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Monday, February 25, 2013

Malpractice suit filed against Texas dentists, M. Jerome Holmes, DDS

Jerome Holmes, DDS picOn February 21, 2013, Cheryl Rye filed a lawsuit (Cause 201310522-7-in Harris County Texas District Court against Dr. M. Jerome Holmes, DDS.  Cheryl's daughter went to Dr. Jerome Holmes for a scheduled cleaning and received the standard dental abuse treatment – restraining, child abuse, mom in the waiting room hearing blood curdling screams from her daughter, bodily injury and lies to cover it all up.  They staff actually told the mom all the red marks on the child was an allergic reaction!

The treatment of this little girl sounds all too familiar.  Wonder if  Dr. Jerome Holmes worked somewhere else prior to his own practice?  As we’ve seen, there is never just one child, there are usually many children that have suffered at the hands of dentists like this. 

A huge round of applause for mom suing and a special thanks to the attorney who took the case - Tami Pierce of Kingwood

Checking Dr. Jerome Holmes Texas dental license shows no disciplinary actions, which means he could have murdered 10 patients – Texas State Board of Dental Examiners are not exactly known for their pro-action to protect public health.

Dr. Holmes picture from his website, speaks volumes as to his attitude doesn’t it?  Looks like a creepy marionette to me.  


Jerome Holmes, DDSDr. M. Jerome Holmes
9815 FM 1960 Rd. W.
Humble, TX 77338
Phone: (281)548-3384
Fax: (281)548-7336


Courthouse newsNo Way to Treat a Child, Mom Tells Dentist


HOUSTON TX - In a horrifying trip to the dentist, a little girl "screamed frantically for her mother," but the dentist kept drilling, with his staff "grabbing her legs and restraining her head," and threatening to call police when the mom tried to check on her daughter, the mother claims in court.
     Cheryl Rye sued Miner Jerome Holmes DDS and his dental office on behalf of her daughter, Katie in Harris County Court.
     Rye claims took Katie to Holmes' office for what she thought was a routine cleaning.
     "Plaintiff was administered nitrous oxide and the dental procedure began," the complaint states. "Plaintiff began feeling intense pain and screamed frantically for her mother. Instead of stopping the procedure or administering any additional nitrous or allowing her mother to enter the room to calm her Dr. Holmes continued to drill into the minor child's tooth.
     "Dr. Holmes, and his agents and/or employees, physically restrained Katie in a prison like manner by holding her down, grabbing her legs, and restraining her head in such a reckless fashion that it caused bodily injury.
     "Plaintiff continued to scream for her mother so loudly that her mother, Cheryl, heard her scream while she was sitting in the waiting area. Cheryl pleaded with the office staff to go and check on her daughter.
     "Cheryl was instructed to sit down, was refused access to her minor child and told the police would be called if she attempted to go back.
     "After several minutes of nerve-racking screams of pain and fear, little Katy finally emerged from the back area sobbing with large red marks on her head.
     "Cheryl inquired as to what happened to her daughter and why she had the injuries that were not present prior to the procedure. Dr. Holme's staff tried to cover up the negligent acts and told Cheryl that it was an 'allergic reaction.'"
     But Rye says she took Katie to her pediatrician, who determined that the marks "were not any type of allergic reaction, but were in fact injuries she sustained by being forcibly restrained."
     An emergency room physician confirmed the pediatrician's diagnosis, Rye says.
     She says Katie is still scared to go to the dentist, months later, and will require sedation to go to the dentist from now on.
     She seeks medical expenses and punitive damages for negligence, gross negligence and breach of duty.

If anyone gets a copy of the complaint, I’d appreciate a copy.