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Monday, July 26, 2010

Up A Creekview - William Nash, DDS

The William Nash, DDS that appears on so many of the Small Smiles, PC and PLLC filings at state Secretary of State sites is 

William Nash, DDS
SMYRNA, TN 37167

You can find his name and address at the Nebraska Secretary of State site by searching Small Smiles.  He's listed as President and Randy Ellis, DDS as director.

Dr. Nash also has a clinic in Smyrna, TN called Creekview Dental.  Amazingly, Creekview Dental has the exact same address as William Nash, DDS on all of FORBA's Small Smiles clinics.

Dr. Kenneth Knott began as being the only person on the Board of Directors.  In the original Article of Organization it states the President shall be a shareholder and a director.  Joseph Bower, Esq was VP.

By March of 2008 Dr. William Nash was President and Kenneth Knott was secretary.  Wow, that was a demotion!

Presto Chango in September 2009, William Nash, DDS was demoted to secretary and Randy Ellis, DDS took over the presidency.  Wooo Hooo.. But what,  oh what happened... to Kenneth Knott,.... oh that's right he was fired along with Robert Andrus in or about September 2008.

The "Professional employees" listed on the  "Professional Certificate" since 10-2006 were:

  • Joseph Brett Carranza, DDS (he was there in 2008 but abcent from Professional Certificate by the 2009 filing)  I guess he had a 'come to Jesus' moment and got the heck out of there. However, in googling Dr. Brett, his address comes up as 618 Church Street, Suite 520, Nashville, TN., FORBA Holding's address and I can't find that he is practicing anywhere else, so maybe he's still there.  I dunno.
  • Carl Trout, DDS
  • Preeti Singh, DDS (who has a Scottsdale, AZ address)
  • Christopher RJ Wieseman, DDS
  • Jamie Lynn Bass-Schwaniger, DDS
  • Julie Cariglio, DDS
  • Maria Nosworthy, DDS

By March 2010 William Nash, DDS was back in as president and Randy Ellis, DDS to secretary.

Clearly that don't have a clue who is what do they?

Dr. William Nash, DDS and Dr. Randy Ellis, DDS should probably read those Articles and pay special attention to Article X part D.

BTW, FORBA is looking for lead dentists and associate dentists for the Nebraska clinic with a $15K signing bonus.  Before you bite, you should read the Bait and Switch posts below.

Anyway, just want to make sure no one forgets those who lend their name and professional licenses to the fraud and child abuse perpetrated by FORBA and it's dental clinics.