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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Allison Luke - No longer Chief Compliance Officer at Church Street Health Management

Lorri Steiner has been with Church Street Health Management for a very long time.  I would say at least 4 years, maybe a little longer.

Up until last Friday, April 8, 2011, she has been SVP of Financial Operations.  Currently she is carrying the title of Chief Compliance Officer!

Well, at least she is going into this eyes wide open!  She's been around long enough in the financial operations to know how much they need to make each day and how to get it done.  Now, does she know how to cover it up so that it goes unnoticed?  Time will tell.

Anyone notice Lorri was put into this position just about the same time they were able to land an in house attorney, Erika Ruiz.  I'm sure Lorri and Erika can get the job done.

(By the way, there is NO Erika Ruiz listed at the Tennessee Bar Association.  There is only one Ruiz and it's not Erika when you search the Board of Professional Responsibility here )

What happened to Allison Luke, you ask?  

Allison Luke was hired in November 2008, according to Church Street Health Management's own press release, dated 11-5-2008.
Lately her job has been more of that of "fireman" putting out fires created by Small Smiles dentists, staff and corporate heads who are determined to continue on with their bad ways.  After just over a year into the Corporate Integrity Agreement you would think things would be getting a bit better, well, not so much.
Did she figure out it was a lost cause trying to maintain any kind of "Compliance" with Small Smiles Dental Centers?  

Did she get tired of stretching the truth?  Was she tired of rounding 4.2 percent to 5 when it benefited the companies appearance.  Did she tire of rounding a 3.9 to 3.0 when told to do so?

Well, maybe she will do the right thing now and spill her guts to the OIG.  Keeping crimes a secret kind of makes you guilty doesn't it?  Especially when it's you that writes that quarterly report and you sign it, Allison Luke, SVP of Compliance.

Keeping big secrets and covering up fraud will sure weigh heavy on your mind.

Lorri, do you really know what you are in for here?  Me thinks you are in way over your head and guess whose head will role when the rubber meets the road.  Yours.