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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pueblo Small Smiles Dental Center Sold?

Rumor has it, Dr. Andrew Loomis – date of hire May 23, 2011- is purchasing the Small Smiles Dental Clinic in Pueblo, Colorado and the current employees last day is late next week.

Anyone besides me crying foul and not believing that an actual sale is happening?

I find it odd that a guy who has been with the company for less than a year is purchasing the original Small Smiles. You know the DeRose family is not going to allow anyone to control their original clinic. I’m sure it hold a massive amount of sentimental value.

The clinic just so happens to be housed in a building owned by the DeRose-Padula Enterprises. This sounds like North Carolina and DeRose’s fake sale of the Smile Starters Dental Centers to his employee, Raf Rivera, DDS about the time he agreed to pay $10 mil to settle fraud charges.

If I were a dentist purchasing the clinic, where I had been an employee for a year. There was a  full staff with whom I had worked all during that time, I would most likely keep them on, wouldn’t you? Why wouldn’t you? Some of those let go will be bound by non-compete agreements won’t they?

I’m pretty darn sure Michael DeRose, Eddie too, are on the List of Excluded Individuals and Entities and are not to participate in the Medicaid program, directly or indirectly. I guess DeRose Padula Enterprises is not on that list so it can participate? All sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? That’s because it is ridiculous.

Presumably Randall Ellis, DDS owns the place, right? He is one of those “fake” owners for Church Street Health Management. One thing is for sure, if Randy Ellis, DDS actually owns the clinic,as he has filed sworn documents attesting to, then he should have some serious capital gains on that 2012 tax return on his.

However, if you go back and look at the entity documents on file with the Colorado Secretary of State’s website, I’m not sure it ever left the DeRose Family in the first place.

Tax Assessor Office

Pueblo Tax Assessor's Office, report on 1022 Liberty Lane,Pueblo, Colorado, 81001

All Personal Property is billed to Church Street Health Management, LLC in Nashville, assessed at $34,996.

Land and Building belongs to DeRose Padula Enterprises. Assessed value for 2012 is $430,411. (land 77,500 structure $352,911)

So what did Dr. Loomis purchase and from whom did he purchase it? Has this been reported to the Bankruptcy Trustee?

How many papoose boards did he get in the deal? I notice they are not actually listed as being part of Church Street Health Management’s assets, but surely they are part of the $34,996 of “personal property”. Did he get his contract back so he’s not auctioned off like a slave in a human trafficking ring?

Church Street Health Management Personal Property (Form B38)– begins on page 32

Church Street Health Management, LLC Credit Agreement with Garrison Loan Agency, LLC