Thursday, April 17, 2014

How do the folks at Small Smiles-CSHM keep it all straight? A Rant.

How the people at CSHM keep it straight as to when they own the Small Smiles clinics and when they don’t is beyond me; since it always depends on who they are communicating as to whether they own them or not. Of course, the truth is they do own them, and Sen. Grassley’s report provided that evidence.

Church Street Health Management (CSHM) f/k/a FORBA had to divest in the Manassa, Virginia clinic in March of 2012. HHS-OIG sent them a Notice to Exclude. Here is the HHS-OIG agreement sent to Sheila Sawyer, General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer of CSHM at the time.

On April 30, 2012, the sham owner of the Small Smiles of Manassas, Gillian Robinson-Warner supposedly signed a Termination Agreement with CSHM. The Termination Agreement states Small Smiles of Manassas, LLC, a Virginia limited liability company, “owns and operates a dental practice in a dental office at 9012 Mathis Avenue, Manassas, Virginia 20110”. Apparently the Manassas clinic was the worst of the worst of the Small Smiles clinics. However, all clinics have been under a Quality of Care Corporate Integrity Agreement since January 2010.

As the Manassas Termination Agreement reads one would assume Small Smiles of Manassas, LLC is a living breathing human-being. Gillian Robinson-Warner signed as President of Small Smiles of Manassas, LLC and agreed to pay CSHM $80,000 to CSHM if they would terminate the said MSA.

The very next day—May 1, 2012—two Motions were filed seeking the Bankruptcy Court’s approval to terminate the contracts.

Motions? Contracts? More than one, you ask? 

Yes, there were two!

The same day the Manassas Motion was filed in Tennessee Bankruptcy Court, so was a Motion seeking the courts approval to terminate the Management Services Agreement between CSHM and the Pueblo clinic. The Pueblo clinic is the flagship clinic of the DeRose-Padula family; the ones who created this monster. Isn’t that odd? The Pueblo clinic agreed to pay CSHM $300,000 to terminate their imaginary agreement. Dr. Randall W. Ellis supposed signed as president of the Pueblo clinic.

We know, the Small Smiles of Manassas, LLC is just a shell corporation, like all the others; each clinic has its own LLC or PC designation. Each controlled and operated by the people at CSHM and backers. Those are facts that have been proven over and over.

Despite that being common knowledge; CSHM will tell you the grass is purple while you are standing there looking at it and know its green; maybe they have lived in the fantasy world of “we only provide support services to dentist owned dental clinics land” for so long, they believe their own BS.

It is understandable where all of this might lead to an identity crisis for anyone working at CSHM or any of their Small Smiles clinics; particularly troublesome for Linda Zoeller. She isn’t even sure of her title at the various, LLC’s or PC’s. Here are 4 different titles she gave herself at just one of the Indiana clinics. Stop laughing!


Reading over both Motions and Termination Agreements, I had to laugh out loud a couple of times. (Ok, I’ll be honest, it was more than a couple, and it was more like a couple in “I’ve only had a couple of drinks” kind of way.)

Besides all the stated facts in the document being anything but factual, I had to laugh at the language.

More than once “abundance of caution” was used. By my very favorite was “The Termination Agreement reflects the product of extensive arm’s length negotiations”. I’ll admit I blew coffee across the room when I read that one. I don’t know how a PC or LLC verbalizes its intent in negotiations; sign language?

I wonder exactly how much an "abundance” of caution actually is; a spoon full, cup full, maybe a pinch?

I don’t think it is when the person or persons signing these Termination Agreements are CSHM employees!.

That’s right, employees. Randall William Ellis, DDS—making a salary of $500,000—and Gillian Allison Robinson-Warner—making a salary of over $200,000—were employees.

Each, appear as “fake “owner dentists” and received extra “administrative pay” to allow use of their name and rubber stamped signature to be affixed to all kinds of formal documents. One could assert it was a scam to fraudulently obtain additional $300K from the Pueblo clinic bank account and another $80K from the Manassas clinic. I suspect they just transferred the money from each bank account. Or maybe someone else gave them $80K and $300K respectfully; it is something to consider.

Both employees claiming to own clinics they don’t own; signing (stamping) documents to terminate agreements neither of them actually made is not exactly cautious—abundantly or otherwise. Nor is it arms’-length, unless you are Stretch Armstrong. However, if they are talking about how far their arm can reach across the desk to grab the rubber signature stamps, I guess that might be a true statement.


I don’t even know what to say about staff attorneys and other employees who continuously lie in sworn statements and file legal documents full of falsehoods—, all subject to penalty of perjury—about the ownership of these clinics. Is it me, or does it appear all of the above is the same handwriting, except the stamped signature, of course. With all the companies, LLC and rubber stamping going on; I imagine a large conference room table with hoards of documents, contracts and agreements and at least 3 full time employees on rubber stamp duty.

Is the same plan for CSHM and the new brand “fill-in-the-blank” Youth Dental”? That is yet to be seen. But I wouldn’t be surprised to find current “owner dentists” with names on documents once again, pretending to own them; maybe with another layer of corporations and LLC’s between them and the truth. Manassas went one to become Kids and Family Dental and Pueblo went on to become Family and Kids Dental. I’m sure that is just a coincidence, right?

If I were a Small Smiles-CSHM employee, I would be worrying about where my paycheck is coming from, it if comes at all. They aren’t making their quarterly payments to the government right now.

So, tell me again, why they are allowed to stay open for another 6 months!


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