Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Why would a Florida state representative, who is a CPA, own a business that contracts with Private Equity financed corporate dental practices to train their dental hygiene departments?

Let’s start here -
Does anyone find it the least bit odd that:
Douglas W. Brown of  Dental Works, Dental One, Dental Care Partners Dental Works and Secretary of the Dental Group Practice Association owns Regional Clinical Consultants, a company designed to train hygienists the art of upselling.
“Hygiene at DentalCare Partners (DCP) has experienced a huge paradigm shift in recent years, from the hygienists being“prophy queens” to “periodontal therapists.”Doug Brown, CEO, hired a consulting group in 2004 that worked with DCP-affiliated dentists to develop the first periodontal protocol.  Brown knew that the investment to provide training and development to all hygienists throughout DCP, as well as comprehensive care to doctors and auxiliary staff, would pay off.  This company wide initiative occurred from 2004 to 2005 and was worth every penny in not only monetary rewards but by fostering patient stability and improving quality of care. n 2005, Brown created the Regional Clinical Consultant position at DCP. 
The original intention of the position was to further develop the hygienists and continue enhancing what was already initiated by DCP’s affiliated doctors and the consulting group. Since then, the role has flourished into providing a wealth of knowledge, experience and resources for all team members, from doctors to the front desk staff.  Throughout the years DCP hygienists have advanced to a level of providing the highest standard of care to patients.  Team members progressed from using PSR (Universal Periodontal Screening and Recording) and referring patients to the periodontist for scaling and root planning, to acquiring one of the most sophisticated Non-Surgical Periodontal Maintenance programs in the nation.  DCP’s hygienists have been equipped with cutting edge technological tools, such as Intra-Oral cameras, digital image technology, Velscope, ViziLite, Oraqix, locally delivered antibiotics, local anestheticl icensure (where applicable) and home care products to dispense to patients.”
Ok, what about this:
Florida State Representative, Michael Bileca, a CPA and Treasure of the Dental Group Practice Association owns a company named Practice Synergistics, that is also designed to train hygienists in the art of upselling.
Well would this be odd to you:
If employee of Practice Synergistics-Debbie Hall -works for Practice Synergistics, Bright Now! Orapharm/Arestin Johnson & Johnson and teaches at Carrington College?
Debbie’s LinkedIn page.
or if employee Hannah Coffey was the Regional Hygiene Coach at Aspen Dental.
or if employee Karen Stiles Dunn works for Practice Synergistics and formerly worked for Towncare Dental Partnerships which is also owned by Michael Bileca.
Dona G. says this about Karen Stiles Dunn :
“Karen Dunn worked with me as a corporate dental consultant with Practice Synergistics before our mutual client brought me on as their director of clinical hygiene. Karen is one of my most influential mentors and has a profound effect on my career. Karen has a keen grasp on how to significantly increase a practice's bottom line and has mastered the art of creating the most productive hygiene schedule I have ever seen. As a new director, I am reminded of Karen's impact and lessons she has taught me and implement her recommendations every day. Karen is a tireless leader and goes above and beyond the call of duty to produce optimal results. I highly recommend Karen Dunn as a hygienist, consultant and as a genuine asset to any practice or corporation.”
So who is Dona G, you might be asking.  Well, Dona G, is Dona Gabzdyl. Miss Dona is currently training Birner Dental hygienists in the art of upselling and quite the supporter of Hu-Friedy, a friend in fact. Birner Dental is Perfect Teeth.
You think Doug Brown originally hired Michael Bileca’s gals before he started “Regional Clinical Consultants”?
Well, would this be odd to ya:
Michael Bileca’s business partner in Towncare Dental Partnership, in Florida, Melvyn Gober, DDS owned  Dental Works Acquisition and Dental Works, Inc.  Didn’t Doug Brown have something to do with Dental Works?

Yes he did!
And So did Edward Meckler, the Executive Director of the Dental Group Practice Association.
And Edward Meckler, DDS and Douglas W. Brown founded, DentalCare Partners in 1981 and branded as "Sears Dental" and "Dental Works". 
Dental One is also operated by Edward Meckler, Douglas W. Brown and  after R. Kirk Huntsman dumped it, but owned by MSD Capital.  (MSD being Michael Susan Dell)

Every last bit of this winds up in the lap of the Dental Group Practice Association, which is nothing more than a “good ole boys” club of business partners, disguised as a 'non-profit’.  A ‘non-profit’ that spends most of its donations and membership dues on vacations conferences.

I’m thinking, Anti-Trust, Monopoly, Price Fixing, Extortion, Money Laundering of some kind and a host of very“organized” crimes, but stuff like that runs through my mind a lot these days.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention Orapharma is also a member of the Dental Group Practice Association, and we are right back around to they contractor hygienist training. 
Ok, so none of this may be “odd” but they are interesting factoids.
Well, they are probably just “dental hygienist management” companies!