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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I hate Dr. Dove of Bakersfield Facebook Group going viral

September 1, 2011
8:00 CST
Mr. Cook has started another group under a new name – Bakersfield Dentist DOES NOT ROCK!!
Was Dr. Edward Dove trained at one of the Corporate dental mills infecting the nation?
September 1, 2011
6:00 AM CST

I dunno, but I’m thinkin’ this has now become a HUGE story.
It appears as of this morning Facebook decided Free Speech is NOT for them.  After 40 or more complaints about Dr. Dove of Bakersfield reciting the same issues, Facebook took down Mr. Cook’s facebook group!!
If 40 parents posted similar stories about Dr. Dove in a period of a couple of days, imagine the real number of abused patients!  Facebook should be supporting Mr. Cook, not dissuading other victims from speaking out! 
Facebook, you can take down Mr. Cook’s page but it does not change the facts.
Mr. Cook, you have my full support and so do all the other’s who are being silenced! 
Another group has started “Let’s Investigate Dr. Dover”.  You can join it here!
August 31, 2011
A very upset parent has created a facebook group.  Here is the link to the group.
This is the parent’s post:
This past Monday which was August 22nd I took my 5 year old son to have a tooth that I was told needed to be extracted. After arriving at the office my son was given a sedative by mouth in a small cup to drink. He immediately threw up at least 50% of the mixture. I was told to keep an eye on him as he might have vomited it up and it not work.
After approximately 15 minutes a nurse came to me and my son and she wanted to take him in the back for the procedure. He was not ready and he was still very alert. I told the nurse this and she informed me she was only going to be taking x-rays and would be back shortly with him.
Ten to 15 minutes later a nurse comes from the back frantically calling for me and I can now hear my son screaming my name. I rushed to the back and he was being held down by the shoulders by 3-4 nurses and I snatched him up very quickly. He had blood coming from his mouth and was wet from head to toe.