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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dr. Scott Harrington – November 2013 UPDATE: 100 Patients now test positive for Hepatitis, 4 test positive for HIV

A class-action lawsuit was filed against Oklahoma oral surgeon, Dr. W. Scott Harrington - license number 3666 (creepy) - on September 3, 2013; included were two assistants, Terri (Waugh) Velega and Lisa Young.  Now, more patients have tested positive for infections.

In the class-action Terri (Waugh) Velega and Lisa Young are accused of administering IV sedation illegally.The lawsuit also accuses Hospira, Pharmaceutical Systems, and Southern Anesthesia & Surgical -- the makers, distributors, and marketers of the propofol used in Dr. Harrington's practice -- of selling multiuse vials that are "unreasonably dangerous and unfit for use as anesthesia in an oral surgery center because of the foreseeable misuse of treating multiple patients from the multiuse propofol vials."Class Action Complaint - Dr. W. Scott Harrington, filed September 2013

Below are two of the latest reports:

By DrBicuspid Staff
Dr. BicuspidNovember 15, 2013 -- Oklahoma health officials have confirmed that 100 patients of oral surgeon W. Scott Harrington, DMD, have now tested positive for hepatitis and HIV.
The state health department said 90 patients have tested positive for hepatitis C, six for hepatitis B, and four for HIV, according to a press release.
More than 4,200 people have been tested since the dental board launched in investigation in March. Health officials have notified 7,000 of Dr. Harrington's patients that they may have been exposed to blood-borne viruses at his Tulsa and Owasso offices and should be tested for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV.
The Oklahoma Board of Dentistry launched the investigation after being notified that health officials were looking into complaints about potential hepatitis C contamination at Dr. Harrington's practice. Investigators found numerous violations of health and safety laws, including the use of rusty instruments on patients known to have infectious diseases.
Two new lawsuits were filed against Dr. Harrington in November, according to a story. The most recent case was filed on behalf of a man who had 14 teeth extracted last December.
A class-action lawsuit was filed in September by seven former patients, including five who claim they contracted infectious diseases during treatment at Dr. Harrington's dental clinics.
Dr. Harrington is scheduled to appear before the dental board on January 17, 2014, in Oklahoma City.

Lawsuits Piling Up Against Tulsa Dentist Accused Of Spreading Diseases

TULSA, Oklahoma -
November 13, 2013 - The lawsuits are mounting against a Green Country dentist accused of exposing thousands of patients to diseases. Two new suits were filed against Dr. Scott Harrington this month.
The health department has confirmed 90 of Harrington's patients tested positive for hepatitis C, six for hepatitis B and for HIV.
Harrington's practices in Tulsa and Owasso have been locked up tight since March. The State Dentistry board said Harrington was using unsafe and unsanitary practices. He's now facing a number lawsuits by patients, who say the dirty practice left them with a potentially deadly disease.
"To think that it's happening in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it just boggles my mind," said Attorney Paul Boudreaux.
Boudreaux is representing five former patients of Dr. Scott Harrington.
9/18/2013 Related Story: Attorney Says Client Contracted Hepatitis C At Dentist Harrington's Office
The most recent case was filed on behalf of a Mannford man who went to Harrington to have 14 teeth extracted last December.
"Now his life is probably shortened, now he can look forward to significant health problems and treatment as a result of contracting hepatitis C, because he went to the dentist," Boudreaux said.
The attorney said the Tulsa Health Department told his client in April that he'd tested positive for the disease. He said the man is so ashamed by the diagnosis, he didn't want to go on camera.
"He's obviously devastated, as is his wife," Boudreaux said.
In September, the health department confirmed genetic tests by the CDC proved one of Harrington's patients transmitted hepatitis C to another patient. But a spokesperson with the state's health department told us Wednesday that only a select few of the positive results were sent to the CDC--those who met specific criteria, like having no other risk factors and matching the right time frame.
Boudreaux said his client lives a clean lifestyle.
6/18/2013 Related Story: More Lawsuits Filed Against Tulsa Dentist Scott Harrington
"He's a very healthy individual. He practices martial arts, he's a married man," he said.
Boudreaux said his client's DNA was not sent to the CDC, but he said the only place the man could have contracted the disease was in the dentist's chair.
"I certainly don't know of any indication, other than going to this dentist and having 14 teeth extracted by no telling what equipment," the attorney said.
The health department said it's unlikely any more results will be sent to the CDC.
Boudreaux said he has a team of experts examining his cases and said it's possible his clients will look into private genetic testing.

Wayne Scott Harrington 2001 mugshotAccording to court records, W. Scott Harrington was arrested following a DQI arrest in Dallas, Texas November 2, 2001
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Reporters have interviewed attorneys representing patients of Dr. W. Scott Harrington. Below is the contact information for each.  

logoAttorney Paul Boudreaux representing patients of Oklahoma dentist Scott Harrington
7447 South Lewis Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136-6808
Phone – 877-777-4539 or 918-492-7674

pat carr logoAttorney Pat Carr representing patients of Oklahoma dentist Scott Harrington
4416 S. Harvard Ave
Tulsa, OK  74135
Phone – 918-747-1000 or 800-777-4878

Sill Law Group
Sill Law Group has filed the class-action against Dr. W. Scott Harrington
15005 N. Eastern Ave.
Edmond, OK  73013
Phone – 405-509-6300 or 855-329-8276