Monday, March 05, 2012

Galdi v Megdal and Bright Now! Dental

Anyone know what this is about:

Case No: United States of America Cr-02-00349CAS
Case No YCO30202: Galdi vs. Megdal

Mimi Villegas Galdi


Bright Dental Now! Phillip Megdal,
Jordan Moss,
Katrina Mejia-Blom,
Dale Blom
City of Redondo Beach
State of California
United States of America.

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It appears this Dr. Philip Megdal was the same dentist accused of negligence in the death of 4 year old Javier Villa, Jr. in 1998

More on Javier’s death.

Consumer Dental bought the Megdal clinics after Javier’s death