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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Leaders in Dentistry: Kianor Shah, DMD

DrBicuspidLeaders in Dentistry: Kianor Shah, DMD

By Tony Edwards, Editor in Chief talked with Dr. Shah about what drove him to found Dental Equities, what he believes are the advantages of private practice, and where group practices may go wrong. How did you go from a thriving private practice to founding a firm to help other dentists in private practice?

Dr. Kianor Shah

Kianor Shah, DMD.

Dr. Shah: Throughout dental school I was interested in the concept of delegating tasks within a practice to enable my colleagues to be more focused on the patient. I graduated from dental school, associated with a doctor, and learned so much from him. After six months, I purchased my first practice with the help of that other doctor and a conventional bank loan.

After you built your practice, you became a practice management consultant, working with group practices. But now you have founded an organization that works to strengthen private practices. Why is that?

Over the course of these last eight years, I have worked with a dozen members of the largest dental management services organizations and members of the Dental Group Practice Association and have observed their operations very thoroughly…

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