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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Send me your Kool Smiles information or documentation its time they too stop torturing children and raping the Medicaid system in their illegal clinics.


Here is the sign off highway US41 in Terra Haute, Indiana pointing to one of the Kool Smiles Dental Centers.

I recently took this during one of my stops on my “where in the world is the next illegal dental clinic” tour which I began in April. 

I also took the time to check out the clinic and even spoke with the next door business owners, who had a lot to say.

There was a cute little shop right next door that two lovely grandmother type ladies owned.  I was in need of a wedding gift so I went in to see what they had.  After I picked out a couple of nice items, the graciously offered to gift wrap them, which gave me time to ask them about the dental clinic next door. 

Immediately the woman scowled.  I knew that she knew it was a bad bad place.  Just a few inquisitive questions got her to talking.  She told me about the horrible and terrifying screams they hear through the walls.  She told of the many times her patrons who would be shopping would look at her and gasp.  She told me there are times where customers have become extremely upset hearing the shear terror in the tiny screams coming through the walls. 

IMG_0885She said it was where a lot of Medicaid children went, she didn’t know I l already knew all about these folks.  This day, it was nice outside, sun shining and a slight breeze, they had their backdoor open to let the breeze flow though.

She said her and her partner had stepped out back earlier and listened at the back door of the Kool Smiles and it made them both sick.  They had called in a complaint a time or two but nothing was ever done, it’s a dentist office, that treats children, who cares if there are screams she was told.

Who cares?  I do.  Don’t you? 

If you are a former employee please contact me, send me what evidence you have, your identity is strictly confidential.  I couldn’t know all I know if I didn’t keep my informants identity a secret.  Heck, just send me some documents anonymously, that’s fine too.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kool Smiles Terra Haute Ex Employee's Comment

If you have had issues with the Kool Smiles in Terra Haute, IN clinic contact me at

Here an ex-employee comment on that clinic:

I just want to say that the same treatment and experiences that have happened in Atlanta are somewhat identical to the office in Terre Haute, Indiana. The CTL isn't x-ray certified, along with the other dental staff are not x-ray certified.(So how can she train those who aren't?) Looks like someone didn't do their homework!! Deadlines for xray certifications is running out!!

The CTL was also caught rough handling a 3 yr child approx. 2 months ago in front of the parent, Office Manager and other dental staff, but nothing was done.The Office Manager loves to lie to HR. Their day will soon come!