Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Small Smiles In Boise, ID Employee Speaks Anonymously

Take it from a Small Smiles employee of many years who does not recommend anyone she knows nor lets her own children come to this place, do not bother going there.

It depends on the doctors mood that day if parents are allowed to come back, we are encouraged as assistants to make excuses as to why you cannot. Personally, I do not make excuses, I just let everyone come back if they ask and let the doctor look me in the eye because the policy states that one person may accompany the child back.

It is a very rushed system like a cattle call consisting of a morning meeting of the quota that needs to be made. "Oh, you did 98 patients yesterday that is down from the day before so you need to get it up if you want your bonus." Well screw the bonus if the kids are not getting the care that they need and are being rushed out and treated as if they are just a number.

This is exactly how everything including the employees are treated - all just numbers. Lets all just compete. If you complain or think that something is upsetting you might as well kiss your job goodbye. Welcome to Small Smiles.

There are no pediatric dentists and there never have been. All the dentists get trained in the Pueblo clinic in about a week to handle children and most of the assistants are hired of the street with little no training, which makes it wonderful for the rest of us that actually have training and know how to do things the right way by sterilizing instruments and treating children well.

Many of the good assistants are on our way to getting out of this "dental office" and on our way to bigger and better things. I just can not wait until the day that Small Smiles is closed down for all their mistreatment of patients needs and care as well as the care of their employees.

My identity is hidden because that is how you have to handle things with Small Smiles as an employee.

Small Smiles of Boise, ID


8744 W Fairview Ave
Boise, ID 83704

Since there are so many very unhappy employees at Small Smiles maybe it would be a good idea for someone to write the office a general letter and try to get some of these employees to step forward as Whistle Blowers. Let's face it, management isn't likely to open the mail, right?

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Anonymous said...

I truly do understand how you feel as an employee. That place is a joke. The entire team is cut throat. From Pueblo's human resources to the regional office manager who has a medical backgound. What a joke, but I guess you don't need a dental background if your only concerned with dollars. Believe me there is a life after Smallsmiles, just don't let anyone know where you worked when you go on your enterviews. LOL

Liz Lopez said...
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Liz Lopez said...
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Liz Lopez said...

I worked for Small Smiles of Boise for two years after being hired from my internship in July of 2005.

Most of the Dental Assistants completed their internships at the office. This allowed management to get to know the assistant before having them join the team. All the assistants competed a DA program and had all their expanded functions when I was employed there. So the comment about assistants coming in off the streets is false.

The dentists might not have specialized in Pediatrics, but that does not mean the don't provided exceptional care to the patients.

Small Smiles gave me the working experience that I needed. I had no problem getting another DA job after leaving the office.

I would highly recommend Small Smiles to my friends and family in the Boise area.

Thank you Small Smiles!
Liz Lopez

Anonymous said...

So Liz, did you work for them in Texas or Idaho? How long did you work for them?

Anonymous said...

After the reports of abuse and torture by other Small Smile Clinics around the nation, I couldn't possibly take my 2 year old back to the Boise location. I can't support a corporation that makes profits from unnecessary and cruel treatments. Any dentists or assistants who use these measures to treat patients should be charged with assault and child abuse. It's absolutely disgusting and immoral.

Anonymous said...

I worked there ( in okc) and agree with Boise they didn't care about anything but money!!!!