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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Attention Dental Board Directors and Investigators

If you don't have enough sense to call your Attorney General's office and find out who and where to refer criminal dentists, please do the public a favor and get the hell out of the office, go home, find a nice rocking chair and stop stealing taxpayer dollars going to work everyday and drawing a paycheck, you are useless!!

It's your damn job to know where to refer the criminals! If the AG's office is calling you for information you know you can't handle the job, so do they.

You have to ask questions, run down leads, check thing out, investigate! You also must have a working brain! You are in way over your head, get out now!

If you are too big of an idiot to do something as simple as make a phone call, how do you find your way to your office everyday? No, the missing pet division at the humane society can't use you either.

To the idiot Governor who appointed you, if keeping criminal dentists on the street was your goal, job well done!! Maybe a PET scan to ensure a working brain should be done before appointments to the board. Clearly, breathing is not a sign of intelligence.