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Friday, January 20, 2012

Fortune CNN Money article on a New Jersey Medicaid dental clinic

I was a bit offended by the attitude of these piece, but isn’t that the case when the press speaks of the less fortunate, poor or temporarily down on their luck.

It was titled Building a business with unwanted customers”, so I guess I had an attitude before I read it. 

My first thought was; of all the dental centers out there geared to treat child whose parents have fallen on hard times, why this one? 

All the right buzz words and phrases the dental mills use today - “Underserved” and ”Target Patients on Medicaid” for example – were used perfectly.  Even the added “nobility” factor was included – “believes that treating the underserved can make for good business.”

By the end of the article it sounded more like a story about a business in the ‘hometown” section of the local newspaper, not CNN Money.

This may be a fantastic dental center, I don’t know.  All I know is what I read and it had the sound of a local, one shop, assembly line style dental center.  That was until I saw the logo. Continue on and you’ll see what I mean.