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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dentistry For American's "Insourced" Via Dental Corporations


It's a bit tricky "outsourcing" dental treatment, but no one said it could not be "insourced". 

With turnover rates of close to 50% the dentists pool must be running a bit dry.

Actual turnover rate for Lead Dentists is around 19%, but they are making well over $200K, most $300k and more.  Turnover rates for associate dentists are 46+% and with other staff it runs about 40%.  Those figures speak volumes about these dental mills with jobs as scares these days.

There is a website that tracks employers who "sponsor" people to come to the US under work visas.

The sight, Immigration Help, is loaded with everything you need to know from health insurance to popular boy and girl names.

Curiosity got me and I had to see how many dentists were imported in 2009.  I was a bit shocked there were so many; about 600.  I didn't look into this, but it appears each company can import one dentist.  I'm guessing that is why each clinic is registered as a separated entity.  Another reason Corporate Dentistry is NOT a good idea and illegal in most states. 

Of course, being illegal hasn't stopped these dental mills from operation or putting imported dentists to work.  Imagine for a minute,…