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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Small Smiles, Kool Smiles, Fried Chicken and Ice Cream Headaches

There seems to be no outrage from the public that First Islamic Investment Bank owns and operates Small Smiles Dental Centers. Why?

There is nothing close to the outcry when it was revealed this same bank owned Caribou Coffee.  The bank simply changed its name to Arcapita, folks.

This investment bank is milking our CHIPS Medicaid system, designed to help low-income children.  To the tune of $150 million dollars a year I might add.

They are taking this money and applying Shariah Compliant Finance laws, letting a group of Shariah advisers, from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia decide who gets the money and how much!  Think it might be going to fund terrorist?  (rhetorical question)  Are you seriously OK with this!

More on Shariah Compliant Finance below.

Small Smiles, Kool Smiles, and Church’s Chicken
Arcapita B.S.C, the Islamic Bank that owns the Small Smiles Dental Clinics, notorious for over-treatment and the abuse of underserved children in the US.

Friedman Fleischer and Lowe the US Investment firm owns the Kool Smiles Clinics, it too, notorious for over-treatment and the abuse of underserved children in the US.

What do these two companies have in common besides the above?

They each have, at one time or another, owned Church’s Fried Chicken and employed Harsha V. Agadi and FFL’s Kool Smiles arm, NCDR, LLC is also based in Atlanta.

Arcapita purchased Church’s Chicken in December 2004.   Arcaptia sold out to Friedman Fleischer and Lowe in June of 2009 for an undisclosed amount.  FFL left l Harsha V. Agadi as President and CEO. 

Harshavardhan V. Agadi
HarshaAgadi-100pCurrently Agadi is Chairman and CEO of Friendly Ice Cream and still remains a shareholder and board member of Church’s Chicken, through his company GHS Holding.  Arcapita appointed Agadi as CEO in 2004.

Agadi has a BS degree from of the U of B.  No, that is not the University of Boston, its University of Bombay.  I shall leave it to you to decode the BS degree.  Harsha has been with Pizza Hut, Dominos, CEO of Little Caesar’s Pizza, and serves on the boards of Sbarro’s Pizza, and Bijoux Terner, another Arcapita company.
Bijoux Terner  
Agadi stepped down as President and CEO of Church’s Chicken in January 2010 and joined Friendly’s Ice Cream August 17, 2010.  Harsha is also on the board of Crawford & Company, appointed August 5, 2010, twelve days before the appointment as CEO of Friendly’s Ice Cream.

Crawford and Company

Why are so many Arcapita Executives on Crawford and Company’s board?  At least two are also members/directors of FORBA Holding.

Crawford and Company based in Atlanta and according to its website “…is the world’s largest independent providers of claims management solutions to the risk management and insurance industry as well as self-insured entities…”

Currently Harsha Agadi, from above, sits along side  Jeffery T. Bowman, President of Crawford and Company, and Charles Ogburn, Crawford & Company board member and he also is with Arcapita. 

Other Arcaptia employees or board members associated with Crawford & Company:

CharlesHOgburnCharles H. Ogburn - Non-Executive Chariman – Arcapita, Alanta Venture Forum, Crescent (now Arcapita), Robinson-Humphrey Company, Durham Affordable Housing Coalition and King and Spalding, according to  Charles Ogburn earned $72,999.00 from Crawford and Company in 2009.

According to Bloomberg Business Week, Charles Ogburn is on the board of 6 companies:
American Pad and Paper, LLC
Cypress Communications, Inc
Southland Log Homes, Inc.
Caribou Coffee Company, Inc.
Tensar Corporation
Crawford and Company
Bloomberg lists Ogburn’s other affiliations and FORBA Holding is on the list.

JeffBowmanJeffery T. Bowman, Crawford’s President whose total compensation for 2009 was $1,270, 728.00.
Bloomberg fails to list FORBA Holding, LLC as one of Jeffery T. Bowman’s profile.

Shariah Law and Shariah Compliant Finance

Under Shariah Compliant Finance (SCF), 2.5% of all profits must be paid as “Zakat”.   Under Islam, Zakat purifies your money, possessions and wealth and is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.  Basically it purifies Muslims from any greed and selfishness.   It is believed practicing Zakat protects future income, protects them from loss and hunger as well as ensures their prayers are heard by Allah.

This “ethical banking” forbids investments or owning interest in various business and products such as entertainment, pornography, gambling, pork, alcohol or any form of business that involves Israel.

Zakat is paid to Islamic charities.  It is the clerics on the boards of these charities who decide what charity receives the Zakat and the amount.  No doubt billions are handed directly or indirectly to jihadist.  After all, Yusuf Al-Qaradawi was and reported still is Arcapita’s Shariah Financial adviser.  I will get to Qaradawi in a minute.

Atif A. AbdulmalikCritics pounced on Caribou Coffee when it was revealed the majority shareholder was a Shariah Compliant bank when it was named First Islamic Bank of Bahrain, whose CEO is Atif Abdulmalik.

According to a statement on Caribou Coffee’s website “Caribou Coffee currently has 9 directors on its board” and “the majority of whom meet all the independent requirements of NASDAQ  and the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission.”

First Islamic Investment Bank of Bahrain, which began operations in 1997, changed its name to Arcapita Bank B.S.C. March 15, 2005.  The Islamic investment bank also changed the names of its US division, Crescent Capital Investment located in Atlanta.  It is now Arcapita.

Arcapita Bank B.S.C. has offices in Bahrain, Atlanta, London and Singapore.  The fact just the “majority” meet the requirements is concerning.  It suggests the minority is not.

QaradawiFinancial institutions who practice SCF law have Shariah Law Advisers to guide the company and its investments.  Enter Yusuf Al-Qaradawi.

Qaradawi is a very busy man having a long standing record of fueling jihad and terrorism.  Yusuf Al-Qaradawi’s name has been removed from being a part of Arcapita Bank, but it is believed he is still very much involved with Arcapita.

This man, who has been banned from entering the US since 1999 and who has a long history of promoting violence, supporting bombings of the Israeli people, funds and supports Hamas and Hezbollah and encourages attacks on American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, is/was the Shariah Complient Financial Adviser for Arcapita Bank. 

Currently Arcapita’s website list’s the following as being on its Shariah Supervisory Board:

  • Shaikh Abdullah Sulaiman Al Meneea, Chairman - Member of Grand Scholars Panal, Saudi Arabia; Retired Islamic Judge, Supreme Court in Saudi Arabia; Member of Shariah advisory boards of a number of Islamic banks and other Islamic financial institutions.
  • Dr. Abdul Sattar Abdul Kareem Abu Ghuddah - a SCF board member on a number of Islamic banks and financial institutions; Member of Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions, Bahrain.
  • Justice Muhammad Taqi Usmani - Vice President of Darul-Uloom University of Karachi Pakistan. Ex-member of the Shariah Appellate Bench of the Supreme Court in Karachi, Pakistan.  He too is on the Shariah Advisory Board of a number of Islamic banks and financial entities.
  • Shaikh Essam Mohamed Ishaq – Chairman of Muslim Education Society; Director and Shariah Adviser of Discover Islam, Trustee of Al Iman Islamic School; also member of the Shari’ah Supervisory Boards of a number of Islamic banks and financial institutions.

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Bahrain-based Saudi-financed “Islamic” bank doing rich business with Israel Military via Cirrus Aircraft.  Palestinian supporters not very happy.  One the board of Cirrus, is John A. (Jack) Draughon, another member of FORBA Holding.
Cirrus Aircraft sold 58% to Crescent Capital US arm of Islamic Investment Bank of Bahrain, now Arcaptia, in August 2001

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Things FORBA Small Smiles Don't Want You To Know

In the past two weeks FORBA, for some reason,  after 2 years has decided they don't want anyone to see information or opinions of two subjects.  I received a letter last week asking two be removed and this week they've added a new one to the list.  Until it can be further investigated I will remove them, in accordance to the consent injunction I signed.  However, 2 years ago, I filed a Compliance agreement saying I had removed reference to documents they were stupid enough to post openly on the Internet.  Being they accepted that Compliance statement with no objections, seems to me I had satisfied their request, right?
However, they have decided to pick on me again, I guess I'm the only case in the courts they feel they can truly get a bit of satisfaction beating upon.  I find it amazing in so many ways. 
Here is a quote from their Cease and Desist Letter:

"…a review of recent postings on your website which is directed to, reveals that you are engaging in clear contempt of the Court's permanent injunction by publishing confidential and internal information about FORBA's contracts with its dentists.  Without limitations, we direct you to your entries dated July 13 … and 20… 2010…" 
I'm not sure how they consider their new deals with the dentists "confidential and internal" since there are ads out the waazoo on the Internet advertising they are hiring and dentists will be paid a commission.  But we know how they operate, put it on the Internet, and cry like a baby if someone who does not like them reads it!
Clearly their standard of "Confidential and Internal" differs greatly from what is normal, instead meaning anything they themselves post on the Internet.  With that being the stick by which they measure, how in the hell would anyone know what they consider "Confidential and Internal"!!??
As for all other lawsuits involving them, I actually have lost count! 
Ohio – 2, or three I think
Virginia – 3, I believe
Tennessee- 1
Oklahoma – 1
New York – Hundreds maybe, who knows
Colorado – untold number but at least 1 or 2 this year
South Carolina – 1, but I think it's settled
Anyway, you get the point…they have mucho legal proceedings going on and mucho legal fees.
Here is the response received from them yesterday.  Yesterday they added a new post they want removed.  I guess I could get one of their letters everyday seeing how they gauge "Confidential and Internal".  Looks like someone has a full time job and the postal service is going to love them!  However, I highly doubt they get another wish list filled.
Back to what they don't want you to know:
1.  Warnings and Pitfalls For Dentists - A post about problems working strictly on commission – After I reviewed this post in full I remembered this wasn't written by me but someone who saw several problems.  So I highly disagree that this information/opinion is or was "Confidential and Internal" to FORBA's business operations. 

2.  Small Smiles Dentists Pay To Be Production Based Only By January 2011-No Vacation-No Holidays-No Paid Time Off – Since this information are in ads Jenna Kochenberger has posted on the Internet, I highly disagree that this is "Confidential and Internal" either and believe they would have a hard time holding this argument. 

Anyway, we all know FORBA by now, whether it's being run by the DeRose bunch or the Arab bunch and their cronies they try to bully their way through, so bully it is.
They manhandle and bully the innocent children, they bully and imprison their employees, in my opinion of course,  so what else does one expect from the famous Bully Dental Company.
And by doing this, they just keep stuff that would have gotten lost in the mix, back to the top.