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Friday, October 26, 2012

Why was Waller, Lansden, Dortch, and Davis represented at the Texas House Public Health Committee meeting October 15, 2012?

The law firm of Waller Lansden was selected to serve as legal counsel to the Texas Health Services Authority (THSA), whose objective is coordination the implementation of strategic and operational plans for the health information exchanges (HIEs) that will provide access to electronic medical records throughout the State of Texas. (which is a whole other can of worms I’m leaving for someone else!)
On October 15, 2012,  Elizabeth Rogers of Waller Lansden testified before Texas House Public Heath Committee meeting in which she basically threw the Texas Dental Board under the bus for not doing it’s job. I agree whole heartedly with her assessment. (yes, I know, whether I agree with her or not is inconsequential) According to the roster, she was there representing the Texas Coalition of Dental Support Organizations
Anyway, here is Rogers’ testimony. Pull up a seat and listen. Then let’s talk.
(This was immediately after Diane Earle of Kool Smiles gave her testimony.)

Here is the handout given to the committee by Waller

Here’s what:
Waller Lansden serves as legal counsel to Dr Richard Malouf, of All Smiles Dental, in his initial plea deal w/ state Attorney General Abbott.
Waller Lansden also serves as legal counsel to Church Street Health Management (CSHM) (d/b/a Small Smiles Dental, Wild Smiles, etc.), and has been involved with the company from its acquisition by private equity investors. 2007 Waller Street News
I’m wondering how Waller’s, clients like Richard Malouf – All Smiles and CSHM-Small Smiles feels about what she had to say.
Currently Small Smiles is owned by Garrison Investment. Not sure if Waller spends a lot of time on CSHM? Well, here’s a time sheet. If you look closely you will see where they are actually the ones handling some serious compliance issues at one of the Ohio clinics.
Why is this a problem? Small Smiles gave birth to Kool Smiles. Two dentists from Small Smiles, along with a paramedic (sounds like the beginning of a bad joke) joined with FFL Partners to start Kool Smiles and NCDR, LLC.
I don’t know this to be 100% fact - but I’m pretty darn sure, Kool Smiles is one of the clinics on CAF – Hold in Texas. (Credible Allegations of Fraud) Meaning, they are not getting their money, hence Diane Earle sent to “fall on the sword”. Earle goes to Texas, swears her testimony is the truth, and 4 days later is having a production meeting in Atlanta at NCDR headquarters!! These execs at Kool Smiles and spineless cowards and have yet to lay themselves on the alter for sacrifice. But they will sure send out the stupid folks – Earle and Buckey for example. (sorry, got off on a KS rant there for a minute)
Another troubling aspect - Waller Lansden professes it is the counsel to the DSO’s here in this ad:
Waller Lansden Ad to Be Dental Management companies Top Firm
Besides all of the above, Waller Lansden are also members of the DGPA,  the group propagating the illegal operation of the dental management companies. Most of it’s members, founders, and officers belong to the dental management companies backed by private equity. I being a member of the “club” most likely to land in legal trouble, it’s a great idea. But… be part of the governing body involved in these matter is a whole other situation.
If Texas is working hard to close the doors on the hen house, don’t lock it down with the wolves’ operatives inside, unless they are double agents, of course.
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