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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sexual Pervert, Pimp Dentist out of jail and ready to drill and fill, again.

I’m wondering what kind of “drilling” and “filling” this creep plans on doing to his patients and just what cliental he expects.  However, I know a few dental mills where he would fit perfectly.  Pretty low standards in Illinois to be a healthcare provider.  Why even bother with testing and licensing at all.


Freed dentist eager to start drilling again

By Natasha Korecki Federal Courts Reporter December 18, 2011 5:38PM

Onetime Chicago dentist Gary Kimmel went to prison in 2009 after he admitted he aided pimps in a prostitution trafficking ring.

The aid included providing space in Marina Towers for paid sex acts to happen, buying luxury cars for pimps in his name and keeping his office open late to fix the teeth of battered prostitutes.

In one case, Kimmel fixed a prostitute’s teeth for free in exchange for her performing sex acts for his friend, according to prosecutors.

That was back when Kimmel, affectionately referred to as “Doc” by those who know him, ran a popular and successful dental practice at 233 E. Erie.

In an emergency bid at the time of his indictment, the state stripped Kimmel of his ability to practice dentistry. He was sentenced to 37 months in 2009.

Now, Kimmel is already out of prison.

And despite his felony conviction, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned he’s ready to practice dentistry again — and eligible to renew his license.