Saturday, June 23, 2018

Dr. Behzad Nazari, D.D.S., ET AL. v. The State of Texas; Xerox Corp; and Xerox State Healthcare, LLC, f/k/a ACS State Healthcare, LLC, n/k/a Conduent Business Services, LLC

Despite all the claims, counter-claims, third, forth and fith party claims, here is the the short version:

Texas withheld reimbursement from several dentists due to a high suspicion of Medicaid fraud. Dr. Nazari, his clinic Antoine Dental and others argued they needed and deserved their money for all the honest and much needed work they had done on so many children with terrible orthodontic deformities and rotten baby teeth. They were the saving grace to the underserved population as they saw it.

Being royally pissed, Nazari suesTexas and Xerox (NYSE:XRX) (ACS) demanding his money.

The Feds (that is us, the US taxpayers) says “Hey Texas, we pay 50% of all you spend on Medicaid, and we want our money back!

Texas says, “We really have that kind of cash to hand back, we spent it already. But we will try to get it from Xerox. They ran the show down here for years. In fact we knew nothing about this until Byron Harris did a series of reports for WFAA in Dallas. We learned about it on the local evening news!”

Texas sues Xerox, under whatever name Xerox was using at the time. The suit ends up at the Texas Supreme Court.

Texas tells the Texas Supreme Court justices, it was no seeking actual damages from Xerox in a civil Medicaid fraud suit in a civil Medicaid fraud suit accusing the company of signing off on $1.1 billion in claims for orthodontic services without properly vetting them, and therefore the remedies it has sought aren't subject to proportionate responsibility calculations.

Xerox says that it is wrongly facing sole liability in the matter, despite the fact it trained paid employees to basically rubber stamp “Approvals” as fast as they could. Additionally, in early testimony it was learned they trained the dentists how to game the systems.

Yesterday, June 22, 2018, the Texas Supreme Court handed down its decision. Xerox, it is all on you guys. Pony up the $2 Billion!

Now, doing business as Conduent Business Services (CNDT) reports are that Conduent’s “benefit wallet” is empy and they will probably settle for $500 Million. 


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