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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Over 11,500 comments just 24 hours after Yahoo news picks up the story of child’s mouth of metal in Arizona.

January 17, 2013 10:55 AM CSTyahoonews

Since being picked up by Yahoo News, “Arizona mother gets shock after daughter’s trip to dentist” now has over 10,000 comments since it’s post on Yahoo, 22 hours ago.










AZ Child 2









Photos courtesy of and 3 On Your Side

3 On Your Side Reporter Gary Harper:

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If Dr. Richard Chaet is what is representing Pediatric Dentistry in Arizona no wonder there are so many dental abuse stories coming from that state. At least 1 in 3 that I received come from there.

A Quote from the story and Dr. Richard Chaet, “ Chaet explained that while Savannah's dental work is shocking to look at, it was probably necessary. "This is a child who is obviously very high risk for decay," he said, noting that crowns will save other teeth from deteriorating.

Seriously Dr. Chaet?  Well then for heavens sake let all American’s all get crowns on every in their head to prevent “deterioration”.  Then we won’t need assholes like yourself!

Better yet, let’s all run down to Aspen and have every tooth jerked out of our head and get a crappy set of dentures slapped in!  That would work too wouldn’t it?

Can anyone say, “Agency Capture” well it’s been captures in Arizona and if nothing else this story revealed that much!


Sadly this is probably the best that could be done to repair what the monster dentists did to this beautiful child. 

the fix

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Phoenix child abused by an crooked dentist.

As readers of this blog knows, it’s much more serious than this story has lead anyone to believe. Dr. Richard Chaet is a huge part of the problem and should be ashamed!

This reporter drank the Kool Aid and note the greedy dentist’s who did this didn’t get his name mentioned. I bet the reporter isn't buying what Dr. Chaet is selling any longer.



by Gary Harper

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PHOENIX -- A Valley mom took her daughter in for some routine dental work, but the mom said there was nothing routine about the procedure.

At first, Alecia White thought a mistake had been made so she tried to get some answers. When White didn't, she contacted 3 On Your Side.

White has two beautiful and healthy children, Zach and his little sister Savannah.

"They're my everything," she said. "They're my entire world."
On a recent trip to the dentist, White discovered that little Savannah had four cavities. So, White allowed the dentist to fill them.

"They took her back and I was allowed to go back when they sedated her and after she was sedated, they had me go back out to the waiting room," White said.
White brought her groggy, little girl home when the procedure was done and let her take a nap. However, when Savannah woke up and White looked in her mouth, she saw that every single tooth, top and bottom, were capped with stainless-steel crowns.