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Friday, July 27, 2012

New Mexico Dental Board takes it easy on “Comfort Dental”- yet nails their employees. Same for Perfect Teeth and Birner Dental Management

New Mexico Dental Board takes it easy on “Comfort Dental”, yet nails their employees.

Note in each of these it mentions that the “Comfort Dental” clinic is “owned” by the dentist who is being sanctioned. We know that is pure crapola!  The New Mexico Dental board knows it’s crapola too, but does nothing to the corporation, nothing, nada, zip. 

The dentists are always going to take the fall until you guys get off your asses and speak up! Quit taking an oath to tell the truth and lie about your clinic ownership?  I do NOT understand this! I’m baffled every day by it.

What more can I say that will convince you are your screwing yourself, and your colleagues in the ground! Your chosen profession is going to hell, do something for God’s sake!  Do something for the public’s sake!

Comfort Dental Employee Sean S Phelan, DDS Stipulated Agreement with New Mexico Dental Board

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kansas About to Open Gates of Hell with HB 2241

Update March 16, 2011
HB 2241 is before the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee – Tabled until Thursday March 17, 2011.  Originally, the Kansas Dental Board and the Kansas Dental Association objected, however deals were cut and it passed the house. 
Contact the following to express your concerns and stop the opening of the doors for abusive dental mills from entering Kansas:
Chair - Sen. Vicki Schmidt
Vice Chair - Sen. Pete Brungardt
Ranking Minority Member - Sen. Laura Kelly
Sen. David Haley
Sen. Terrie Huntington
Sen. Dick Kelsey
Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook
Sen. Roger Reitz
Sen. Chris Steineger
February 15, 2011
Kansas Health Institute reports on Kansas HB 2241 and it opening the doors to Corporate Dentistry.  Not that Corporate Dentistry is not already there in the form of torture chamber and child abusing clinics, called Small Smiles, but now it wouldn't be with special top secret deals with the dental board giving a wink and a nod.
Kansas lawmakers are not doing their due diligence and allowing themselves to be feed a line of bull.  Request to check some corporate records before you decide to allow these dental mills in your door.  I urge Kansas lawmakers request current and former employees of these dental mills to testify.  They will tell you like it is, not what they want you to know.
Kansas HB 2241 is opening the door to the devil.
The dental board sent out "prove it" letters to pretend owners of the Small Smiles there, and the answers to those questions were NOT answered to show the clinics were owned by individual dentists. 
That didn't matter, in fact that was used to prove corporate dentistry was already there and thriving inside the state boarders, now welcome to corporate dentistry hell.
Here is the rolling on the floor laughing my ass off portion:
Independent decisions
Testifying Tuesday, a dental board spokesperson said that the board had concerns with HB 2241 but could support it given two, last-minute revisions by the Kansas Dental Association and with assurance that dentists working for Comfort Dental or a similar chain would be able to make independent clinical decisions.

Has Kansas missed all the KWCH reports on Small Smiles?  No, of course not.  They will go ahead, let this happen to the people of Kansas and plead, we didn't know when sloppy dental care is delivered to the citizens. The Kansas Dental Association knows, the Kansas Dental Board knows, the only ones who don't are the ones who will be ripped off, and received care based on production numbers, and not quality of care.  Everyone one of these mills operate on "production" not "quality of care".  It's production, folks.  They don't use the words care, only production! 
Here is a report from a person who used to work at the Topeka Kansas Small Smiles, we shall call her Emily:

As a former employee of a dental clinic managed by Forba, I can honestly say that I'm not surprised by this article. As sad as that may sound, I was witnessed upspeakable acts by the dentist and dental assistants that I worked with/for. I've witnessed a Dr. hit/punch a mentally handicapped patient. I've witnessed another Dr.
tackle a 3 year old girl to the floor, all of which Forba knew happened. I tried to report these and the countless other incidents that I witnessed, but nobody at Forba took me seriously. I left there over a year ago and can say that I sleep just a little better at night knowing that I don't have to get up to go to work for these terrible people.
I'm deeply sorry to the Kingery family. Forba is nothing but a money hungary company that only cares about production. I would NEVER recommend taking your children there. If you have to, make sure that you go back with them and are present for everything that happens. It is your right as a parent to go back with your child, it
is your right/duty to ask questions. If you see something that doesn't look right, question it!
When asked by committee members whether the franchise’s business model would result in more dental service in rural and underserved areas, he said that’s where the types of patients Comfort Dental seeks tend to be.
Of course they will bring dental care to low income areas of Kansas, defrauding the taxpayers is what lines their pockets.  I suppose Kansas lawmakers are somehow brainwashed into thinking any care beats no care at all.  I beg to differ!