Friday, May 02, 2008

Dr. Steven Adair Is Small Smiles New Cheif Dental Officer-Ya Gotta Love it!

See how smart these people are:

They hired the one doctor who wrote an article for the American Academy of Pediatric Dentist on how papoose boards need to be modified for use in dental practice.

(chew on that in a minute...)

Small Smiles hired a Papoose Board Expert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Click Here

Doesn't sound like they plan on doing away with tied kinds down now does it?!

What surprises me is that someone with Dr. Adair's credentials would going up with such a child abusing company as FORBA/Small Smiles. If he thinks he's going to ride in on his white horse and "clean things" up that certainly will not happen. The DeRose's have been doing this since for darn near 20 years, they are set in their ways. Plus I'd say within the next year, this place will be in even worse shape in the eyes of the public, and that's all that really counts isn't it?

Funny how I just posted his article yesterday. Then I see where someone on my site had searched Dr. Adair, so I followed that link and low and behold there was this........... click here.

At the link above is a press release where Dr. Tara Schafer was appointed as the Medical College of Georgia's interim chair by the School of Dentistry Dean, Connie Drisko, a position previously held by Dr. Steven Adair.  

Dr. Tara Schafer, associate professor in the Medical College of Georgia Department of Pediatric Dentistry and an MCG alumna, has been appointed as the department’s interim chair by School of Dentistry Dean Connie Drisko.

“Dr. Schafer is a highly skilled pediatric dentist,” Dr. Drisko says. “I am certain her leadership and forward thinking will continue to advance the department in its mission of providing quality training for students and residents while maintaining a focus on patient- and family-centered care.”

Dr. Steven Adair, the department’s chair since 1990, has reduced his work commitment in the school to assume the position of chief dental officer for FORBA, Inc., the parent company of Small Smiles Dental Clinics, which treats underserved children.

God works in mysterious ways!

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