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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Ocean Dental in OKC Now Star Dental?

Apparently Ocean Dental located at 47 NE 23RD OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73105 has changed its name to Star Dental.

We all know when a company changes its name its because they are not very proud of the reputation they have using the former name.  Voila, re-branding!  

While looking into a very disturbing report on one of their dentists, Megann W. Scott, DDS, I noticed when I searched the address above Star Dental showed up in the results.  Same when searching the phone number to Star Dental.

In checking the Secretary of State's website I searched Star Dental and was given Ocean Dental PC -  # 2200711131.  Looking at the address "street" view you can see the signage as Ocean Dental and those maps are usually a few years old, so I'm guessing Star Dental is the new and improved, less filling and better tasting Ocean Dental.  

Star Dental, Ocean Dental, whatever they want to call it, this dental mill is still owned and operated by the same slimball, Chad Hoecker, DDS.