Friday, May 02, 2008

2 Year Old Leaves Winston-Salem Smile Starters With Bloody Nose

Recently, and I mean VERY recently 2 year old Kimora, visited the Smile Starters Clinic, located in Winston-Salem, NC on Silas Creek Parkway with a bloody nose.

Her mother reports this was the child's second visit, her first was for a cleaning. This time they wanted to put crowns on four of the two year old's teeth.

After about 30 minutes the child was returned to her mother and the mother was told that only cleaned her teeth but wanted her back for more treatment. Mom said you could tell she had been crying and blood was "dripping" from her nose.

Her mother told the people at the clinic she would NOT be bringing her child back. When mom got home and looked on the Internet and found all the negative reports with Smile Starters she immediately called the clinic to have her daughter's dental records sent to her.

Her mother says the child is now acting strange, even after getting some rest from the incident. Her mother said her son has also visited this clinic and they have put 7 crowns on his teeth. Mom feels like none of the were necessary since she sees to it the children take good care of their teeth and limits sweets etc.

When I questioned mom if she was able to go back with her child or if there was a window to observe the treatment she told me they wouldn't let her go back with her small daughter. She said there was a small two way mirror where she could look see in, but as reported by others on this site it only lets one see into the "cleaning" room and her daughter was taken further back into the clinic.

Now what did those people do to give a 2 year old child a bloody nose. When I try and picture it in my mind, knowing what I do about these people, I would say it happened while trying to wrestle her into the papoose board!

Shame on Smile Starters Once Again!

New Management! HA!

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Anonymous said...

I have took my 2 year old smile starters and I would tell everyone not to ever even consider taking their children there. I just switched to another dentist and tried to get the records and I was told that they never took any x-rays but we told that they did. Not a kid friendly place.

CarolinaVirgo said...

My friend took her son there for his first dental visit and has vowed never to return. She managed to witness the staff attempting to restrain her infant son into a straight jacket, which they said was needed to keep him from moving and potentially injuring himself. Then she checked a little later and the doctor had a fist inches away from her sons face at which point her husband tackled the doctor and she grabbed her son. They are suing.

Anonymous said...

At which Smile Starters Clinic did this happen? I would love to know which doc was involved, because I could make an educated guess !!