Dr. Ward’s license was reinstated with restrictions. He was permitted to engage in the administrative practice of dentistry but not in the clinical practice of dentistry.
Dr. Ward discussed his administrative duties since the filing of the July 20, 2005 Order to the present. He also discussed his progress in therapy with Richard Reichbart, Ph.D., and discussed the evaluation performed by Alberto M. Goldwaser, M.D.
With regard to future plans, Dr. Ward indicated that if his license is reinstated, he would like to do part-time orthodontics on adolescent patients. He indicated that he has continually taken courses in orthodontics and sees it daily at the practice. The Board requested that he provide a copy of the proof of completion of the courses taken for this renewal period.
At the conclusion of all testimony by Dr. Ward and questions from the Board, the inquiry was ended.
The Board moved this matter to Executive Session for deliberation.
Upon returning to Public Session, the Board determined to table a decision pending receipt of a more complete report from Richard Reichbart, Ph.D. A copy of the transcript of today’s appearance will also be provided to the Board.
In October 2000 NBC's Dateline reporter Hoda Kotbe reported on Dr. Kevin Ward and the many children he had traumatized, broken bones, and even had one child, Kelly Givens, die while under his care.

By checking for his licenses it looks like he's back in business

Children's Dental Clinic,LLC is Really Small Smiles in Columbia, SC

Does anyone besides me find it just amazing at all the names FORBA/Small Smiles, Smile Starters, Medicaid Dental Centers, uses?

In Columbia, SC the IP Address leads you to Children's Dental Clinic, LLC at 3000 Two Notch Road, which when I was there Monday, had Small Smiles on the Building.

If you google Children's Dental Clinic Columbia, SC you once again get a listing for that name but the address is Small Smiles and the website listed is See Here

According to a business search at the South Carolina Secretary of State's Website, the Small Smiles in Florence is Children's Dental Clinic of Florence, LLC.

The Children's Dental Clinic of Columbia, LLC (Small Smiles on Two Notch Road) filed a Domestic LLC company 2-21-2003 and is current in all it's filing. Prior to May 12, 2003 it's name was Children's Medicaid Dental of Charleston, LLC. On 8-17-2008 this was filed "

Looks like one "Michael T. Smith" was once the registered agent for Children's Dental Clinic, (Small Smiles) as well as the Small Smiles in Florence and they were both changed to National Registered Agents, Columbia, SC.

As for the Small Smiles in Florence, SC. It was first established 1/23/2004 and it's first name was actually Florence's Children's Dental Clinic, LLC then changed it's corporate name to Children's Dental Clinic of Florence, LLC 3-5-2004, a short two months later.

In both cases, it appears these DeRose companies set up in a state as one name and with in 2-3 months change their business names. Then of course go on to operate under various other names.

Honestly, it must take an army to keep track of all of the names. I bet if you asked the employees who they worked for, they might be able to come up with some name, but it probably isn't the right one.

Does anyone on here remember Dr. Kevin P. Ward who amazingly had a child break his leg (the femur bone) while in a dental chair at the Children's Dental Center of Union City, New Jersey back in February of 2000? Another child came out of his office with a broken wrist. The state revoked his license for a short time for injuring 13 children. Look at the name of this clinic!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ocean Dental's Chad Hoecker Desciplined in Ohio

Ohio Dental Board Disciplinary Action

Motion by Dr. Kyger, second by Dr. Armstrong, to approve the proposed
consent agreement for Chad B. Hoecker, D.D.S., license number 30-022103, case
number 06-18-0603.

Motion carried.

I don't know what the complaint or disciplinary action was but the case number is listed above. Chad Hoecker is the owner of Ocean Dental Corporation, another medicaid dental mill.

Small Smiles In Boise, ID Employee Speaks Anonymously

Take it from a Small Smiles employee of many years who does not recommend anyone she knows nor lets her own children come to this place, do not bother going there.

It depends on the doctors mood that day if parents are allowed to come back, we are encouraged as assistants to make excuses as to why you cannot. Personally, I do not make excuses, I just let everyone come back if they ask and let the doctor look me in the eye because the policy states that one person may accompany the child back.

It is a very rushed system like a cattle call consisting of a morning meeting of the quota that needs to be made. "Oh, you did 98 patients yesterday that is down from the day before so you need to get it up if you want your bonus." Well screw the bonus if the kids are not getting the care that they need and are being rushed out and treated as if they are just a number.

This is exactly how everything including the employees are treated - all just numbers. Lets all just compete. If you complain or think that something is upsetting you might as well kiss your job goodbye. Welcome to Small Smiles.

There are no pediatric dentists and there never have been. All the dentists get trained in the Pueblo clinic in about a week to handle children and most of the assistants are hired of the street with little no training, which makes it wonderful for the rest of us that actually have training and know how to do things the right way by sterilizing instruments and treating children well.

Many of the good assistants are on our way to getting out of this "dental office" and on our way to bigger and better things. I just can not wait until the day that Small Smiles is closed down for all their mistreatment of patients needs and care as well as the care of their employees.

My identity is hidden because that is how you have to handle things with Small Smiles as an employee.

Small Smiles of Boise, ID


8744 W Fairview Ave
Boise, ID 83704

Since there are so many very unhappy employees at Small Smiles maybe it would be a good idea for someone to write the office a general letter and try to get some of these employees to step forward as Whistle Blowers. Let's face it, management isn't likely to open the mail, right?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

New York Kicking Small Smiles To The Curb

May 8, 2008
Steve Flamisch

The New York State Office of the Medicaid Inspector General is terminating Small Smiles Dentistry from the state Medicaid program effective May 24, CBS 6 News has learned.

A spokeswoman would not confirm any additional details, citing the need to preserve the integrity of the ongoing investigation.

Three former employees and the parents of 82 patients accuse the Colonie children's dentistry clinic of performing rushed and unnecessary procedures on its young patients, all to make money. The ex-employees claim the dentists and other staff members earn lucrative bonuses for achieving certain "production numbers," though the company patently denies that claim.

Government sources confirm that Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's office is also investigating Small Smiles. Cuomo has the power to bring civil and criminal charges in Medicaid cases, though it remains to be seen whether that will be the case.

The State Education Department, which licenses all dentists in New York, would not confirm an investigation, but did file a subpoena requesting all of the information CBS 6 uncovered. The station is cooperating, and - at the request of the parents - sharing that documentation with other state agencies, as well.

Small Smiles spokesman Don Meyer would not confirm the state's action, nor would he explain how 82 parents had come forward to corroborate allegations the company has dismissed as "baseless." In an email, Meyer said, "I have no additional information to share with you at this time."

Video Interview of Parent Forum

Finally a state has stepped forward and working on putting an end to Small Smiles/FORBA barbaric back alley dentistry and abusing children in the process.

I'm looking for more states to follow New York's lead in the near future. Let all keep our fingers crossed and hope that North Carolina realizes Smile Starters is owned and operated by the same people and kicks Smile Starters to the curb as well.

Ok, let see what states follows New Yorks lead.


On a side note:

Dr. Randall W. Ellis, DDS referred to as reviewing the patient files internally for FORBA's (Small Smiles) is a Professor at (drum roll please...... ) Creighton!! And lives.....(drum roll again)...... Pueblo!