Monday, April 28, 2014

Pop the corn, it’s show time! Let the battle of true ownership begin: CSHM sues one of their “owner dentists”

CSHM, LLC/Small Smiles Dental Centers/”fill in the blank” Youth Dental Center” was granted a Temporary Restraining Order against one of its fake “owner dentists” in US District Court last week.(April 25, 2014) The Order was granted after a Complaint was filed against Dr. Jodi Kuhn for allegedly breaching her various Management Service Agreements (MSA’s) with CSHM, LLC.

The Complaint states in January 2013 Dr. Jodi Kuhn Kuhn purchased 4 clinics in Colorado for $100 each from Randall W. Ellis, DDS—the prior fake owner dentist. Ellis purchased from Robert Andrus, DDS, the prior prior fake owner.

(That’s a damn good deal! But I don’t believe it to be true; not much of of anything in these documents is actually true. Kuhn’s name doesn’t’ appear until December 2013. If she purchased the clinics in January 2013, why is CSHM’s Linda Zoeller name still plaster all over the 2013 annual reports. After all Jodi did it herself in December of 2013.)

She then agreed to pay CSHM $175K a month for their fine services. On April 1 HHS-OIG Excluded CSHM and their Small Smiles/Youth Dental clinics from participating in the Medicaid program.

Kuhn decided to one-up CSHM and ordered employees at the clinics to divert funds from CSHM controlled bank accounts to Kuhn’s “new” bank accounts.

According to court documents, on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 Kuhn’s attorneys sent letters to CSHM CEO, David R. Wilson, stating the MSA’s were void because they violated the Dental Practice Law of Colorado, C.R.S. 12-35-01. Kuhn’s attorney’s further cited a 2007 ruling in the case of Mason v. Orthodontic Centers of Colorado, Inc.

(This was about the funniest thing I’ve heard coming from anyone involved in this corporate dental fraud!)

The letter from Kuhn’s attorneys basically says, “screw you guys. I have the law on my side and I’m going to exercise my rights and steal your damn clinics. You wanted me to be your “owner dentist”; well I’m going to do just that!”

( I’m told these maneuvers all began after Kuhn had several meetings with the head of the “family” in Pueblo.)

On Friday, April 18, 2014 one of CSHM’s employees ratted Kuhn out. The “rat” reported Kuhn had begun what Kuhn herself referred to as a “hostile takeover”. (see Declaration of  Reginald Gibson)

Now, if this “rat” was her employee, as the court documents state, why on earth would the rat call CSHM and tell them what Jodi was doing with her own monies. What sane employee would do that? None! They knew who they really worked for and it was NOT Dr. Jodi Kuhn!

(You know employees were confused when it was announced Kuhn was taking over the clinics she claimed to already own! LOL I’m sure some were even more confused that she claimed to own them at all, ever! Since she had never set foot in a couple of them.)

Apparently Kuhn’s plan was to not only take over the clinics but also CSHM’s employees. She ordered employees fill out new W-4 forms, begin changing the mailing addresses on accounts and start making deposits to her bank account, as well as “call insurance company payers with instructions to make payments into different, secretly created accounts”. Furthermore she requested employees to hand over the last paystubs, for what reason, I’m unsure. 

On April 24, 2014 the TRO was Granted prohibiting Dr. Kuhn from diverting funds from bank accounts “managed” by CSHM, denying access to the clinics, terminating her MSA, or breaching any other of parts of the MSA. A hearing is scheduled for May 14, 2014 at 2:00 at the Federal Courthouse in Nashville.

(I wonder how Kuhn’s attorney feels about the Ohio and Kentucky clinics she supposedly “owns”; or is it just in Colorado they feel the MSA’s to be illegal? I simply love these documents where they are filled with BS and signed “Under penalty of perjury under the law the foregoing is true and correct” LMAO Bet these guys lie very well to their spouses.)

There is no honor among thieves despite what they say. This may come down to who’s breaching who. In the mean time, I’m going to pop the corn while watching Kuhn pop a cork!