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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Smiles Starters Dental Centers Under Fire AGAIN!

Raligh - Durham ABC News

Smile Starters, formerly known as Medicaid Dental Centers, first made the news in North Carolina in 2003.  10 years later, little that has changed, other than its name and signage.

Reporter, Diane Wilson, with the ABC affiliate in Raleigh-Durham, NC reports on continued fraudulent diagnosing practices Smile Starters Dental Centers in North Carolina.  You can contact ABC’s “Troubleshooters” at

Listen for the usual Medicaid dental mill “buzz” words and phrases, such as: “Corporate”,“Chief Dental Officer”, “Do Not Allow Parents Back with the Child” and “Lead Dentist”.


End of EyeWittness ABC Channel 11 Report

However unlikely it is for the North Carolina Dental Board to take action, it is still extremely important a complaint is filed and on record, so to speak. To file a complaint with the North Carolina Dental Board click here.

What they couldn’t tell you in the report:

Smile Starters and the dentists who work there, are very much familiar with the North Carolina Dental Board and visa-versa.  With the new regulations in North Carolina on how dentists and management companies operate, maybe the dental board could take a look at Smile Starters and Root Dental Management and expose the truth behind the true ownership of Smile Starters Dental Centers.

Smile Starters Dental Centers have operated under Medicaid Dental Centers (MDC), North Carolina Dental Centers and Smile Starters.  As reported above, Dr. Ralph Rivera was Smile Starters Chief Dental Officer under the prior ownership of Dr. Michael A. DeRose and Dr.  Letitia L. (Tish) Ballance.  Although it would be hard to prove outside a legal setting — where documents would have to be produced — I whole heartedly believe Michael A. DeRose sill owns and controls these dental clinics. Being that Michael A. DeRose has had his license revoked and is also listed on the governments LEIE (List of Excluded Individuals and Entities) list, it would be highly illegal for him to own a dental clinic or received monies from Medicaid or Medicare, directly or indirectly.  If he maintains any ownership, it would have to be masked by a few layers of corporations, and the DeRose’s are good at that game, or at least think they are.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tish Ballance To Open Clinic in Waynesville, NC October 2008

After much discussion on what the heck happened to Tish Ballance and her Access West dental clinic that was supposed to open in Asheville, NC in July 2008 I thought it was time to just go find out for myself.
So I took off to Asheville to check things out.  There is no sign of her Access West Clinic in Asheville and the number you find of the Internet is no longer in service, nor is there a current phone number for Access West, so hopefully we stopped that theivin dentist in Asheville.
However and this is a big however!  She is opening up a clinic in Waynesville, NC about 25 miles northwest of Asheville close to Maggie Valley and Cherokee, NC.  It's a beautiful little town nestled at the foot of the mountains.  A good place for a crook to hide out.
Her new clinic's name is Carolina West Dental Clinic and will be located in Waynesville Plaza shopping center in the old Family Dollar building.  It appeared the plumbing is in for all the dental stations but not one stud has been put up in the huge building. 
I asked the construction guys about the place and they directed me across the parking lot to a small tan building housing a construction company's office who builds log home among other things.
I spoke with the gentlemen in the office and they told me the place should be ready to open at the end of October, so we still have some time left to stop this clinic from opening as well. 
Evidently times are hard for Tish as her contractor seems to be also acting as her human resources person.  I say this since I presented my self as looking for a job and the new clinic and he insisted that I could get my resume together and leave it with him and he would see to it that it got to the right person.
But there seems to be no sign of her greed little hands in Asheville unless she used some other name to open her clinic other than Access West or Carolina West Dental.
It's time we warn the good citizens of Waynesville what kind of person is about to start treating the children in this small quaint town.