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Friday, September 02, 2011

Kids Dental Place in Phoenix Arizona–Moses’ story

On Thursday morning of August 12, 2011 I received this email.  It was sent from a frantic mom.  No one can tell the story better than she can, so his is Moses’ story. Moses was seen by Dr. Joseph Nielson.
Moses O
You are God sent!  I found your blog last night while I was googling dentist torture. I need your help and advise. 
Yesterday while I was at work my mother took my son to the dentist (Kids Dental Place on Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ 85016) He had NINE root canals, not to mention crowns and other unnecessary work that was preformed.
 MosesHis face and lips are swollen and he is all bruised up inside and outside his mouth. He also has scratches on his arms and imprints on his arm from where they strapped him down. 
I had NO IDEA that no parents are allowed in the back or else I wouldn't have brought him there!  My mother thought she was coming in for a couple of fillings turned into NINE root canals.  I am so horrified.
Can you give me some wisdom or guidance on what to do?
I spoke to the office manager and she was basically like "who cares" and he does Nine root canals all the time, like it is no big deal!!!  This is so unacceptable, who sits and get nine root canals in one sitting?? My poor baby.  Moses 3

My son also told me that they did not give him any pain medication that he as crying the whole time! And that the densest was very mean!  My son does not lie either and is a vey smart boy for his age (4).
Thanks a million!
I asked Moses’ mom if she could send me any pictures of his injuries and asked if she had gotten his charts from Kids Dental Place. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kids Dental Place under fire by upset mom after child received 9 root canals–Here is info on Kids Dental Place

Kids Dental Place – Kids Dental Place is a trade name for NBA Dental Group P.C. with offices in Phoenix, Glendale, and Mesa Arizona.

kidsdentalplace_thumb2NBA Dental Group
d/b/a Kids Dental Place
3910 E. Equestrian T1
Phoenix, AZ 85044
Map picture
The address on NBA Dental Group belongs to:

George R. and Aramouni Ayoub
3910 E. Equestrian T1
Phoenix, AZ  85044
Valuation - $349,000
The dentists’ bios mention their “passion” and “interest” in treating pediatric patients, one dentist has a father who treated children. However, only one dentist in the group is an actual Pediatric Dentist. I have to ask if they are/were so passionate why only one spent the extra 2 years of training to become a pediatric dentist?
Dr. Amy Heil
Dr. Walter Villanueva – pediatric dentist
Dr. Wissam Ayoub (George) (Manta website says this dude is the Principal of the business)
Dr,. Joseph Nielson
Dr. Jay Ayass