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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Open Questions to FORBA-Small Smiles Management

Are you all just sick to death of the standardized statements from FORBA-Small Smiles saying they are doing everything in their power to address the problems brought to the publics attention in November 2007.
Honestly, it's not like FORBA didn't know all these things were going on, they were just confident the public wouldn't find out to what extent it was happening. FORBA-Small Smiles were/are making millions and millions of dollars and have for years doing this crap.
But since they keep making these stupid statements, I want to know exactly what they are doing, working on, improving or whatever term they are using today. Stop with the general statements and tell us exactly what you've done other than hire a papoose board expert.
Here are some other hard questions for you to answer, since the DOJ is questioning your current and former employees and criminal investigation are going on in several states something tells me you are going to be asked these questions by them pretty soon anyway so why not just bite the bullet and get it over with right here.
  • Do you still have papoose boards or pediwraps in your clinics? yes or no
You don't even need one, but people would accept having one in each office for use in case of emergencies. I' assuming each offices has as many now as they did back when this story broke since ebay isn't flooded with the things. Honestly you say you've been trying to address issues since November, how long does it take to dispose of these things anyway?
  • Are you still billing for things you didn't do or were not necessary? yes or no
As late as March 31, of this year, you told a mother you didn't tie her child up to a papoose board, but as I have shown you on the site, you entered a service code for 'behavioral management' which we all know means you tied the child up.
  • Are you supporting employees who complain about the dentists you employee who are mistreating children. yes or no
A few short weeks ago you fired an employee who complained about a dentist mistreating a disabled child. In another case you have told employees they may need to get their own attorney to represent them when speaking with the Department of Justice and State Inspector Generals.
  • Are children still leaving your clinics injured? yes or no
In April a 3 year old left one of your Smile Starter Clinics with a bloody nose. I could list even more if you like.
  • Do you still have a quota to meet each day, even though you now call them conversions, where you want so many children sent from the hygiene (cleaning) area to the operatory for some fillings, sealants or crowns? yes or no
According to employees, that answer is yes so be careful when answering this question.
  • Do you keep combs, brushes, hair blow dryers to use to clean children up after being "treated" (and I use that word loosely) before you take them back to the parents? yes or no
Careful answering this one too, as I have pictures of these items located in one of your clinics.
  • Are you now encouraging parents to come back with their children for treatment? yes or no
We know the answer to that one too don't we. You've done nothing to support parents being allowed back with their children. You should be dragging parents back there, even if they are the ones kicking and screaming but you are not.
  • Isn't it true that Michael DeRose and other family members are indeed receiving compensation out of the Small Smiles bank account? yes or no
Acaptia and CIT say they are invested with "current upper management", DeRose say's he has nothing to do with FORBA-Small Smiles.
  • Isn't it true that Michael DeRose is the backer of Dr. Raf Rivera in his so called purchase of Smile Starters, which in reality is still Michael DeRose stilling owning ever sticking bit of these brutal clinics? yes or no
  • Isn't it true that Root Management, the new management company of Smile Starter is operated by Ryan Root, a close friend and accountant of the DeRose clan of clinics? yes or no
  • Isn't it true that the clinics in Kansas are really owned and operated by FORBA-Small Smiles and not individually owned by private dentist? yes or no
I have a copy of the company directory that says they are clinics owned and operated by FORBA and in fact you refer clients who are moving to those clinics.
  • Isn't it true that you every time you get bad press you just change the name of your clinics and say they are under new management? yes or no
You just got into a world of crap in New Albany, NY and simply change the name to Albany Access Dentistry.
  • Isn't the Department of Justice investigating your clinics nationwide? yes or no
This is not happening for no reason now is it?
  • Haven't millions and millions of dollars been ripped off from the American People just to line the pockets of Michael and Ed DeRose? yes or no
I've posted picture of you homes, business and other news reports showing you guys have made a nice living "drilling for dollars"
  • Isn't it true that you have hired Lobbyist on the Federal and State levels to assist you in obtaining a larger piece of the medicaid dental payment pie? yes or no
Guys, you think these questions are hard, this is a tiny sample of what is yet to come.