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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kentucky Should Close Down, Small Smiles, Ocean Dental and Kool Smiles, They Are Operating Illegal Clinics

I would say Small Smiles and Ocean Dental and apparently Kool Smiles, since it's planning on opening up a clinic as well, in Louisville are walking a fine line according to KAR (Kentucky Administrative Regulations) Title 201.

201 KAR 8:006 prohibits a dentist from using
false, misleading, or deceptive advertising and also
establishes the rules for dentists to advertise as
specialists or as being especially qualified in any
area of dentistry.

All dental advertisements shall contain the name of
each licensed dentist providing services within that

Further, a dentist shall not use the name of a
dentist who does not have an ownership interest or
any association in the dental practice. A dentist
who purchases the dental practice of another
dentist shall not use the name of the seller for
more than one (1) year after the purchase of the
practice. Also, a dentist shall not use the name of
another dentist who formerly practiced as a
partner, after the termination of that partner’s
ownership interest in the dental practice.

Any licensed Kentucky dentist may submit their
proposed advertising to the Kentucky Board of
Dentistry for written approval prior to using the

Plus according to other rules, a dentist is Kentucky must actively participate, and something tells me the owners of these clinics don't actively participate in the practice of dentistry in Kentucky.

Kentucky Dental Association Stops Small Smiles from Patient Shopping

November 2007

Dr. Jim Allen, DMD moved to disapprove Dr. Tony Quiroa’srequest for Board approval for hygienists from Small Smiles of Louisville to conduct dental screening services at various elementary schools. Dr. Gaskill seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Kudo's to the Kentucky Dental Board but should Small Smiles even be in the state. If they weren't, there would be no need to stop them from sending out a hygienists to patient shop as they have been found to do in other states.

I realize this is was last fall however the Kentucky Dental Board has not issued another newsletter at this time. They meet in Spring and Fall of each year.