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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kool Smiles Everett Washington Complaint

We just moved to Everett and I was looking for a dentist for my children. I wanted to let them have a great experience so I looked for a pediatric dentist only. When I found Kool Smiles I was happy-that has completely changed.

It first started when I received a
phone call to confirm our appointment. I called back and confirmed. After that initial confirmation, I received FIVE more confirmation calls.

We arrived five minutes before our appointment time I was given forms to fill out that looked like they were done on a copier from 1985. One of the forms stated that I should not accompany my children and that if necessary they would restrain my child, I did not sign that consent form. When I returned the forms to the
desk I had to ask to come back with my children (ages four and two)!

After TWO, yes 2 hours of waiting we were finally taken back. The hygienist informed me that they would do a lap exam and paint with fluoride. When I asked why they were not going to get a cleaning, she was surprised. She stated that they usually don't do cleanings for children that young.
After the cleaning the
dentist spent about one minute looking at my children teeth and did not even address me. I was informed by the receptionist about my daughters cavity and that she would have to be sedated for a filling and then asked when I would like to make the next appointment- that is a big NO!

The staff seemed stressed out and over worked, they kept making mistakes, forgetting about patients etc.Terrible we will definitely not be returning. The only good thing was how well behaved my
children were.