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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

NYT fell for the bullshit - Rise in Preschool Cavities Prompts Anesthesia Use

Rise in Preschool Cavities Prompts Anesthesia Use - – Pure bullshit!


Front page? 

Imagine, the story comes out of Seattle!  DOCS Education’s home town!

The story quotes:

"Dr. Megann Smiley, a dentist-anesthesiologist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio"  SURPRISE! - Home of one of Small  Smiles advisory board members and former/current office of the corrupt AAPD -Paul Cassamassmino .

The NYT is playing with the lives of children, shameful!!

Another great quote:

“We have had a huge increase in kids going to the operating room,” said Dr. Jonathan Shenkin, a pediatric dentist in Augusta, Me., and a spokesman for the American Dental Association. “We’re treating more kids more aggressively earlier.”

No shit, Sherlock!  That’s why Texas is going broke, from the over aggressive fraud being committed!  At least you admitted it, Dr. Shenkin!

You gotta love the last line:

"Multiple studies have shown that even children who undergo general anesthesia to treat dental decay end up with cavities again. Janine Costantini, the ambulatory practice director at Children’s Hospital Colorado, said the staff treated a 3-year-old who was making his second visit to the operating room for dental work. The boy arrived with a bottle of Coca-Cola. " 

Yes, the exact same hospital where Randall Ellis of Small Smiles fame resides, as well as where Small Smiles Founder, William Mueller was head of the department!  Oh and let's not forget, that Coca Cola he probably got it at pre-school...  After all it was Small Smiles other founder, Dan DeRose who made that happen for the kiddies. 

It’s a shame the powers that be don’t pay attention to these Pew studies.  They are 3 years old or more before they release them! Half the report quoted stuff from 2007!  It’s 2012 people!!! 

Funny the title is The Cost of Delay” since the data in it is so friggin “delayed” !!

Me..  FURIOUS!!  Not good!

Not good at all!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

FORBA Looking for Dentists in the Dothan and Montgomery Alabama Clinics

FORBA looking for dentists for it's Alabama clinics. YIKES! Wonder what has happened to:

Dr. Michelle Nicole Dandridge
Dr. Sabrina Lynn Hinton
Dr. Khaleda Imroz
Dr. Kevin Frank Kingry
Dr. Amber Tennile Bishop
Dr. Katherine Wood Merrill
Dr. Nzingha Harris Stovall
Dr. Keri P Turk
Dr. Adra Gibson Washington

Maybe they have moved on. I'm sure if they aren't with FORBA's Small Smiles clinics any longer, I'll hear from them.

All the above have current licenses in Alabama except Dr. Khaleda Imroz. I guess that's because Dr. Imroz is in Colorado, at 415 N. Grand Street. See Links below. I've checked dental licenses for Dr. Khaleda Imroz in Alabama and Colorado and they are none existent. I always worry when I see the same dentist name in several states. For example, Dr. Randall Ellis, DDS, he has current licenses in more states than I've got fingers.

Link showing Dr. Khaleda Imroz in Alabama

Link showing Dr. Khaleda Imroz in Colorado

They're offering you a sign up bonus and relocation reimbursement. Another big YIKES!! Besides signing your right to breath away when signing their normal contract, my guess is they may want your first and second born child. I know they take your gonads.

They are advertising as far away as Tallahassee City, Florida as you can seen by clicking here.

This ad says it was posted on February 13, 2010. Contact info is our buddy, Jacob Kochenberger. I see the number is the Colorado office number: 719-562-4460

Here is the ad:

Offering a $10,000 Signing Bonus & Licensing and Relocation Reimbursement

SEEKING ASSOCIATE DENTISTS in our rewarding work environment! We are
currently searching for skilled and compassionate Dentists for our
state-of-the-art dental centers in:

Montgomery, AL
Dothan, AL

As the nation’s largest and most experienced provider to underserved children
and young adults we offer an excellent guaranteed base salary, promotion
opportunities and benefits (including monthly bonus potential, 401(k) retirement
with company match, paid vacation & holidays and 100% coverage for health
insurance, malpractice insurance, disability insurance, continuing education,
dues and fees). Relocation reimbursement offered and licensing assistance

Join our team of professionals providing quality dental care. General Dentists,
Pediatric Dentists and new graduates are encouraged to apply.



Please contact Jacob at:
Direct Phone: 719-562-4460
Fax: 719-584-7697