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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ameris Health Systems–Shifting Focus Toward Management

One day before FORBA’s Michael Lindley signed the 5 year Corporate Integrity Agreement his other associated company, Ameris sent out a press release announcing it was “shifting it’s focus to management”.  !!

Nashville Post talks about this and the “unloading” of all but one of it’s hospitals.
Read it here.

Michael Lindley bought his Florida condo from Ameris Realty of Florida, he is up to his eyeballs in Ameris.

Ameris Health Systems
1114 17th Avenue South
Suite 205
Nashville, TN 37212

From the Ameris Health Website

In 1992, Sam Lewis founded Consolidated Health Corporation ( CHC ). CHC was the predecessor of Ameris Health Systems, LLC (Ameris). Ameris, a Tennessee limited liability company, was formed on June 26, 1998 for purposes of developing, owning and managing hospitals and geriatric psychiatric units.

The first project undertaken by CHC was the reopening of Morton Medical Center in Morton, Mississippi. The hospital had been closed for 4 years prior to the involvement of CHC . Ameris recruited physicians and managed this facility until 1998, when management was returned to the local hospital authority. The facility is still open and serving the needs of the community.

In 1993, CHC reopened Newton Regional Hospital, originally a 50-bed acute care facility in Newton, Mississippi. The hospital had been closed for 9 months when CHC reopened it. Over the years, Ameris had added physicians to the medical staff, implemented a 12-bed geriatric psychiatric unit and a swing bed program increasing the services provided to the community and Income for the hospital. In 2003, management was returned to the local hospital authority.

In 1996, Ameris was engaged to manage Prentiss Regional Hospital & Nursing Home in Prentiss, Mississippi. Ameris added a 14-bed geriatric psychiatric unit and a swing bed program. New physicians were attracted to the community. The facility was renovated via grant money obtained by Ameris management. In 2004, management was returned to the local hospital authority.

In 1997, Ameris purchased CareNet Health Systems, Inc. (an owner and manager of residential adolescent treatment facilities), developed and opened 2 additional facilities in Birmingham and Philadelphia, and sold CareNet to Children's Comprehensive Services, Inc. In 1998.

In 1997, Ameris purchased Smith Hospital in Hahira, Georgia. Following a bitterly contested Certificate of Need (CON) application process, Smith received approval to build a new facility In Valdosta, eight miles away. Ameris syndicated the facility to local physicians and other Investors. The new facility opened in June 2002. Ameris partners individually own approximately 30% of Smith Hospital and Ameris manages this facility. Smith Northview Hospital is very successful as an Ameris-managed facility. The hospital has undergone four expansions in its new location since opening and has a bed capacity of 54. A fifth expansion is currently underway to increase the capacity of the Women's Center and Nursery.

In 1998, Ameris took over management of a geriatric-psychiatric unit for Winston Medical Center in Louisville , MS . Ameris recruited physicians and increased the marketing efforts of the unit. Ameris continues to manage this unit.

In 2001, Ameris' founder, Sam Lewis led a group of investors who acquired Children's Comprehensive Services, Inc., a NASDAQ listed public company with annual revenues of approximately $140 million, and took the company private.

[ He tried to hide the company from scrutiny by taking it private is what he’s really saying.  Twiford Rainer, Al Smith (“Smith”), Mike White, Rodney Cawood (“Cawood”), Buddy Turner, Jeff Cross, Gail Debiec, Brad Gardner, Brad Williams, Don Wert, Rob Minor, Mike McCulla, Jim Shaheen, and Rod Gaeta were the group of investors -  Smith, Cawood, Lindley, Gardner, Williams, McCulla are the crooks who own the illegal dental clinics-Small Smiles]

The company then operated as KEYS Group Holdings, LLC ( KEYS ). Mr. Lewis was on the board of KEYS and Ameris partners owned more than 10% of the company. KEYS ' audited financials for 2004 reflected shareholder equity of $42.7 million, net revenues of $118 million and pretax income of $6.5 million from continuing operations and a $40.6 million gain on sale of discontinued operations. KEYS was sold to Universal Health Systems in 2005.

In 2003, Ameris obtained a CON to build a 70 bed replacement medical/surgical hospital in Phenix City , Alabama . Ameris contributed the CON with an appraised value of $3 million to Russell County Community Hospital , LLC ( Summit Hospital ), raised over $22 million of additional equity and obtained a HUD insured mortgage loan, which closed on May 19, 2005 , for $33.6 million needed to develop, construct and equip Summit Hospital . Summit Hospital was sold to Houghston Orthopedic Clinic in February 2008.

In late 2004, Ameris acquired the operations of two acute care hospitals ( Blytheville and Osceola Arkansas ) from Baptist Health Systems of Memphis and entered into leases for each of the two facilities with Mississippi County Arkansas. Ameris and Ameris partners own approximately 66% of the Arkansas operation and Ameris was contracted to manage each facility. Ameris returned the management of the facilities back to the County in March2009.

In April 2007, Ameris received approval from the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration for a Certificate of Need to develop a 60 bed general acute care hospital in Levy County , Chiefland , Florida . Plan developments and financing activities are currently underway.

In September 2008, Ameris assumed the management contract for Barrien County Hospital and Georgia Home Health Services in Nashville , GA. Berrien County Hospital is a JCAHO accredited facility with a licensed capacity of 63 beds. Ameris added a 12-bed geriatric psychiatric service to the hospital in January 2010. Georgia Home Health Services operates three offices – Nashville , GA ; Valdosta , GA ; and Tifton , Georgia . Ameris returned operations of the facilities back to the owners in August 2010.

In January 2010, Ameris began a management engagement and turnaround of the 50-bed acute care hospital in Montezuma , GA. A financial turnaround is currently underway, as well as plans to sell the facility’s assets to a newly formed 501( c ) 3 corporation under an Ameris management agreement.

Ameris Health Systems and Ameris Management Services continue to explore new opportunities for management, development, and consulting for general acute and psychiatric health care entities. Please contact us for more information at (615) 327-4440 .

Ameris of Georgia -

CEO – Sam J. Lewis
CFO – Michael G. Lindley
Sec – Luther Ramsay