Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Herbert Salisbury, III, DMD vs. Heartland Dental: Seller Beware

So you want to sell the dental practice you worked years to establish instead of just retiring and closing the doors? Were you offered, a “too good to be true” deal by Heartland Dental, or some other Dental Practice Management organization?

Do yourself and your patients a favor and decline. Take the lesson’s learned by Dr. Salisbury and don’t be swayed with visions of riches offered by Rick Workman. Otherwise be ready to become the slave of white collar suits sitting in a Canadian board room. Why? Because you will have to hit their production goals in order to receive the your final installment payments. (Read the lawsuit below).

Could this pressure lead to unnecessary treatment to patients, you bet!  That’s why North Caroline Board of Dental Examiners filed suit against Heartland in 2013.

Herbert Salisbury, III, DMD vs. Heartland Dental Holdings (HDH), Comfortable Care Dental Health Professionals, PA, Veronica Thompson, DDS, Leonard Badger, DDS.
Circuit Court Bay County Florida
Case No. 14-000369-CA

Herb Salisbury, DMD v Heartland Dental