Sunday, April 13, 2008

Smile Starters Dental Clinics-Dr. Raf Rivera cohort of Michael DeRose and Tish Ballance Since 2002

In an Email I was told:

The dental clinics in NC started out named the Medicaid Dental Centers.

They changed the name to the Carolina Dental Centers.

They just renamed the clinics again to Smile Starters.

Mike Derose and Tish Ballance just sold the clinics to a Dr. Rafael (Raf) Rivera, Jr. after paying the 10 million dollar fine to the government.

They are trying to say that since they sold the clinics they are all under new management and are hoping that the bad press will go away.

Dr. Raf Rivera has been working for Derose and Ballance since 2002. He was involved in the NC Dental board case involving excessive treatment, etc...and he did treatment that you hear about on Small Smiles and Kool Smiles, etc..

Hope this helps.
I'm trying to confirm this.

There is a Dr. Rafael Rivera, Jr NC dental license number 6870 in Charlotte, NC whose licenses was issued 6-26-1998 and is up for renewal in March 2009 and has no Dental Board Actions listed at present.

Dr. Michale DeRose was issued a NC dental license in 6-15-2001 and is on probation as listed on the NC Dental Board site.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how irresponsible and misinformed your posts regarding Dr. Raf. You should be ashamed of yourself. I am an employee and you don't know half of what you are talking about. You are one of many blathering idiots, just looking for attention.

Anonymous said...

for any employee of Dr Ballance, Dr Raf, etc. Dentistry is not meant to terrorize young children or adults for that matter. Everyone in the dental community understands what is, and what is not allowed under the ethics clause. For those that took part in the various cases of the medicaid "issues" any of you should be ashamed of yourselves, and it's horrible to think that any of you still work for them. I can understand the need to earn a living, but when Drs, Hygiene, and even asst's and staff know that children are being harmed in the guise of a once respectful profession, something needs to stop (and those of you involved should have stopped it). I know several of the docs left when they could, and those still there will forever have their records tarnished (my advice is get out now, and correct what you learned and saw there). Disgusting! and that's being polite. Instead of using a high or low speed, why not just use a dremmel? Medicaid won't know.... ugh!

Anonymous said...

I am curious as to why you have Erron Brady as a dentist to avoid. My entire family uses this dentist...he is simply wonderful. Very gentle and compassionate. My kids really like going to him. Seems a bit unsavory that you post a list with out reasons...

Anonymous said...

i would think being named as one of the nine dentist who tied up children in papoose boards, drilling out their teeth unnecessarily and over billing mediciad just like tish ballance, michael deRose, heather berkheimer and the others is reason enough.

did you not read what they all have done. bet there are hundreds more trained by these crooks and erron happens to be one of them. ask erron why he's not speaking out or is he turning states evidence of the rest. maybe he's making a deal with the criminal portions of this mess.

Anonymous said...

these dentists did what they did for one reason -- BONUSES !! The docs AND ALL THE OTHER EMPLOYEES received HUGE bonuses for "production". Why NOT do 16 "baby root canals and silver crowns" if you know you're going to "make production" and get a great bonus for it????
They tried to blame Tish and say they were "following orders" but they had their OWN licenses and are not puppets -- they have to answer for what THEY do. The reason they did it was FOR THE MONEY !!! And for the person defending Dr. Raf -- HE WAS IN ON IT TOO>>>> HE treatment planned the crowns and pushed the docs to do the most work they could. He prides himself on how many crowns he can do in a short amount of time. HE IS MOTIVATED BY THE MONEY TOO !!! Don't be fooled by these people -- they have turned an honest profession into a laughing stock. Shame on them. THey will answer to someone a LOT more powerful than any court one day, and I pity them when that happens.

Anonymous said...

Dr. George C. Brain, the 'Nazi Dentist' Tacoma, WA

Dr Brain is a very poor excuse for a child dentist. We have an non verbal autistic son and he kept pressuring us to 'trust him' and 'let him cap all of his teeth to prevent future issues'. We had bad feelings when he refused to xray his teeth but yet want to just cap his teeth. We pulled our son from Mary Bridge in Tacoma, not allowing him to touch our child. This guy is like an old World War II Nazi Doctor. There is a reason he has been on KIRO and King 5 news. He is defrauding DSHS I'm sure. Stay away from this creepy, Nazi dentist. Just watch the Movie " The Dentist" then you will know. B E W A R E stay away from the 'Nazi Dentist'.